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Big Macintosh and Shining Armor have always been friends. Feelings finally starting to come to them they work towards telling each other. But when Shining Armor leaves for Cadet School Mac is left waiting for the day he will return. That day has finally come, will Shining still feel the same for Mac as he did before? Will Mac be able to tell Shining? Romance, Suspense! All waiting within Together Until the End!

Chapters (5)

It's been a long year since Soarin and Braeburn went their separate ways due to Soarin's work, and somehow every opportunity for the two to meet up was canned in one way or another. They keep in touch through letters, trying to keep their pathways of life entangled no matter how far apart they remain. What either pony was half-expecting to be a simple week of passion and discovery grew, in a way, through this connection. But still, it's not enough. This becomes clear when Braeburn's letters one day cease to arrive.

Chapters (12)