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The love of a pet can be strong enough to shake worlds. Years ago, a companion was lost, and unleashed rage left a trail of revenge across dimensions -- but none of it was ever enough to gain the greatest prize, and so every accomplishment was ultimately hollow. Love did not return.

But now, after so much time, he's found where that love resides. It's just that it happens to be in the home of another. And with only a few more steps to take before reunion, the moment when he finally knows love again...

Don't worry. He's prepared to be fully reasonable about it.

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Violence tag is for horrible things happening to demons. Which they deserve. They know what they did.

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"Those of us who have a general overview and knowledge of King Sombra regard him to be a despotic autocrat, a power-hungry potentate and a vicious oppressor. And, even if this condemnation is justified, we may perhaps not have the right reason for this attribution. This is due to the fact that before King Sombra turned to the tyrant we all know him to be, he was the greatest knight of the Crystal Empire."
-Sir Sombra de Onyx, Foreword to the Third Edition


Used with permission, coverart by the talented Gaiascope.

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Font: Georgia
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Color: Medium Dark
Spacing: 1.0

Technical A/N: The writing style of Sir Sombra de Onyx is heavily influenced by two books. These are Le Morte D'Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory and Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott. For a detailed analysis of this style, see this blog enrty. (Warning: Text Block)

Featured in the Royal Canterlot Library
Paul Asaran
Present Perfect
One Man's Ramblings

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Someone realizes that the dastardly trio would have more use doing a bit of community service, as opposed to having the three act as a pigeon roost for all eternity...

Kinks Include: A Fate Worse than Death

Artwork by CBTwi (Twitter @ColdBloodedTwi)

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Sunset Shimmer, the most antisocial student at Canterlot High School. No one would guess that she's actually the mysterious vigilante, Blacksun. But what happens when someone enters her life and flips her world upside down by asking to be her friend.

Will Sunset, A.K.A. Blacksun, be able to save who she needs to save with this wants-to-be-friend wasting her precious time? Or will Sunset learn that she's the one who needs saving?

Throughout their journeys, Sunset will fight threats both in school and out of school. And along the way, maybe the two will find that they like each other more than friends? Or Sunset's become delusional.

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Stacy Heartfelt has always had trouble being in crowds, or with people she might think she’s weird or socially awkward. But she manages to make some friends, and they encourage her to be more outgoing and take the chance to give new things a try. During a comic-con Stacy was dressed up as Zoe from Digimon Frontier, when she buys a life-like replica of Zoe’s digi-vice from the show Stacy is brought to a new world, one that will challenge her courage & bravery in the face of a dark evil

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there are a vast amount of other worlds out there in the multi-verse, with different forms of life across them all, and sometimes the beings from these other worlds cross paths with other lifeforms from other worlds. Once such paths crossing was between humans and Digimon, however, this story is of a different crossing. This story follows the adventures of a Flamedramon that has been caught in a spatial distortion, which took him from the digital world to the world of My Little Ponies, Equus. And here is his story on how the Fire of Courage became one of Equus’s greatest heroes.

Note: just because this fic has the Sex tag, doesn't mean there will be a lot of clop scenes. it will mostly be like very erotic lines and so on, with a few actual scenes.

-so aside from Magnamon (who was the star of me 2nd Digimon fanfic), my all time favorite Digimon is Flamedramon. like guys, i have to many plushies and toys of this guy, he's my Digimon partner!!!! so now he's going to be the star of my 3rd Digimon cross-over fanfic that I've been working on behind the scenes.

-now there will be a few surprises in this fic that I won't list here (until it shows up in the fic), but to give you a little tid-bit, this Flamedramon will get new moves, as well as OG Digi-volution. hopefully you all find this cross-over fic enjoyable, and don't worry, I PLAN to finish this one.

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Story version of the post of the same name! Credit for the concept goes entirely to Whiskeylullaby.

It's been a couple years or so ever since the Dimensional Tear Incident of 2018—something that no one would've ever thought of happening. On both worlds, everyone is still getting used to the fact that alien life does indeed exist, some coming to terms faster than others. Cultural exchange is slow but relations only continue to get stronger.

In a show of kindness, the U.S sends a volunteer over to the Equestrian side to help manage their security problems; something that's been plaguing them for quite some time now.

It is quite the shame that MA Brandt is in for quite the shock.

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When Twilight is attacked and nearly killed by a madpony claiming to be her brother, she, the Princesses, and the rest of the Elements of Harmony find themselves saddled with a shellshocked soldier who would like nothing less than to end her life. While they help him adjust to normal life, he makes his story known - and what he claims causes them no end of worry.

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All I wanted to do was go to RTX and meet some of the RWBY cast (including my favorite voice actress Arryn Zech). I decided to go in as Blake Belladonna without her signature weapon and I was expecting to have a very fun time. Imagine my surprise when I see Gambol Shroud being sold by this creepy merchant at one of the stands... despite the voice in the back of my head telling me not to buy it from this shady guy, I go through it and find myself in this pony world.

To make matters more complicated, I've turned into Blake herself and have acquired her abilities for some reason... Hooray. Ugh, what I am going to do about all of this?

More crap to wipe up, I suppose... what did I do wrong in a past life?

(Displaced!Blake fanfiction!)

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There are certain responsibilities which come with being a Princess, and Twilight's still learning about most of them. She's slowly adjusting to meeting diplomats, attending ceremonies, and hosting functions. However, being on the receiving end of the scheduled, contractually-obligated kidnapping came as something of a surprise. And she really doesn't understand why she's supposed to cooperate with it.

Her kidnapper's starting to become a little frustrated.

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