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This story is a sequel to Better Living Through Science and Ponies

I've decided to rewrite this entire story. Considering that I began this project with almost no creative writing experience, I was bound to make some pretty bad mistakes. The story flow is not well organized, and there is an unhealthy amount of redundancy and poor pacing, as well as some pretty important things that I should have included. I intend to address these issues to the best of my ability, but it will be a long and arduous task. This story means a lot to me, so I want it to be more than the mere amateur mediocrity that it resembles. So, give it a read if you want, but keep in mind that it will change. I recommend that you put this on your read later list in the meantime.

This is a Portal 2 crossover. If you haven't played Portal 2, please do that first. Then read the prequel if you haven't done that either.

After Chell finally escaped the confines of Aperture Science, a freak portal mishap down below transported her, along with the entire Enrichment Center, to the land of Equestria. Upon entering this world, she was transformed into a pony. In a strange body and in a strange land, Chell was fortunate enough to be accepted by the ponies of Ponyville, and she lived out a new life contently among the ponies.

But that peace was not to last, for GLaDOS took a particular interest in the ponies of Equestria, and after two weeks of preparation, she launched a surprise attack and kidnapped 300 ponies to serve as test subjects, including Chell's friends and the princesses themselves. Once GLaDOS had them, she subjected them psychological torture. To save her friends, Chell made her way into the one place she hoped never to see again. In doing so, she freed the ponies, defeated GLaDOS in battle, and helped bring about the destruction of the facility. Although this made Chell a hero, she paid a terrible price in that brutal fight.

Beaten, battered, and traumatized, Chell spent months recovering from her wounds. After returning home from the hospital, all she wants is to once again live a normal life in Ponyville, but to do that, she must first heal from her wounds, both physical and psychological.

At the same time, GLaDOS herself has survived Aperture's destruction. With nothing left but herself, she vows to get back to testing. Though she faces an uphill climb, she is determined to see her facility rebuilt and the testing resume, and will stop at nothing to achieve this.

Has a TV Tropes page (will need to be updated after rewrite)

The works that this fanfiction is based on are properties of Hasbro and Valve. I would like to thank Pen Stroke for writing the original story and Flyer for his assistance and advice.

Please note, this is an unofficial sequel. I have received permission from Pen Stroke, but it is not canon to the original. I hope you enjoy it, but keep in mind that this is a fan work (of a fan work), and Pen Stroke holds the rights to the original story.

Chapters (23)

Poor financial decisions like forgoing star-spawn insurance and blowing all her bits on the Alicorn Amulet have left Trixie unable to pay for her appointment with the medium in Hollow Shades. Having discovered the magic of friendship, she has a deal to alter lest she incur the wrath of Tartarus. If only somepony who understood her plight could help her in her time of need. Unbeknownst to her, that somepony has been watching her perform from across the tavern.

Chapters (4)

Twilight Sparkle is summoned to settle a legal matter involving The Great and Powerful Trixie... What in Equestria did she do now?

Chapters (15)

Two silly short stories about Luna, Celestia, fashion, and legal theory. "Slice of life stories if your life is crazy royalty cake with cinnamon sprinkles." - JadeCriminal@SpaceBattles.com

6/17/2020: Spanish translation by SPANIARD KIWI !

Go to the Equestria Daily story page to see the stories in this set by Georg and Dennis the Menace.

(This is not "incomplete"; it's an anthology. I don't know why knighty removed the very-useful anthology tag.)

Chapters (2)

As a descendant of the greatest conjurer of the pre-classical era, Star Swirl wishes to live up to her namesake's reputation and their shared cutie mark. But how can she emulate a powerful unicorn when she is an earth pony? Taking the advice of her psychologist, she heads off to Ponyville to try and find out. (Image property of Cybertoaster) (Now the first in a series)

Chapters (7)

After rising to stardom following Rarity's first, poorly received fashion show, Vinyl Scratch struggles to adapt to the higher class of life celebrity status bestows. Her personality and own moral values do not mix with the fake, corporate ideals of her agent, and her sponsors are only interested in her as long as she conforms to their expectations. Her life is barely her own and soon she will have to decide what's more important; her existing relationships, her fame and fortune, or perhaps something unexpected in the form of a refreshingly grounded Canterlot Elite who just invited her to breakfast during the Canterlot Music Convention.

A Vinyl Scratch x Octavia story where the two Ponies involved don't instantly form a romantic relationship the moment they meet, and instead allows it to grow over time with good old character development.

All criticism is welcome, and of course some spoilers follow in the comments below so please read cautiously.
Mega thanks go to Cruel September for her fantastic cover art for the story. Go show her lots of love, she's an amazing artist. http://cruelseptember.deviantart.com/

Chapters (17)

It's anything but a traditional story when Vinyl Scratch meets Octavia and falls in love with the colt-loving grey mare. Vinyl can't explain it, but there is something about Octavia that has sucked her into love's arms. But with Vinyl's jealous ex in the picture, she can barely find time to think straight. Can Vinyl find the will to fight through an overbearing ex and somehow win Octavia's heart? Or will it all crash and burn around her?

Chapters (16)

Bon Bon has been deeply in love with Lyra for almost as long as they have known each other. Every day is a blessing for the two lovers. But as Bon Bon starts to feel under the weather, will Lyra uncover a dark secret that will rip the two mares apart and leave only hate, sadness, and fear in it's wake?

The story continues in 'Life, Lies, and Love'

### Note ###
The story has undergone it's first ever proof-read and edit, to hopefully fix a lot of grammar and typos. Thanks goes to KiroTalon and Ivo for all their help with this.

Chapters (5)

Lyra loves Bon-Bon very, very much.

Enough, in fact, to overlook the cream-coloured, beautiful-voiced, wondrous-smelling mare's raging, overwhelming, caricatural homophobia.

This would be the state of the union; Pinkie Pie, however, being as she is, thinks all this 'unrequited love' nonsense is nonsense for silly fillies and dusty old books, and as such decides to intervene.

Background PinkieDash.

omaigawd I got put on eqd

now with a reading

Chapters (10)

Bon Bon's voice is funny, and that's about all that anypony who meets her notices, as her marefriend Lyra soon steals the spotlight with her explosive personality, strange obsessions, and curious beliefs. And why not? Bon Bon is, after all, a perfectly ordinary, boring pony in every way but two: her voice, and the carefully kept secret that she isn't really a pony.

(Edit:) Now with an annotated version, courtesy of the incomparable Shoggoth Lord!

Chapters (13)
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