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Dating can be rough. Especially if you're a lonely human in the magical pony land of Equestria. But you've got to date. It's only human nature to want a mate, right?

The only difference is, you're a celebrity in Equestria. Everypony knows who you are. So who's fit for you? One of the Mane 6, it seems, would be the best choice. You always felt that the Elements of Harmony had the popularity and personalities to match your own. However, which one was best?

Dating each will answer that question!

Currently in the process of being edited. Featured on FiMFic sometime.

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Queen Chrysalis likes it when I boop her on the nose. It helps her relax. However, one day, Princess Twilight Sparkle bursts in, thinking that Queen Chrysalis has put a spell on me.

Surely, when I explain to her that I boop her, she'll understand. Right?


Inspired by a delightful flash game that can be found here.

Featured on August 28th, 2016. This is as unexpected as it is amazing.

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Anon In Equestria Story.

Flying and defending one’s own nation is a respectable not to mention impressive job. So it comes to no surprise that you out of all people would be the one sitting in the seat of a F-22 raptor. The sky’s the limits, and on May 31st you find yourself on a mission that will not only brake these boundaries, but change your perspective on the universe, when you find yourself crash landing in the Ponyville river.

Anon X Rainbow Dash Story

Read the comments at your own volition

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Anon decides to adopt a filly and record his experience as a Dad in a journal to do something with his life in Equestria. Except, being a father is hard work and comes at a great personal sacrifice. This is his quest to become a good father.

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Salt is a terrible substance. Once a pony starts licking it, they can't stop.
It takes a truly brave soul to leave it behind...

This is an Anonymous in Equestria story. Please demonstrate your ability to read by not pointing it out an infinite number of times in the comment section. Thank you.

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Anon made a major impact on the lives of every friend he made in his time in Equestria, but he had to return home sometime. However, his friends weren't ready for him to leave just yet. Writing letters is supposed to be therapeutic...

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Humans have been living in Equestria, and while attending school in Manehattan a kid named York makes friend with Babs Seed. Little does he know the mare might want to be more than friends.

Part of Equestrium

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After an alarming trip through a black hole in his fridge, Nigel M. Chalmers finds himself in a colourful peaceful country populated with a throng of friendly ponies... in the body of one of their nation's worst enemies. Of course it all goes to pot.

Follow him as he attempts to make sense of his new body, makes new friends and maybe even finds love...
Or not, after all this is Nigel we're talking about, all he's probably going to do is insult everyone and drive everyone insane.

Follow the gripping tale of action, comedy and romance.

Will Nigel make it back home in time for the office Christmas party? Will he avoid a painful death at the hooves of multi-coloured Equines? Will he finally be re-united with his beloved cheesecake?

You can only find out by reading this fic, so fasten your seatbelts and prepare to get wrecked.

Edit: Well, someone did a great reading of the first chapter, thanks to KaBar41 for the reading.
The Reading of Chapter One

I wrote this fic as a side project to Nigel M Chalmers, Emperor and saviour-or-destroyer to try my hand at a transformation story. To all of you who hate the whole "Turned into a pony and makes friends with everyone" I'm going to shatter your misgivings like 300 kilograms of armoured Biped smashes a window. There will be violence in later chapters but for now it's just pure comedy.

Featured on the 12/5/2014

Coverart done by Avatar of Madness

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Anon and Fluttershy get into a fight. Furious, Anonymous decides to go to a bar to cool down for a bit. While he's there, he meets a Diamond Dog named Ruby. This is how her heart breaks.

This story is contained in my book "Dash Tries to Win Your Heart and Other Short Pony Stories"

If you have interest in purchasing this non-profit book, check out my online store at this link: https://www.lulu.com/search?adult_audience_rating=00&q=flutterpriest

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Two best friends, Anon and Mous land in Equestria after they are swallowed up along with their apartment. The two try to live their lives in relative peace as they learn to make friends and family with the colorful equines, in spite of all the obstacles fate throws their way. Along the way they strive to keep to the universal law they hold so true: Friendship is Magic, but Bro-ness is 5ever.

-Authors note:This fic has lots of Youtube links to songs to set the mood for certain scenes, if any of the links are broken, just drop a comment below and let me know where it is, thanks. -Mandroid.

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