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This story is a sequel to A Day in the Life

Butterscotch, the luckiest and most unlucky pony at the same time. He's a hit with the mares, but only because they feel sorry for him. Stallions hate him for his successes with the mares, but secretly pester him day and night about how he charms them. What's a poor stallion like Butterscotch going to do, especially when he gets something all the other stallions want?

R63 Fluttershy, Big Mac and Cheerilee. Love triangles ftw!

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to Foal of the Forest

Second story of the Savage Skies series:
Dawn Lightwing has overcome many trials in his life; persecution for his unique eyes, living amongst the monsters of the Everfree Forest. But now all of that is behind him. He's been adopted by Fluttershy, mended from his conflict with Applejack, and now sits poised to go to school and live the life of a normal foal. Unfortunately, Dawn's past is not so far behind him as he would like, as his experiences have left scars on his mind and heart that threaten everything he has gained since coming to Ponyville.

Followed by Storm on the Horizon.
Now with a TV Tropes page.

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First of the Savage Skies series.
After running afoul of timberwolves in the Everfree Forest, Fluttershy is saved by a mysterious young colt with a most unusual and disturbing feature. Realizing that he is alone, without anyone else to care for him, Fluttershy realizes that she must try to bring this lonely foal out of the forest and give him a life of love and friendship. The problem is that this colt's...unique qualities have made him more than a few enemies, including some who are closer to home than Fluttershy realizes.

Now with a sequel: The Promise of a New Day.
Now with a TV Tropes page.

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This story is a sequel to The Irony of Applejack

Warning: this story is a sequel. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you read the prequel first before continuing!

Over half a year has passed since the changeling attack on Ponyville, and Applejack would like to think things have finally settled down. Much has changed for the young changeling, and all of Equestria in kind. The new district in Ponyville proves that, along with the town's many new residents.
But there is much the young queen does not yet know about being a changeling. Some things, she will learn, can be chosen, while others will be chosen for her. With new allies and enemies emerging all around her, Applejack must discover what it truly means to rule before the choice is taken from her forever, and the history of the changelings repeats itself, once again...

Image provided by Heilos.

Chapters (27)

The changelings have been defeated but is that the last of them? As the threat of the changelings grows an unlikely pair try to be a family to one another. One a changeling, cast off from the swarm. The other a little filly who only wants a family.

(Mechcolt as pre-reader)

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Meet Lavender, a rare offspring brought into the world by a loving dragon and a beautiful pony. She is told constantly by her parents that she is a beautiful gift of nature, but she is reminded everyday about just how different she is from the rest of the world. She is going to learn very rapidly how cruel and unforgiving the world can be for anything different from them.

Follow the journey of Spike, Rarity, and their offspring Lavender from birth to adulthood as they try to survive prejudice, natural impulses, and even their relationship between each other.

The character of Lavender and the artwork included all belong to Carnifex
Someone actually thought this fic was worthy to be in the Twilight Library. Well... if you say so.

Chapters (14)

What happens, happens. I think that is one of the rules of Causality as stated by the late, great Douglas Adams. It is a pretty important rule and I use it to guide me through life, no matter what goes on in it. So, when I was driving to an out of town job and found myself in another world, I did my best to take everything in stride.

I would be the first to say the adjustment is not easy. Especially, when the first thing you do is make yourself a pony distrusted, disliked and defamed by some national heros. Thinking about that, I think I have to invoke another Douglas Adams quote. "Don't Panic."


This is the result of me getting bored one day and starting writing. Now that I got a bit of it done, I wouldn't mind honest opinions, and flame away if you feel the need. I have thick skin.

As you might notice, there are a few chapters with a box at the top. These are the ones that my editor and I went through again, and hopefully improved. I'll refrain from changing plot but spelling, grammar and flow are all up for grab. Especially for the early chapters.

Chapters (26)

Discord has given up. Defeated so easily? It's time to retire. But he can't just leave Equestria without chaos can he? So he selects a random human to take up his mantle and to create a new reign of chaos.

Can this human manage new powers? Will he go mad or he will he end up as a statue for foals to gawk at? Is there a third option? Not very likely but with this much power he's going to try his best to create chaos and harmony at the same time.

Link to the picture I used: http://karzahnii.deviantart.com/art/Discord-s-Game-322137800%0A

I do promise to try and keep this light hearted and relatively comedic. Oh right I wrote this in response to the 50 000 word pony story contest. I failed horribly but I thought I'd post what I've got up here. I do plan on finishing this and it being around 50 000 words in the end.

A little warning for you in that the prologue is written very differently then the rest of the story. Also it is mostly unnecessary if you want to skip it altogether. The other thing I promise is that the romance is between ponies only and ponies that appear in the show.

Chapters (15)

At Celestia's behest, Twilight Sparkle arrives in Ponyville to prepare for the Summer Sun Celebration, and potentially the return of Nightmare Moon.

Her preparations will be anything but easy. The stallions in charge of the festivities all seem to have taken a "romantic" interest in her, and every one of them is terrible at flirting. Really terrible. Really.

T for innuendo/creepy behavior. Thanks to Sereg for prereading and to Midnight Rambler for helping with the first draft song sequence. Thanks to Posey, Jetto, Blank!, and Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi for editing (Plus three other anons who didn't give me their fimfic names). Especial thanks to whatmustido and ocalhoun for nitpicking the hell out of this mess.

All-mare version
All-stallion version
Stallion Twilight/mare main five version
The password for the FIMfic versions is: TUSH
(Every version is essentially identical, save character gender. Comments are enabled on the Gdocs if you notice any typos :twilightsmile:)

Chapters (3)

Rainbow Dash has always been complimented on her athleticism. What happens when she gets complemented for her looks, too, especially when said compliment comes from a certain purple dragon?

Chapters (5)