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You'd think that the super-confident Sheriff of Maretime Bay would have an easier time asking somepony out on a date. But Gloomy Sonnet is no ordinary mare.

Now with a reading! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikgBNK-vcQ4

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Discord does not particularly care for Fluttershy's friend, Tree Hugger. So when she comes over to have her monthly mane treatment session with her, Discord directs her to the one mane stylist that could possibly make her mane worse: Zephyr Breeze.

Written (overnight) for Freglz for Jinglemas 2021.

Audio Reading by Admiral Stoic Rum

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The queen of the Everfree Kingdom, after years without children, gives birth to two twins. To her horror, the first is a draconequus, a hideous beast with mismatched parts, which she flings out into the forest in shock and disgust.

But when her second son, a perfectly normal and handsome pony, tries to find a bride, the fully-grown draconequus refuses to let him leave until he is married first.

Bride after bride they give him vanishes, until finally, a simple peasant pegasus, Fluttershy, is forced into the role. But perhaps, with some advice from a good friend, she can uncover a hidden heart of the beast.

Based on "The Bride of the Lindorm King".

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Sprout Cloverleaf, former emperor of Maretime Bay, has been sentenced to about two months woth of community service by Hitch Trailblazer for his war crimes against ponykind. That would be bad enough for Sprout, but in addition to the community service, he also has Izzy Moonbow be his supervisor.

Sprout felt like the next two months would be a living nightmare, especially with Izzy being there, but will he ever warm up to the unicorn over the next two months, and maybe even gain some feelings towards her?

Inspired by these pieces of fanart (one of them is the cover of this story):

(Note: I changed the cover for the story because I just found an image that better suited the story. The link for the original fanart is still gonna be there as the source of inspiration.)

New chapters published whenever they are ready.

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Eric, easygoing local human, is winding down for the night when he receives an unexpected visitor.

He is a good host to them.

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This story is a sequel to Sniffles

Having recovered from the lowly sabotage that had seen her briefly bedridden, The Queen and her thoroughly useless human servant can now proceed with vengeance, domination, victory and all other things that come naturally to her.

Events conspire to make this difficult.

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Fluttershy and Discord have been through a lot, in their friendship and their romance. But finally, they're married, and things can settle down now...right?

Fluttershy should have known that things aren't that easy when Discord's involved.

A collection of random, fluffy drabbles. Not much of a plot here.

Amazing cover art made by Eveeka!

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"Spike, dear? This isn't working."
"What isn't?"
"This, Spike. Us."

After a second date cut short, Spike spends a night out on the town (read: seedy bar) with Big Mac to commiserate the loss. After deciding that he wanted a final snack before bed, he heads to the best bakery in town to find something to take the edge off of his buzz.

Think of this as a spiritual successor to The Days Passed, in the same family as the premise of the first one: Who would Spike seek out after a break with Rarity? This time, instead of ending up on Fluttershy's doorstep, he finds himself at Pinkie Pie's. And this time, it will be more focused on the character growth of Spike while keeping up with the relationship growth between the ship. I hope it lives up to the standards that TDP grew to have, and I had for it :moustache:

Cover is spliced together pics from TG Weaver , used with permission (careful with that link, while the pic is SFW the Twitter is not!)

EDIT: Already featured, 2-9-2021! Thank you so much :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Troubleshoes has never really been the luckiest pony in Equestria.

Yet when he catches the eye of two Pie Sister's, he'll soon find out more than luck will be necessary to survive sibling rivalry.

Featured On 2\2\21 , awww ty.

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