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Desperate and out of options to stop the crisis of their declining population, Equestria created a portal to the human world to convert the population to supplement their own; only that this was not the world they had planned.

Thera, a world that barely survived the Great War that lasted a hundred years and numerous Xeno incursions, now find themselves connected to a magical fantasy world of mythical creatures via a dimensional portal. A surprise to be sure and pleasant one at that, considering the numerous others that appeared to their world with ill intent. Little did they know how wrong they were before they discovered the truth.

As tensions rose, armies mobilise and civil unrest escalate; war is now inevitable.

Inspired from a conversation with Rated Ponystar and set from my fictional world of Thera based off of the Paradox game Stellaris, TCB: Thera dives into various perspectives within the conflict through exchanges of letters, correspondents from both sides, recorded meetings and propaganda.

See the conflict progress through the eyes of an observer as Equestria challenges the world who declared to the galaxy that all who threaten them will know that they came to the wrong neighborhood and knocked on the wrong door.

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“We, the Royals of Equestria and the Crystal Empire, hereby find you guilty on all counts.”

After years of being a treasured friend, the human they thought they knew was revealed as a mass murderer. He never showed the slightest remorse after being caught.

Days later, Celestia has unanswered questions that cannot be denied.

Small extra note: Appearances can be deceiving...
Pre-readers: JimboTex and BikerPon3
Featured 9/4/2018
Oh bloody hell... :facehoof:

Chance's theme: Two Steps From Hell - Star Sky

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In less than an hour, Celestia will be executed for her crimes against humanity. Justice will finally be done for all those lost in the Conversion War.

But like all prisoners, she is entitled to have her last rites.


A non-canon side-fic set in the Negotiationverse by Rated Ponystar. It is highly recommended that you read them before this story, especially 'Truth.'

Pre-read by Alcatraz.

Featured on the front page! Thank you, everyone!

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Keldeo, youngest of the Swords of Justice. Student. Friend. Family. All that changed during a scheme done by the sinister Team Galactic, in another attempt to create a new world. With little time left and much to the horror of his comrades, Keldeo sacrificed himself to save his world. Heroes, Champions, Legendaries, the whole Pokemon World mourned for his loss. But as chance would have it, his story had just begun.

In the Magical land of Equestria, six students of Princess Twilight's School of Friendship found a peculiar unicorn colt in an open field. Keldeo now finds himself far away from home.

Adapted from Rated Ponystar's original concept, A Sword In Equestria follows The Colt Pokemon as he ventures across the world of Magic and Friendship.

Co-written and Edited by Rated Ponystar
Cover Art by: All0412

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Five years. That was how long the war against Humanity has been going on. And as the last year draws to a close, as Humanity and their pony allies push into Equestria Controlled Asia, Australia and New Zealand, their advance was halted by the snow.

As the soldiers from both sides ready themselves for a winter advance (a tactic both sides have implemented throughout the course of the war), singing was heard across the battlefield. Songs of festive cheer, songs of hope, songs of mourning, and songs of unity and friendship.

Inspired by the historic event known as "The Christmas in the Trenches", as well as Sabaton's Christmas Truce and REMAMBA's The Hearth's Warming Truce, The Last Hearth's Warming is set in Rated Ponystar's NegotiationsVerse, tells about the different stories across the frontline of the Conversion War's last Winter Holiday as both sides briefly see eye-to-eye.

While this story says Completed, more will be added to the collection in the near future: Both from established OCs and Canon main cast (Fluttershy, Discord, etc.)

Main story is here.
Merry Christmas!

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As the sun sets on another day in the magical land of Equestria, an era sets along with it. One of the last remaining participants of a bygone age rests idly, bracing themselves to face whatever lies beyond this mortal coil.

Twilight Sparkle is no stranger to death. As an alicorn, one of the immortal rulers and protectors of Equestria, she's seen many dear friends come and go over the countless years. But through it all, there was one confidant she could always find solace in: Spike, her faithful dragon assistant and adoptive little brother.

Alas, not even dragons, long-lived as they are, can endure forever. Now, with mere hours remaining before Spike leaves this world for the next, the time has come for Twilight to bid farewell to the first and last of her very best friends.

Written by TheAncientPolitzanian
Inspired and preread by The Red Parade
Edited by Lord Regulus (A.K.A. Rego)
Cover Art: FiM S9E09 "Sweet and Smoky"

"Excuse me while I go and feel wistful in a corner."Astrarian

Chapters (1)

Two noble stallions, one the Grand Duke of Canterlot and scion of the noblest of houses, the other the heir to a name long forgotten the name that once belonged to the Arch-Dukes of the Twilight vale. They duel for honor, to settle a grievance's both long-standing and newly made, all of which has culminated in what may forever be known as the greatest tragedy of the 11th century. They both have regrets, they both have something to lose and leave behind, but they have realized it all too late for one does not simply walk away from a duel. Now they must grab their pistols and walk their paces.

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Set sometime before Season 8 Episode 16- The Hearth's Warming Club

Hearth's Warming Eve is just around the corner, and the School of Friendship is buzzing with activity for the holidays to start. It all changes for Silverstream, who gets to see her first snowfall for the first time since the Storm King's defeat. Her friends probably should have told her to wrap up warm before venturing out in the cold though...

Inspiration from the snowstorm in the UK right now

Artwork: Winter Silverstream
By cheezedoodle96

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All Sprout wanted to do was protect his loved ones. Instead, he accidentally took away the life of the pony he cared about most in the world. Forgiving himself will be impossible... but perhaps his foalhood friends can offer some comfort during his time of grief and solitude.

Sort of a "What if" story, about what would've happened if Sprout hadn't been able to divert Sprouticus Maximus in time (after Phyllis jumped in front of it).

Cover art by Aga_Wisnia

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“We need like, magically entwined rings. Six of them. Forged together. Enchanted together. Together forever. Like we’re going to be. And I don’t think that there’s anything like that that we know about. So no marriage for now.”

Smolder scratched the back of her neck. “Actually...maybe...I know a spot?”

“You’re kidding,” Gallus said.

“I was holding off on talking about him until it was time to propose,” said Smolder. “He’s an old fart who lives in a cave on the borders of the Dragonlands. His place is kinda camouflaged to non-dragons so the professors don’t really know about it and neither do your species’ governments.”

“Well, I know what we’re doing today,” Ocellus said. "Committing crime for the sake of my five fiancees. You know, this is one of the few things that I think both Chrysalis and Thorax would be proud of me for."

Commissioned by Ice

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