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Hearthswarming is upon Equestria once more. Three unicorns are taking a trip to Canterlot to see the annual Hearthswarming play, but a fault is going to make the trip a cold one and they're going to have to get creative to keep warm.

Written for Applezombi for Jinglemas 2021

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Sprout Cloverleaf, former emperor of Maretime Bay, has been sentenced to about two months woth of community service by Hitch Trailblazer for his war crimes against ponykind. That would be bad enough for Sprout, but in addition to the community service, he also has Izzy Moonbow be his supervisor.

Sprout felt like the next two months would be a living nightmare, especially with Izzy being there, but will he ever warm up to the unicorn over the next two months, and maybe even gain some feelings towards her?

Inspired by these pieces of fanart (one of them is the cover of this story):

(Note: I changed the cover for the story because I just found an image that better suited the story. The link for the original fanart is still gonna be there as the source of inspiration.)

New chapters published whenever they are ready.

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Sunny Starscout managed to bring all three pony races together bringing harmony and friendship once more. But the Law is the Law and Hitch insists that Sunny must spend at least one night in Jail for all the by-Laws she broke. Cuddling ensues.

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This story is a sequel to Pregnant Noses Know

Princess Celestia and Baked Bean, after a nearly year-long wait, are now the proud parents of a healthy unicorn colt. Naturally, little Apollo Bean will receive nothing but the finest as he begins his own princely journey, but babies always have their own set of unique issues, and Celestia will find another new life waiting for her as she integrates motherhood into her already busy schedule.

Elsewhere, the Kingdom of Equestria moves on as well. Chrysalis continues to be Chrysalis—much to Sergeant Hokey Pokey's chagrin—Trixie continues in her new role as Baked Bean's secretary while Miss Wysteria and Sergeant Quillpoint take time to work on their relationship and to take care of their brand-new twins, Twilight Sparkle begins teaching Starlight Glimmer about the friendship of magic after several world-ending events, and even Prince Blueblood finds much to accomplish upon returning from Yakyakistan.

But while forgotten friends and new adventures await, Baked Bean and Celestia know that, come what may, they will enjoy all of the ups and downs together...

As a family.

Edited by Georg, Double R Forrest, Tek, and Sipioc

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This story is a sequel to Starlight and Sunburst's Misadventures in Flurry Sitting

(Familiarity with Starlight and Sunburst's Misadventures in Flurry Sitting is strongly recommended, though not required. Takes place after "A Horse Shoe-In".)

Now that Sunburst is the new vice headmare of the School of Friendship, Starlight is thrilled to have her childhood friend and special somepony close to her at all times. Especially as she prepares to take over the school when Twilight ascends to the throne.

However, Trixie can't help but notice that her best friend hasn't been on a date with Sunburst in a very long time. Wanting her friend to be happy, Trixie takes it upon herself to give them one as a way of making up for her behavior during the search for a vice headmare.

Sunburst is eager to accept the offer (especially once Twilight gives her blessing), but Starlight is distracted by her worries about taking over the school. Can a date with Sunburst cheer her up? And does Sunburst have his own plans in mind?

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This story is a sequel to Flash Sentry Chronicles: The Legend of Everfree

Everything appears peaceful in Equestria and our heroes are getting ready to celebrate Spike's birthday. But everything changes when a new enemy appears, one that they thought was a friend. With war threatening to break out, it's up to our heroes to find a way to stop the violence and defeat this foe. But to do so, they must look to Spike's past. A past even he knows very little about.

Edited by KingJoltik


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(A distant, stand-alone prequel to The Bridge, but not a crossover).

Alicorns. In the modern era of Equestria it's seen as an ideal. After all, 1,000 years of benevolent rule by Princess Celestia lead to prosperity. Her image, and by growth, the image of those like her, became one of beauty, power, heroism, and achievement. But long before a mysterious pegasus named Cadance and a unicorn magus called Twilight were elevated to such a station, before the fall and exile of Nightmare Moon, the existence of such beings was untrodden ground.

Until, that is, two infants were discovered in the Everfree Forest not long after Equestria itself was founded. What does an alicorn mean to a society that invented such beings as an ideal rather than reality?

Cover art by Faith-Wolff, proofreading by Lance-Omikron, story concept by Temnizziv
Thanks for the Feature! - 4/22/2021

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A handsome stallion and a shy mare may finally take a big step. A big step into each other's life. Perhaps this could be a hoof in the right direction for both ponies, perhaps to spend their lives with each other.
The two's hearts throb for one another ,but shyness has kept the wall between them firm. Will this night finally tear it down and allow the bud of love blossom?

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This story is a sequel to Flash Sentry Chronicles: War of the Lost City

A new series of adventures will begin as Flash and Twilight learn to grow into their new roles as teachers. They and their friends will now find themselves in even more crazy adventures than ever before, but can they handle them?

Edited by KingJoltik


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There's a new stallion in town. A new stallion who won't stop staring at Applejack's rear.

She has some opinions about that.

Sex jokes abound, but no actual sex.

Now with a Spanish translation: https://www.deviantart.com/spaniard-kiwi/art/El-culo-de-Applejack-923171828

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