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I laid awake, staring at reflected light from the window on my ceiling.  Tomorrow was going to be important, I knew I should try to sleep, but it was being difficult.  On the other side of the upper floor she slept, in that room for the last time. It was never going to happen, but I worried that my breathing, maybe even my heartbeat, would wake her.

I spent the whole time thinking, about our past together, the good times, the fights, everything we said we would do together.  I remembered it all, and one by one, let it go. It didn’t matter anymore, none of it. Tomorrow, Vinyl Scratch was going to leave, and I would never see her again.

Story is canon only up to the end of Season 4. This story also uses the original fanon last name for Octavia, because I like it better.

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Baked Bean, an aspiring writer of questionable skill, has come across the perfect source of inspiration: the Castle of the Two Sisters. All it will take is a quick trip through the Everfree Forest, and a new world of potential writing prompts will be his for the taking.

Once there, however, he finds there's more to the Castle—and the old legends surrounding it—than he ever imagined, and an ancient law will force him to mate with all of the Royal Princesses...

...whether he likes it or not.

This story is an alternate take on No Nose Knows, so expect plenty of polygamous shenanigans.

Sex tag is for references. Ye be warned.

Edited by Zen and Ponies, Sipioc, Georg, and Spartanpony007!

Cover art commissioned by an anonymous fan and drawn by Apricalico!
Much thanks to Sipioc for the original cover art!

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This story is a sequel to This Nose Knows

It is recommended you read No Nose Knows and This Nose Knows first, so you know what's going on.

Baked Bean - the slightly broken husband to Princess Celestia - finds he must answer the call to assist Sunset Shimmer and the Rainbooms when an ancient foe resurfaces at Canterlot High.

Once there, however, he finds another Bean who needs help courting a Principal who is very similar to his own Princess ...

Edited by Spartanpony007, Sipioc, Georg, and Zen and Ponies.

Cover art provided by Sipioc.

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This story is a sequel to A Pony Called Death

During one of Rose Petal’s first few years of being Death, Princess Luna ropes her into her yearly tradition of terrifying the foals in the Everfree Forest.  This year, she has an elaborate haunted house planned, spanning an entire wing of the old castle. Rose is determined not to work tonight, so can she avoid scaring foals to death while also keeping her boss happy?

Note: This is not a straight sequel, more of a spin off. Reading A Pony Called Death is recommended, but not necessary

Chapters (3)

Long journeys to destinations full of happy memories are not always as enjoyable as they should be. But Sunset and Rainbow have weathered the good and the bad on road trips and in life.

My entry to the Sunset Shipping contest "Journeys"

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This story is a sequel to TD's Little Rarity

The human TD Powell has been living a quiet life since returning to Equestria after protecting Rarity from the FBI on Earth. Well, as quiet as his life could be after marrying Princess Twilight Sparkle and everything that comes with that. All is going well until one day Tirek attacks.

So TD shoots him in the face.


Written by popular demand from comments from With a Little Help from my Alternates

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The last thing Applejack remembers, she was going out to tend to the south fields one day. She had just left the house and then... a blur. She found herself someplace else entirely. Loud, spattering noises surrounded her. Strange people were trying to hurt her. Her very body was twisted and wrong.

When she awakes from what should have been a nightmare, she discovers it was all too real. She's been trapped in another world, in a body that she can't even recognize, let alone control. To make matters worse, her natural Earth Pony magic is reacting to her new environment in strange and disquieting ways, intensifying to truly dangerous levels causing her to break nearly everything and everyone she touches.

Thankfully she's been offered help. A group of remarkable people is offering to take her in... assuming she can aid them in return. There's a man in a suit of armor. Another who carries a shield. One who carries a hammer. One a bow and arrow. One is a woman who lies just a little too much for Applejack's taste. And one of them is very, very angry.

Applejack will have to come to not only understand her new body and abilities, but also come to try and understand the meaning and value of honesty itself as she's put to the test in ways she's never anticipated. In this world of endless conflict and threats beyond any she could have ever imagined, does Applejack even stand a chance of finding her way back home?

Teen rating for mild blood, some death, and occasional mild nudity and lewd jokes.
Character and genre tags may be altered as necessary as the story progresses.

Chapters (11)

This story is a sequel to The Life of a Non-Brony

A great evil is spreading across the universe, one that Discord, Lord of Chaos, needs to stop. Luckily for him, he has the perfect team for the job.

Spoilers for Resurgence and its prequels
The Life of a Non-Brony and its prequels
TD Punches Everything
TD's Little Rarity
TD's Little Rarity 1.5: This Time It's Personal

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to The Iron Horse: Everything's Better With Robots!

Turing Test is a robot pony. She's also Equestria's Minister of Technology (it's a long story). She wants to bring ponies into the modern world, but it's an uphill battle against years of technophobia and prejudice among the Canterlot bureaucrats. But then she learns of the untold advanced technology in the world of humans and sets off on the ultimate field trip. Canterlot High just got a new exchange student...

Editors: Reese, GenerousGhibli, E3gner
Illustrations: Greenfinger

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All Trixie wants is a warm, romantic night with her marefriend during a blustering storm. What could be better than snuggling under the covers together and throwing the stresses of the day out the window?

Too bad things don't always work out that way and Starlight is to blame. So is Spike.

Preread by TheWraithWriter

Art by zippysqrl

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