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I'm just your everyday dragon of shadows here to write some fics and help people with their stories. I want to write more stories about underrepresented species in the community, because reasons.

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Princess Skyla, Daughter of Cadance and Shining Armor, recounts a day in her foalhood when she met the imprisoned soul of Sombra. She argues with the ex-tyrant, believing that her parents are perfect in every way, especially her Father. Sombra says otherwise...

Art -- http://dragonwolfrooke.deviantart.com/

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Sweetie Belle has failed to get her cutie mark. Again! Deciding to go for a walk in order to try and forget about it, Sweetie finds that she has somehow stumbled into the Everfree Forest! While looking for a way out, Sweetie comes across a creature you never want to cross. A Timber wolf!

However, this one seems a bit...small. And scared. and trapped in a hole in the ground!

Having a change in heart, the young pony decides to help the poor pup. However, this pup doesn't seem to want to leave her alone now...things only go downhill from there.

I suck at description. I am so sorry.

Morgan: that's not the only thing you suck at...


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Twilight has developed a device that can detect strange signals coming from outer space; signals from aliens! She gathers her friends so that they can all listen in.

But they may not like what they hear...

cover image courtesy of DocWario

I'd appreciate if everyone could keep the YouTube embeds in the comments to a minimum. The sheer number of them is putting a bit more strain on my connection than I'd like. I'm going to start deleting any comments with 2 or more embeds in them.

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Just a simple man with a simple job...

Well that last part is a lie, my job might seem simple, but it any thing but; that's the life of a nuclear physicist. Most of the time the job is boring since it is the same thing day in and day out, each shift wearing down on my brain little by little. One day a malfunction occurs that will change my life forever, will I adjust?

Editor: Penalt

Shoutout to Door Belle and Damaged for their contributions
Damaged’s Discord server (must be 18 or older): https://discord.gg/Un74ceq

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After a rather painful wake up, Jackson Hail finds himself in a rather scaly skin. Just what is he? How did this happen? Where is he? What's with the quivering yellow horse thingy? You already know this answers, but let's come along with Jack as he finds out.

(Your standard Human in Equestria story, with some not so standard elements I hope. I came up with the idea after I saw that almost nobody thought of this. Please note that this is my first fan fiction, so, you know, the usual dribble. Also note that I have no idea as to what categories this falls into quite yet, so I'll be modifying as I go along. Critique is encouraged. And thanks for your time!)

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One night Thorax finds a human child in the Hive and decides to take care of him because this child seems to not remember who his real parents are. As the time flies Thorax starts to see this human as his son and the human starts see Thorax as his father.
(I suck at summaries)
Also, as you may have noticed. This story has slow updates.

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The Gourd Fest is a three-day-spanning changeling ritual a drone holds for a special individual in times of tremendous happiness and great prosperity. With how everything has changed in such a wonderful direction for them after Queen Chrysalis' defeat, they've decided to promote the tradition to a full-on festival the entire kingdom can be a part of. Upon one midsummer day, Thorax, king of the changelings, gleefully invites Starlight Glimmer and a few of her friends to attend the first, fast-approaching Fest with him and the hive. Tagging along with them with only the biggest of smiles on her face is Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight, ever the avid and agog learner, is positively eager to study and write about the customs of changelings during this joyous celebration up close. Thorax, ever the obliging character, is more than happy to show them to her first-hoof. And as fate would have it, a simple and amiable lesson taught in changeling culture won't be all either of them come out with by the time the Gourd Fest comes to its conclusion...

Note: I have no earthly idea why I like the Twilax ship so much, but I like it just about as much as the Sporax one. Also, the rating and tags may change over time, depending on where I go with it (hint - it's probably going to go the 'M' route).

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Summoning a demon is one of the worst things anypony can do, but what happens when you're worse than the demon?

Kind of an interquel to Through the Snow, which you don't need to read to get this story. Cover art by Evehly (link) but cropped by NorrisThePony. This story now has an audio reading, courtesy of Lotus Moon! Listen to it here! Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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For many weeks now, the citizens of Equestria have been struck down by an epidemic of illnesses and sickness. Nobody seems to know for sure what could be the cause, but Princess Twilight has found one common answer: The restaurants and hotels of Equestria. All of them seem to be struck with the same kind of problem, but none of them seem to be sure why its happening.

So with her friends Pinkie Pie and Rarity, they will cross over to Earth and bring back over a man that she has heard from Pinkie is a legend among humans when it comes to food. A man that she hopes can help her get to the bottom of the epidemic sweeping across Equestria: Chef Gordon Ramsay. For her sake...let's hope he takes the request well. And pray for the sanity of the poor souls of Equestria.

(this will include elements from both of Gordon's shows Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell)

(Feel free to give any creative suggestions with this fic, its kind of a shot in the dark on my part making this one)

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