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Twilight Sparkle has been poisoned, and only one cure is known: cry the toxins out. She has one week to increase her emotional range, or die.

Easy choice, right?

If only she knew how to do it.

Chapters (1)

What if Celestia never wrote back? Like, ever?

I got the idea from 4everfeebrony's song.

I also wrote this on the go.

Song: https://4everfreebrony.bandcamp.com/track/thought-id-let-you-know-ft-relative1pitch
Picture: http://dragonwolfrooke.deviantart.com/art/thought-I-d-let-you-know-431412930

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Dealing with a sibling can be difficult sometimes, moreso when said sibling is in a bad mood. Just ask Princess Celestia, who has to juggle running an empire while balancing her relations with her younger co-ruling, chronically ill-tempered, inappropriate sister.

Princess Loona's name was always spelled with two o's... right?

This idea came to me during a night of drinking. I decided to follow it because it offered me more vodka.

Rated teen for an inebriated, foul-mouthed hellhound.

Cover art and the character Loona herself are from Vivienne Medrano's (VivziePop) Helluva Boss pilot.

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This story is a sequel to Somnambulism

Gallus and Smolder have formally begun a relationship, and start out by going on a date. But of course, the first date is always the hardest...especially when they still aren't entirely sure how they want this to work.

But maybe the date's just what they need for that.


It's been a bit sporadic about it, popping in then back out a few times, but I guess saying this was featured on 10/17/2020 still counts... (now watch, it'll immediately vanish from it again now that I've added this. EDIT: yup, see, already gone again!) :rainbowlaugh:

Sequel to "Somnambulism". Reading it first is encouraged, but shouldn't have to be required--you should still be able to follow along anyway.

Chapters (8)

Sleepwalking--the act of walking while not conscious of it or aware of it, during one's sleep; to walk and/or perform other actions while sleeping; to somnambulate.

Which for Smolder, that alone is bad enough. Crawling into bed with Gallus while she's sleepwalking though...that's a whole other level of awkward.

Third place winner in "The Discovery" Young Six contest.

Featured by 2/5/2020.

Chapters (1)

All rulers eventually reach a point where they must take a life to save the realm. If a ruler is just, they will never know when it will happen, and will never do it lightly. Still, such actions are necessary. Princess Celestia knows this, and has given this lesson many times.

You can find a YouTube reading of this story here!

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Cozy Glow loves games. She has as long as she can remember. The pony she plays with most often is her father. They play a lot of games together, but her favorite is chess. She's never beaten him, but she will someday, right?

Honorable mention in the Cozy Glow contest.

Edited wonderfully by Rated Ponystar, Georg, Babroniedad, Professor Hyde White, Double R Forrest, TheAncientPolitzanian, and MisterEdd!

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This story is a sequel to One on One Philosophy with Discord

Warning: The following you're about to read contains philosophy in plain English and is currently unedited. If you do not like one or both of these, you know where the exit button is.

Years after Starlight Glimmer becomes the new Headmare of the School of Friendship and Twilight ruling over Equestria, Discord is still teaching useful philosophy classes. Although he is known for his unusual teaching methods, there have been rumors that he may have to take a liking to Professor Fluttershy. However, that rumor was never confirmed in any way.

That was, until one Summer when Discord put up the offer for a surprising class in the felid of Philosophy. The subject was about love. Even with Discord promoting the class, one question is raised: why?

Lesson Plan:

Lesson 1 - What is Romanticism ✅
Lesson 2 - On Being Single ✅
Lesson 3 - On Dating ✅
Lesson 4 - Challenges of Marriage ✅
Lesson 5 - Why Do Some Have Affairs ✅
Lesson 6 - When to Leave
Lesson 7 - How to Fall in Love... Again

List of Students and Status:

Fluttershy - Single
Sandbar - Dating
Gallus - Single
Ocellus - Dating
Smolder - Dating
Yona - Dating
Silverstream - Single
Cadence - Married
Shining Armor - Married
Starlight - Dating
Trixie - Dating
Braeburn - Married
Applejack - Married
Rainbow Dash - Married
Big Mac - Married
Sugar Belle - Married
Ms. Harshwhinny - Single
Spoiled Rich - Married (Divorced?)
Filthy Rich - Married (Divorced?)
Fleur de Lis - Dating
Fancy Pants - Dating
Troubleshoes - Married
Soarin - Single
Lyra - Married
Sweetie Drops - Married
Mr. Cake - Married
Mrs. Cake - Married
Miss. Cheerliee - Single
Twilight - Single
Rarity - Single

Chapters (11)

Since Princess Twilight Sparkle had elevated herself to the status of an immortal alicorn, she has come to realize that there would be one part of her friend's lives that they may never get the chance of having - her funeral. To make up for this, she decides to host a mock funeral so they can have the opportunity to experience it. However, word about the preparation for said funeral accidently gets out and as a result, Equestria believes that Twilight has died.

This story was inspired by the suggestion of a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

Proofread by Titanium Dragon.

Chapters (1)
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