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Twilight Sparkle had been preparing for her entrance exam for so long, just to blow it at the end! If only she could get away to a place no one would know her.

Sometimes wishes come true.

A Collab with The Abyss

Edited by RK

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The newly ascended Alicorn of Love is learning to use her newfound powers, including the ability to see emotions. When Cadance looks at Princess Celestia, though, she's sure that she must be doing something wrong, because what she sees makes no sense at all...

A brief story about feeling depressed.

And a continuation of my habit of naming stories after songs which may or may not actually be relevant.

Editing by TheMaskedFerret, inspiration by real life.

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Commander Hurricane sought only the best and hardiest of pegasi for her warflock.

She failed. Instead, Private Pansy found her.

Cover art from the tumblr of mariponihoney. Proofread by themaskedferret. Written for the Military March prompt for the Time Action Glory Challenge! group.

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This story is a sequel to Sunset Shimmer's Unpleasant Discovery

Twilight Sparkle returns to the human world intending to take a short vacation from her princessly duties, and to catch up with her non-Equestrian friends. One sleepover at Pinkie Pie’s house later, Twilight comes to learn something fascinating—and horrifying—about her very human body.

This story now has a spiritual prequel: Sunset Shimmer's Unpleasant Discovery, by Bootsy Slickmane, rated [mature]. While mine pokes fun at the characters, his offers the more serious take.

Preread by Stiggerzz and Majin Syeekoh.

Rated Teen for sexual references.

Featured on:
Fimfiction.net Feature Box (11/01/2014)

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At what should have been a routine doctor's visit, Applejack learns that she can never bear foals of her own. After an emotional breakdown, her friends do their best to calm her.

However, as the discussion develops, nopony is prepared for Twilight's revelation: the grand event which brought them together has left a hidden scar within each of them.

Tempers flare, relationships are strained, and the strength of their friendship is tested as each must come to terms with her newfound sterility.

Now on Equestria Daily
and Twilight's Library

Thanks to these wonderful people for all their help

Cover artist


Prereadering and suggestions from:
Distaff Pope
John Perry

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Twilight Sparkle has obtained the combined power of all four princesses of Equestria. Wielding this power, she confronts Lord Tirek, but the result of their fight is a tie. When he holds her friends hostage, she is forced to make a difficult choice.

All is not lost, however: one force remains in Equestria that could give her the edge she needs to defeat her foe, save her friends, and restore the world. She need only retrieve it from Zecora and place it around her neck...

Runner-up (one-shots category) in the Twyrant's Kingdom Competition.

Story inspiration: Corruption of a Desperate Mare, by Chris Wöhrer.

Edited by NightWolf289, AugieDog, and Prak. Thanks also to Pascoite for his WRITE review.

Rated teen for gore and dark themes.

Featured on:
Fimfiction.net Feature Box (05/12/14)
Equestria Daily!
The Royal Guard's Fic Spotlight #10.

This story is 100% approved by Twilight's Library!
Approved by Nonpareil Fiction!

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Being Twilight isn't easy. You have a TON of responsibilities to do, such as studying, and helping friends with all sorts of problems. That's been Twilight's life in a nutshell for an entire week, and with a massive sleep dept to pay off, getting out of bed in the early morning isn't easy, especially when you can't even remember what it is you're suppose to do that day. Maybe Twilight will figure it out while doing her usual morning rituals such as brushing her teeth.

I was inspired by two things to do this-
First being the "Nothing Happens" stories by the awesome Bootsy Slickmane
Second was inspiration from the drawing in the icon, made by the awesome Atryl

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After the ever-popular Generic Series concluded with the death of its main character, Final Draft had found himself struggling to find a new outlet for his writings. The fans didn't want any of his dark literature, or anything intelligent for that matter; they wanted satire. They wanted more Generic. They wanted more of the over-powered red and black alicorn. When he did not deliver, the readers simply moved on.

But Generic never moved on.

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This story is a sequel to Burning Day Brethren

A full year has passed since Philomena's last rebirth. While recounting memories of that day in the Unbecoming realm, Philomena's Sacred Ash pendant—a keepsake from Ho-Oh—spontaneously ignites and glows. Minutes later, a colossal behemoth from another dimension tears a rip through interdimensional timespace and begins to besiege Equestria.

Knowing full well the possible consequences for doing so, Fawkes and Ho-Oh follow Giratina through the rip from the Unbecoming. Desperate to stop it, they must ensure the safety of Equestria's own race of fire-birds and make a stand against the destructive, ghostly dragon. But Giratina is not alone; others have joined it who also desire the permanent downfall of the phoenixian race.

While Giratina mobilises its own personal draconic army, the trio of flaming avians must formulate a plan to bring Giratina's desires to a standstill. For if the Unbecoming's bath of rebirth is ever destroyed, no phoenix in existence may ever be reborn again...

Set during season four and discounting any forthcoming new canon.

Preread by vren55. Edited by NightWolf289 and MissingLink.

A collaboration with my good pal, Comet Burst.

Rated Teen for violence and small amounts of gore.

Now featured on:
Equestria Daily!

This story is 100% approved by Twilight's Library!

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Coco Pommel has been proud to call Manehattan her home. Her career may not be at its height, but all those years of keeping her chin up are finally starting to pay off when her quest to find her better future leads her to open her own boutique, albeit in the less-glamorous part of town.

One day, an old friend happens to wander into her store and present her with a rare opportunity. One that offers rewards that outlast the dreams of any and every burgeoning fashion designer.

Can she pull through and prove her worth, or will she be forced to go back to her roots of being a hapless needle jockey?

Chapters (6)