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One day on a trip to the market, Fluttershy discovers that things are getting caught in her tail. What kinds of things? Interesting things. Strange things. Their origins are all questionable at best.

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[Eventually will be rebooted in a new story]

Rated [Teen] for F. Violence & Strong Language.

It's been ten years since she's been crowned princess, and during that time she's been rather... busy. Among moments of solving friendship problems and saving Equestria multiple times, she has destroyed the covenant, saved the Mushroom Kingdom and its princess, destroyed all the colossi in the Forbidden Land by the order of a sealed god, escaped Black Mesa, and many more heroic deeds. Yes, Twilight Sparkle can call herself a video game master of many genres. However, she never once touched the aspects of virtual reality MMO’s. That is until she started playing Equestrian Earth. With a whole digital world before her, Twilight felt that her adventures in the MMO would be her greatest adventure yet.
However, this adventure may prove to be the most dangerous as a powerful entity and its legion of hackers have taken over the world. Twilight Sparkle must unite with her fellow gamer friends if she is to prevent herself from getting a game over not just in the virtual world, but the real world. Adventure awaits in a land filled with monsters, allies, quests, rivals, imagination, friendship, and magic.

This is Equestrian Earth, let the games begin.

Story Description Credits to Rated Ponystar [an immense help!]
↓If you haven't, read Author Notes down below↓

Author Notes:
Ω Editors: ugugg93
∞ Edited chapters will be marked by a certain number of *s, indicating how many editors got to it
Ω Proof/Pre-readers: RemareShadows and Apuppy120, ultra1437, Genghis, and Willow the Pegasus
A World Map of Equestrian Earth (and Equestria)
∞ (Password is mlp.)
Ω Also as a side note: I came up with the idea in the shower.
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SLthethird's review

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Dusk Shine has dealt with many trails throughout his life. From clashing with Nightterror Nebula to outwitting the mischievous Eris to thwarting King Nymphamos’s invasion, he'd seen it all.

All in all, Dusk Shine would admit that life was hardly easy. And now, Dusk finds that his mentor's self loathing is the least of his problems as he finds himself thrust into a world where he and his friend... are mares?

edited by Saylux and OverlordCornutt

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Recently rewritten. Contains occasional adult humor and violence.
On a request from Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the mane six explore an abandoned mansion located deep in the woods. While doing so, they unwittingly stumble across an enchanted mirror that scrambles their DNA and pops out three brand new bouncing baby ponies. Hilarity and drama ensue as the mane six must cope with being suddenly thrust into motherhood, as well as protect their new foals from a dark god that wishes to use them for his own sinister gain.


The three foals. by Freefraq on Deviantart.

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Inspired by the story image, RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse and Trinary's "Rainbooms and Royalty", I give you my take on the alternate universe concept. Namely, a universe where Spike is the pony and Twilight is his dragon assistant.

The thousandth Summer Sun Celebration is approaching. With it will come the return of Nightmare Moon. Celestia has no student to call upon to save Equestria, and is doing all she can to make the last day of peace meaningful for her people.

Meanwhile, Spike "Purple Prose" Flail is a reporter for the Canterlot Sun. He finds himself being shipped down to the boonies with his longtime friend and assistant, Twilight, to cover the biggest festival Equestria has seen in a millennium!

But even with a visit from the princess, there's no way someplace as boring as Ponyville could ever be newsworthy. Right?

A/N: Credit for cover image goes to dzetaWMDunion on Deviantart art.

Story would also include character tags for Thunderlane and Cheerilee if not for the character tag limit.

Now has a TVTropes page!

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You're a letter-sorting unicorn who works at the same post office as Ditzy Doo. Sure, you're both good buddies, but a small part of you wonders if you could be something more. One day, Ditzy gives you a gift...

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As Princess Cadance and Shining Armor leave to spend their wedding night, Twilight Sparkle and her friends get to kick back and relax after a successful wedding. And just as she's getting comfortable, the conversation veers onto the subject of... sex. And before she knows it, Twilight faces the terrifying prospect of having to tell her friends about her first time. A special, magical, enchanted moment.

Some unicorn spells should have never been devised...

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Frosty Mug runs the premiere (and only) watering hole in Ponyville. He's been behind the pine for years, and listened to many a sob story, and joyous announcement. Enjoy his recollections of a rather strange week in which he served a different Element of Harmony every day, and a pony he would have never thought he'd have the honor of getting drunk. These are the memoirs of a Ponyville booze vendor.

Now with bonus drinks! Consider it 'Happy Hour'!

Warning: Shipping is mentioned.

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After the changelings' failed invasion of Canterlot, Twilight tries to soothe some of Ponyville's rampant paranoia by casting a spell to prove there are no imposters hiding in the town. But her spell leaves her in an alien body, facing a mob of angry ponies who just don't believe her when she says she is Twilight Sparkle.

Or, at least, she was Twilight Sparkle, anyway...

Featured on Equestria Daily, 2/17/13
Cover art is by the awesome and amazing Conicer

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