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Every year, a funeral is held for Celestia’s dearly departed daughter, Aurora. Every year Aurora grapples with the consequences of facing her mother and the public eye once again.

Rated T for themes of death - albeit lightly touched on. Constructive criticism is always encouraged.

Chapters (2)

Magic Fall. A phrase that conjures in the minds of ponies, a time of great strife and death, when magic abandoned pony-kind and left them to fend for themselves in a hostile world. Luna now sits alone on the throne as she has for the last one thousand years and watches as technology slowly but surely fills the gap that was left.

The Worlds Fair is in full swing in Canterlot and with the launch of the first ever Celestia Class airship, 'The Harmony', many predict a new era of peace is to come. But when disaster strikes and nearly takes the princess out of the picture, one pony who dreamed of flight will take to the skies and save Equestria.


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After a misunderstanding leads to a vicious fight at Flight Camp that leaves them both in the hospital, Cloud Kicker wanted absolutely nothing to do with Rainbow Dash. However, Rainbow refuses to let a single incident destroy their friendship, and has been writing Cloud Kicker letters ever since that horrible day. For more than two years Cloud Kicker has been throwing the letter into the trash unopened, but what will happen when she finally reads one? Can their friendship possibly be salvaged?

Side-story to "The Life and Times of a Winning Pony"

Chapters (1)

Thank you to everyone who helped me write this story while I was at Bronycon!

Rainbow Dash has a problem. Whenever the weather is bad, (due to her own idiocy) she goes to the local lesbian bar and gets completely hammered. Twilight has had enough of it. She says that to keep Rainbow from drinking and sleeping around, Rainbow must get herself a good marefriend. That way, Dash will stop ending up in Twilight's house. So Dash goes on the hunt for the best mares in Ponyville.

Queen Chrysalis also has a problem. She wants to take the elements of harmony out of the picture, but she doesn't know how. When a drone tells her that she can take out the mane six by 'getting in' with them, she sets out to seduce one or more of the pastel horses. When she hears that Rainbow is on the market, she turns herself into a stallion that the Queen thinks the blue pegasus would love.

Unfortunately for The Queen, Rainbow is into mares, and she is too dense to figure it out.

Written for F*** THIS PROMPT competition that can be found here. The prompt was Rainbow Dash is a lesbian.

This story has cursing, sex jokes, and jokes about lesbians. None of the things in this story are meant to offend, but be wary that the faint of heart or easily offended may not want to read. For the sake of making the story more adult in nature some of the characters do or say things that may seem out of their cannon character. That's the way it is when you make a more adult story about cartoon horses. You have been warned.

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle's wildest dreams have just been met, and exceeded. Due to an unexpected magical outburst during her entrance exam to Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, the Solar Princess herself took an interest and took Twilight on as her personal student.

This was a pleasant shock for Twilight and her family. However, a few months later, a less pleasant shock would reach Twilight in the form of Celestia returning to Canterlot with a new daughter, a freshly adopted pegasus filly named Rainbow Dash. As the two get to know each other, Twilight can clearly see something eating at the self absorbed and competitive filly's mind.

To make matters even more confusing, Princess Celestia is now hiding something. Twilight dares not question it, but it is quite clear that Celestia isn't being wholly open with anypony about her decision to adopt some random orphan.

Could the answers have something to do with the cryptic dream Twilight had the night before she met Rainbow Dash?

**Apparently, this was featured on August 12th, but I slept through that brief window. All the same, I am flabbergasted and humbled!**

Cover Art by the wonderfully skilled Novaintellus

Chapters (40)

Twilight Sparkle has hidden the hottest pepper she could find in Princess Celestia's cake.

This is a bad idea.

(A collab with Tom117z)

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Sister Sidestep: Apple Bloom

Sweetie Belle has spent most of her life trying to be like Rarity. That engenders a certain beau monde sophistication regarding one's life philosophy.

It ain't got nothing on Rainbow Dash, though, who'd probably think "engender" meant "make someone a boy or a girl". Assuming she knew words that long.

However, if these two ponies are going to spend a day together, they'll have to commit to it. But then, who knows? There are times when even beauty comes in the most unexpected and unlikely of forms.

And when it comes to picking things up on the fly, Sweetie Belle's nothing if not a keen student. Always eager to please a sister.

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash comes out to her friends in a desperate attempt to find support as she flounders under the guilt of her sexual identity... but are the bonds of her friendship with the others really as strong as she hopes they are? Not an über-OOC or lynch mob fic.

Chapters (1)

The requests come in, the paintings go out, and the Bits arrive later. That's the shaky system "Rainbow" has managed to work out for herself. A life lived through letters is a little lonely, but she can at least be certain she'll never be seen by someone who recognizes her copypasted face.

You'd think a Rainbow Dash replica would remember that Twilight uses Spike for everything mail related.

This is an entry in the Snippet Series, an anthology of old oneshots that I (and my good buddy Str8aura) wrote based around interesting pics I found. New ones will be posted every Thursday for the foreseeable future.

Chapters (1)

After Gilda's last encounter with Rainbow Dash and her friends, the griffon hadn't heard anything from her pony friend for a long time. It made Gilda think that Rainbow Dash forgot about her. Fortunately for Gilda, Rainbow Dash was hard-headed. Unfortunately for Gilda, Rainbow Dash was also high-strung and so stressed out of her mind that her train of thought was completely out of whack. With a few letters detailing Rainbow Dash's situation among other things, will Gilda be able to help salvage her friend's relationship? Or will Rainbow Dash leave Gilda's place as a husk of who she once was?

Gilda couldn't imagine Rainbow Dash failing. She'd do anything in her power to fix this, even if it meant admitting that she liked Rainbow Dash too.

Wait, what?

Submission to the RIGHT BACK AT IT AGAIN! contest under the prompt of 'first breakup'. Judges who take part in the contest will not have their stories counted towards placement. Just fyi.

Edited by: Muggonny, Not Enough Coffee, and Jack of a Few Trades.

Cover Art by: norang94.

Pre-read by: FamousLastWords.

Content warnings: a high-stress situation that involves a bit of cheating, some sexual references, and plenty of shipping moments of between a pony and a birb.

Chapters (12)