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This story is a sequel to Tales of Troubled Teens

An attempt to partially convey my experiences as someone with high functioning autism. You don't have to love it but if so how about acting older than the intended target demographic MLP and opting to just move on to something else instead of passive-aggressively spamming dislike without even taking 2 seconds to explain your reasoning, (which has sadly been a major problem on this site for me so far)... so you know, DON'T act like the entitled brat of your generic Karen... you think you can handle that.... heh... well that makes one of us then

A new transfer to CHS, Pocket Pair wants nothing more than to leave his lackluster past behind and start a new better life. But this will he easier said than done.

AU with no mirror portal or Equestria, since that seems unnecessarily complicated and irrelevant to what happens here.

Chapters (4)

Your dad is out of town.

You've got the whole house to yourself.

You invite Berry Punch over.

You'll find heaven in her hooves tonight.

Pre-read by r5h, Pearple Prose, and re-Yamsmos.

Edited cover by ThePoneDrome. Un-edited art originally by ayahana. If you like my work, consider donating to my Ko-Fi.

Chapters (1)

Discord's upset, as Fluttershy has been spending a considerable amount of time with Treehugger instead of him.

When the draconequus is forced by Fluttershy into promising not to try to send her to another dimension again, Discord figures that the next best thing to solve his little dilemma would be to trick a human hippie from the late nineteen-sixties (A variant of human that Discord finds equally as annoying as Treehugger) into Equestria, all in the hopes of having him 'coincidentally' bump into and befirend the earth pony mare.

Maybe then she'll spend her time with the new creature instead of Fluttershy.

Warning: Drug use.

Cover is by Sugarcup91 and credit to Sura-Resch for funding this story when the previous commissioner decided to jip me.

Chapters (2)

At the request of Princess Celestia, Twilight's friends are invited to compete in a unique cooking competition designed by legendary chef Almond Brownie. Tonight: Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy will compete to see which of them can survive a three-round challenge and walk away with potentially twenty-five thousand bits.

Chapters (6)

Queen Chrysalis has won.

With her magic now far more powerful than even Celestia's, nopony can stop her complete conquest of Equestria.

Well, maybe nopony can stop her, but one man can.


Reading by CaptainBron3y!

Chapters (1)

My name is C-M-Punk. I'm a former wrestler from WWE, and I'm living right now in Chicago. Everything was fine and dandy, until one day I was summoned in some way to find myself in a world that had, no humans, but taking hors- er... I mean "ponies". They needed my help, and that I did.

(Warning, I do swear in this Fic, in case you are sensitive to that sort of thing, I thought I should just warn you. Enjoy)

Chapters (3)

In the city of Los Santos, Vanoss and most of his crew are testing out a new glitch in the latest update, but somehow suprisingly they all end up in Equestria, they're bodies trapped in their GTA V characters and somehow developing otherworldly powers.

Together they must all work together to figure out how they got here and stop an ongoing war from destroying itself.

Not a parody or spoof of anything, but an actual story with a plot an setting and grammatical stuff like that.

The characters in the fic will include Vanoss, H2O Delirious, SilentDroidd, I AM WILDCAT, Lui Calibre, Sark, Daithi De Nogla, Mini Ladd, and Terroriser.

Chapters (11)

During a match for the World Title, Sheamus slams his opponent so hard it shifts space and time! Now he is in a world full of talking ponies. Will The Great White Sheamus survive Equestria? Or will he never get home and get his title?

Warning: Unless you watch World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) this will not make very much sense.

Rated Teen for strong language and mild violence.

Chapters (4)

What if Sombra never lost control of the crystal empire? but was able to defeat Celestia and Luna and plunge the world known as equestria into darkness.... but there was one stallion which was said to be able to bring harmony back to equestria her name....his name was jango.

this is a crossover with django, but it is its own story not just a ponyfied story of it, but does contain slavery so if anyone finds that offensive then sorry.

Chapters (1)

The cast of MLP invaded the ring as it's time for Celebrity Deathmatch! Rainbow Dash vs. Glida! The Cutie Mark Crusaders vs. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon! And Twilight Sparkle vs. Trixie!

Chapters (1)