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A former state alchemist looking to undo the past may have inadvertently lost his future when he come in possession of what he thinks is a chimera. Warning: OC-centric

Chapters (15)

When a threat looms over Equestria, the key to saving it is an ancient medallion that mysteriously falls into Twilight Sparkle’s possession after an earthquake.

Following its clues, the Elements of Harmony must search Equestria from north to south, east to west, in order to find seven different ponies, each of whom represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins: Lust, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Gluttony, and Pride. All seven must be brought together to activate a hidden power, the only power that can put a stop to the imminent war once and for all.

Will Twilight and her friends be able to find their Sins in time? Even if they do, will the ponies that embody each one even want to work together? Or will Equestria fall into darkness and decay at the whim of the Elements’ most dangerous and threatening adversary yet?

*This story is currently undergoing heavy revision and correction. Chapters will be re-uploaded as soon as they are completed and ready*

*Warning: Comments contain spoilers*

*Takes place during season three*

*Art by Candy-Janney on Deviantart!*

*Edited by Cerulean Voice*

Chapters (33)

I have two foals, but I only love one.

I use my music as a way to drown out my depressed thoughts.

I am so afraid of making mistakes that I shun myself from others.

One foggy morning in Ponyville, the residents wake up to find their deepest darkest secrets sloppily written in red paint on their homes. No one knows who the culprit was, the only thing that the town knows is that it will not come off, no matter how hard you scrub. The town is baffled, humiliated, and in shambles. But no more than Twilight and her friends.

In a time where everything you fought to keep hidden is out into the open, will you embrace your faults or sins, or will you let them consume just who you really are?

Time to fess up, Ponyville.

Thanks to ThePristineEye for the coverart!

Also thanks to Kleora for editing!

Oh, and Skeeter The Lurker for proofreading.

Chapters (9)

Takes place after Stare Master. When almost losing Twilight Sparkle to a cockatrice, Apple Bloom becomes afraid of losing Twilight again. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo tell Twilight about this, Twilight sets up a private conversation between her and Apple Bloom. Can Twilight help make the young filly feel better?

This is my take on the underrated friendship between Twilight Sparkle and Apple Bloom. I'm surprised there aren't any other stories about them together.

Thanks to twilightsparkle3562 for helping. Cover image by Snufflin.

Chapters (1)

Fancy Pants and his lovely wife Fleur are quite possibly Canterlot's most heroic duet. Together they conquered countless events, faced hordes of snobbish socialites, and emerged victorious from the most dire of faux pas. May their bravery and finesse be forever remembered on parties to come!

There is a missing element in their perfect life, though: the joy of having a child and becoming a family. When conventional methods fail, will the couple muster enough courage to seek out the alternative, or will they stay a duet forever?

Enter Chestnut—a daring filly from beyond Equestria, out of their social stratum, and definitely exceeding their boldest expectations.

For better or worse.

Chapters (10)

In the 23rd Century A.D. , (After Departure) four years after the Roamulan War, Commander Starry-Eyes rejoins her ship on Starfleets first voyage of exploration since the War. It has been twenty-two hundred years since the Princesses left Equestria to let Their Little Ponies fulfill their potentials on their own. Ponykind has stumbled on as best they could, learning hard lessons along the way. The Eugenics Wars are over and they have made Friends in the darkness. Now the Stars beckon and Ponies essay the Final Frontier looking for answers... or at least a pair of beloved faces they haven't seen for so, so long...

Chapters (68)

Luna is back from the moon.

And she is pissed.

...No, not at Celestia. Those drapes don't match the windows. The furniture doesn't match the carpet. Seems that aesthetic knowledge has declined since she left; good thing Princess Luna is here to save the day with her interior design skills!

Chapters (1)

Gummy is the best pet in the world! He always listens to me, never moans or complains when I talk too much, and always comes along with me without any resistance. Sure, he isn't much of a talker, but he's a really swell listener. Every day I spend with him is super fantastic!

Yet, Mr. and Mrs. Cake always look sad every time I play with Gummy. Those sillies! Don't they know that Gummy couldn't hurt me even if he wanted to? He's all gums! Duh! Even my friends have been showing "concerns" about my relationship with Gummy.

I don't know why they're being such party poopers all of a sudden!

Edited by Bad_Seed_72 and pre-read by Skeeter the Lurker and Flint Sparks.

Polish translation can be found here

French translation over here

Fan sequel over there

Equestria Daily took this thing in too. It be right over yonder

Chapters (1)

Nopony knows how princesses Celestia and Luna got their cutie marks. They finally tell the story to the cutie mark crusaders. And maybe the whole world.

Chapters (4)

Twilight, in an effort to help Applejack and Rainbow Dash achieve their dream of having a foal together, casts a spell that, unbeknownst to the princess, envelops all of Ponyville and plunges the little ponies (and one dragon) into a vortex of unknown genetic exchange and unplanned parenthood. What's more, the solution may come with severe complications of its own, and thus Twilight finds herself tasked with finding a resolution where there is likely none to be had.

Editing and cover art by Bico.

Chapters (1)