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For most ponies the day they get their cutie mark is day everything changes. That was especially true for Twilight Sparkle, as the day she got her cutie mark was also the day Princess Celestia took her on as a student, she gained a new little brother and started on the road to her future.

It was also the day she became a dragon.

Custom cover artwork by Elza Fox
Editing and so much more by Klamnei

Chapters (1)

Clothing companies across Equestria are suffering lately and Princess Cadence wants to help. Initial efforts have proved fruitless but an exceptional, very big, opportunity has presented itself and the princess is eager to capitalize on it. She and Shining Armor travel together to the famed city of Las Pegasus to conduct business.

A very big thank you to Ncmares for proofreading this and editing it, thank you again bud!

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Affection of Princess Nightmare Moon

Sequel to "The Return of Princess Nightmare Moon" and "The Affection of Princess Nightmare Moon".

An unknown villain tries to pit Princess Nightmare Moon and Queen Chrysalis into another battle. Nurse Bandaid is caught in the middle. All the while Celestia is distracted with personal matters and Court Vizier Twilight Sparkle must try to run Canterlot on her own. Discord is unaccounted for, but he loves his sisters dearly. Who is pulling the strings of conflict between the five Children of Faust?

Chapters (6)

Spike is only a baby dragon. Everypony in town knows that. However, Rarity has been doing some research into dragons, and she's begun to wonder how it is that Spike, nearly nineteen years old, is still stuck in the body of a toddler. Twilight shares her concerns, and along with their friends, they set out to make Spike grow up a little more. Unfortunately, nothing is ever so simple, particularly not in Ponyville, and a whole flotilla of ships sets sail on a course for total disaster.

Part of the Wibblyverse continuity.

Sex tag for misinterpreted dialogue, innuendo, repressed memories of walking in on your mother, and pretty much everything except actual descriptions.

Chapters (14)

Rarity is good at making dresses. In fact, she's the best. But even she didn't know that her latest dress would be more than the fashion sensation of the season.

Now she was going to have to add wing-holes to all her outfits, and everypony seems worried about her latest creation.

Chapters (1)

Celestia has never used her full power.


But that might be about to change. Chrysalis has contacted her and requested a meeting out in the middle of nowhere. Celestia expects a trap. In fact, she's hoping for it.

Featured: Because you guys are way too nice to me. Thank you all!

Chapters (1)

Starlight Glimmer wants to impress Twilight by scientifically studying the properties of Poison Joke. Things go wrong however (extremely late into the story for some reason) and Starlight finds herself towering over pretty much everything around her. Twilight is away, and Spike is busy with other things.
Can she keep hiding her little big accident from Twilight and Spike?
Starlight soon ends up relying on one of her closest friends for help. A very great and powerful friend, in fact.

Picture hastily drawn by me. I also apologize, the story writing is very childishly written (lots of sentences starting with names and lots of "whiles" plauging my writing.) I also haven't thought of the ending yet, so this fic might be unfinished for a while.

Chapters (12)

After the debacle of the Storm King's short-lived invasion and the fall of Canterlot. The former attacker, Fizzlepop Berrytwist (Commander Tempest Shadow) muses that the Princesses' ability to fight was sorely lacking... Considering she pretty much took them all down in seconds.

In order to prevent such an abysmal display in the future, she has, through a few contacts around Princess Twilight, recruited the aid of a combat master who should be able to teach four Princesses how to hold their own in a fight.

...Or kill them trying.

Chapters (5)

Twilight Sparkle goes in for her first physical after ascending to an alicorn.

Nurse Redheart was not prepared for this by any stretch of the imagination.

Written for FanOfMostEverything as part of my 100 Followers 'contest'.

Featured on 12/21/2017 while I was sleeping!. APPARENTLY, I STRUCK GOLD WITH THIS ONE. Woo! Thank you all!

-GM, master of contestants.

Chapters (1)

Drop Shot hasn't been doing too well in his health class. A single distraction had been making him lose focus all semester long: his pregnant teacher, Mrs. Sparkle. Upon failing his most recent test on human reproduction, the teacher invites Drop to partake in a one-on-one tutoring session after class to improve his grade. Drop must overcome his embarrassing interest and get a decent grade, otherwise he will fail his class.

Contains: Normal 9-month pregnant teacher with a curious, shy student

Chapters (3)
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