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Our protaganist's life (mine) turns from dramatic to tragic in a single moment...but then an out-of-left-field event happens, and I find myself in an alternate universe version of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic where the only difference seems to be Queen Chrysalis hatches a new queen years before the 1,000th Summer Sun Celebration...and I'm that new queen.

Jumping in on this particular bandwagon. Tagged "Gore" for the opening chapter (and possibly later chapters) and "Sex" because you can't mention any part of the reproductive process without the sex tag on this site.

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Usually you would think what's next after death is simple, heaven or hell right? Well, maybe for you.

After I was hit right in the face by death's fist, I was (forcefully and unknowingly) invited somewhere else.

I don't know where.

I don't know why.

But also...
I have a plus one?

Get ready to Join Matthew/Crimson and James/Cyax on their brand new life and adventure in Equestria!

(A HIE/human turned pony story)

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After Starlight Glimmer solves the Royal Sister's relationship issues, the pair begin to spend more time with one another, mostly through conversation during meals. But Luna proposes an idea - a Nightmare Night spent with Celestia. Initially turning her younger sister down, Celestia rethinks her decision, and heads towards Ponyville in earnest. However, she has no idea what this festival involves, and is in for a surprise once she finds out...


Just a fun little one shot for Halloween. It was an idea that started well over a year ago, with a drastically different outcome. But I wanted something more light-hearted, so here we are. Happy Halloween everyone!

Cover photo:

Featured 10/29 - 11/01 2018

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'They say my kind are horrible beings, monsters, predetors, and even terrorists. Well, they're the villians.' -Tristan Cooper, Evolved.

A classic set up of cursed comic con merch. A fan of the [Prototype] series ends up in the Everfree Forest with powers of unimaginable potential.

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A human wakes up in the everfree before the events of nightmare moon. Or adult Luna and Celestia. Oh, and he’s a bird. A magical bird, but still a bird.

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Coming from a broke and broken family, I never kept high hopes for anything. When my mother died and I moved out of the house, finally making a life of my own, I decided to treat myself. I had a few grand saved up for a rainy day, and I was going to use them to go to E3, video games were one of the few things that kept me sane before and now. That and MLP, but with the show on hiatus, again I figured it would be fun. I got a pretty good Reaper costume. I rarely played him in Overwatch, but I liked his backstory and character. Riding to E3 in a train was kinda fun dressed as him, mainly since I was not the only one dressed up. When I got to E3 I got the usual, games, little trinket things, then I came across what was a sad looking stall, but there was a pair of really good looking guns Reaper carried, and my costume didn't come with those, so naturally I bought them. When I tried them out by myself in the bathroom, my luck, the lights went out...and I was falling...Okay someone spiked my cherry root beer!

Co Written by: Xinrick

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Jack came to Equestria.

Unfortunately for Jack he came to Equestria tens of thousands of feet above the ground.

Jack very promptly died in Equestria.

This is how falling works.

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Devin Hall had a good life back on Earth. Just graduated college, steady job, and loving family. But when he is accidentally summoned by Princess Twilight Sparkle, the human will find out that war has many battle fronts in which to fight along with something worth fighting for.

Human X Celestia love story. I don't know, just felt like writing this. Let's see where this goes!

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One conversation can change anything. Your life, your world, your species

It was the beginning of season two when he changed me into what I am now.

Into an emotion eating monster with holes in my hooves and fangs in my mouth.

Follow me, as I find my place as a changeling in world that doesn't yet know what we are.

This story starts in the season 2 episode 1
It's a little cliche yes, but this is something to write while my life gets sorted out

Will get darker and slightly gorey a few dozen chapters from now so I addeed the tags just in case, might change them later

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Takes place in an alternate universe where Celestia and Luna used the Elements of Harmony to slay King Sombra.

Celestia and Luna are no more. The sun and moon have collided, and the heavens torn asunder in the aftermath of their final battle. The Elements of Harmony are missing, presumed forever lost. The fiends of Tartarus are on a rampage, and no one can stop them. And to make things perfect, the ruler of the nation of Boardor has decided to invade.
Desperate, Clover the Clever's last living student gathers together 108 virgin mares, in order to perform a ritual that will revive King Sombra. They succeed... kinda.
A human, in King Sombra's body, suddenly finds himself in an Equestria in a downward spiral with a bunch of technicolor ponies begging him to save them. Convinced that he's either dreaming, stoned, or insane, he tries to go along with it as best he can, although the voice in his head, a very angry voice with a hunger for conquest, crystals, slavery, and stairs, isn't doing much to instill confidence in his own sanity...

New Cover Art By Shadow Bolt!

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