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Back on the site, for now at least. Mecha fan who also loves MLP. After many years, I've got back into Touhou again, though mostly everything except the danmaku games still.

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I can't do this without you . . . I wonder if you miss me, too.

I will always be there for you.

Pegasus Snowdrop and alicorn Luna. Filly of the Snowflake and Princess of the Night. They were the closest and best of friends. So why did she have to leave her?

Princess Luna loved Snowdrop like she would a daughter. Like a second mother. She was always there for the little pegasus, and Snowdrop was forever there for the Night Alicorn. Until she wasn't.

Each and every winter night, as she raises the moon and fills the sky with stars, Luna thinks of Snowdrop, the one and only pony who ever truly understood her night. And now she's gone.

Why did she have to go?

Chapters (1)

Creating an outfit for a magician is an intimate process. Which leaves Trixie, Great and Powerful though she is, with a problem. Can she trust Rarity to keep her secret? And, even if she can, can she open up enough to someone else to go through with it?

That Rarity is the prettiest girl in school doesn’t help matters.

While written entirely by me, the ideas for this story were workshopped on Discord, mostly between me and Darkstarling. We started with a blank slate and came up with this story together.
Proofread by Moonlight and Krixwell
Cover art by Overlordneon

Chapters (3)

The fall of Beacon Academy was a tragic event, many had died in the chaos, and one of them was Vale's most wanted, Roman Torchwick. We all know his story and how he had fallen into death's embrace, Roman didn't expect to lose to a nameless girl, and he thought everything would end once the darkness consumed him, but he was wrong.

Now he finds himself in a whole new world of multi colored horses, where he also encounters a certain showmare who speaks in third person.

Follow the dashing thief of Remnant as he takes the greatest second chance in his life, by doing what he does best.

Chapters (30)

This story takes the oneshot of Crescent Pulsar's Pamphile and expands into how Twilight will deal with her broadening outlooks and revelations, becoming an alicorn, preparing to be a princess, and the implications of being the Sole Bearer of Harmony.

Twilight Sparkle was a humble unicorn, but between her defeat of Nightmare Moon, wielding the Elements alone, and ascending all in one night? The world will come to revere her for her growing abilities, her increasing deeds, and her virtue as a Pamphile, intending to be a Friend to all beings. There will be bumps, conflicts, and challenges along the way, but Twilight never was one to shy from tests.

But the question grows, how will the Alicorn of Harmony fair as a Defender and Future Princess of Equestria? Either way, one thing is certain.

There certainly hasn't seen one quite like her before.

AN First chapter picks up immediately after the original Pamphile. I WAS going to be Pulsar's chapter- with his permission and at his suggestion- but for some reason, this site refuses to allow you to use another author's piece as an opening bit, even with their expressed permission.

7/28/16: Somehow, this got featured just by updating it. Sweet. Which lasted all of five minutes.

Chapters (4)

During her time-twisting battle with Starlight Glimmer, Twilight finds herself in an Equestria ruled by a tyrant alicorn that calls herself the Queen of Equestria. In this world, Twilight's friends are gone and beyond her aid, and Equestria's citizens live in fear of their ruler's wrath should they anger her.

But no one has ever seen the pony who suffers the most in this world.

Pre-read by MythrilMoth and RT Stephens. Cover art vector by kindkristy99

Chapters (1)

Overwhelmed by her new duties as a princess, a newly-crowned Twilight Sparkle seeks solace within the quiet confines of Canterlot Castle's royal archives, where she discovers a book she'd never seen before. Within its pages was a story about both Princess Celestia and Starswirl the Bearded, as well as a mare that Twilight had never heard of.

Details of their lives, their history, and their relationships puzzle, intrigue, and even worry Twilight. The more she read, the more curious she became and the more questions that arose. But there was only one question to which she truly sought the answer:

Who was Sunset Shimmer?

Chapters (21)

Sunset's life after that dreaded Fall Formal has improved in every way. Everyone at CHS likes her, she has a loving group of close friends, and she finally feels like she can move on from her past mistakes.

That is until she stumbles upon an a familiar face in an old yearbook and finds out he was one mistake she can never fix. Sunset had made amends with everyone else she hurt, but how can she forgive herself for a suicide she caused?

First two chapters edited by seventeen | Written in memory of an old friend.

Art Source | Support the author | Ko-fi | Cover art edited by Scampy

Chapters (6)

Sunset has reached the final page in her journal to Twilight. With no idea what to write on it, she has to think about living life without the guidance that she's relied on for so long, and possibly without one of her best friends.

Chapters (1)

Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara have been dating for over a month. Diamond has finally decided to come out to her parents in a well thought out and elaborate plan, Apple Bloom has other ideas.

This story takes place 5 Years after the Season Finale, the CMC and everyone in their age group are around 16 Years old. Cover from the DiamondtotheCore Ask Tumblr Blog

Featured 12/6/2019!

Thank You to PoisonClaw and Night-Shade for editing

Warning: Contains Cute.

Chapters (1)

While tearfully repairing the wall she destroyed, Sunset Shimmer can't help but reflect on what a horrible person she is. Convinced she'll never be forgiven by her peers, and unsure if she's even worthy of it, she's visited in the night by one of the last people she expected.

Chapters (1)
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