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Collected here are the various omakes, bonus chapters and any other extra content from the Dresden Fillies series.

All of the following are non-canon to the Dresden Fillies series, except 'Ditzy Dream' and 'Obsidian Journeys' which are companion pieces to 'The Dresden Fillies: False Masks'. All stories containing spoilers will include a disclaimer.

Story image by Jameson9101322

Chapters (9)

This story is a sequel to Days of Wasp and Spider

Believed dead by their creators, the ponies that will become Celestia and Luna have broken their mental conditioning and escaped into the wilderness. Here they plan the revolution that will free all ponykind, knowing that it is only a matter of time before their ruse is discovered.

Back in their underground arcologies, the ponies' erstwhile masters deal with the consequences of the escape, all the while unaware that something lurking at the bottom of space-time wants them all dead.

A Soot-Covered World, book 2.
Canon species only/no humans.
This story has nothing to do with the Holocaust.
Art by InLucidReverie, used with permission.

Chapters (46)

Twilight Sparkle, Apprentice to the Crown, has everything under control. With a sphere of knowledge ever-expanding and a range of powers ever-widening, her world seems smaller and smaller with every passing day. That is, until the day a terrifying vision of the future leaves her convinced that someday very soon, she will take the life of a dearest friend.

Rainbow Dash, the newest recruit of the Wonderbolts, lives in a world without limits. Made of blistering speed and unfettered nerve, she blows past every obstacle that dares to stand in her way. However, when the flight team's training regimen pushes her too far, Rainbow does something she never wanted to find herself capable of.

The Elements of Magic and Loyalty reunite in Ponyville. One must know the answers while the other just wants to run away, but both are on a collision course with a renegade mage desperate to save her imperiled sister, caring little for the consequences of her actions. As the Harmony Storm descends on unsuspecting Ponyville, the fabric that binds Equestria together comes undone, forcing the Elements of Harmony into a race against time if they hope to save themselves, their loved ones, and even the town they hold so dear.

Can Twilight discover the truth behind the Storm before her tragic destiny comes to pass? Will Rainbow surrender to reckless anger if it means the salvation of the innocent? Eyes in the shadows look on all the while, hoping to see the outcome of events set in motion 1500 years ago . . .

From the author of Lost Legacies comes a feature-length prequel made for newcomers and veterans alike.

Chapters (3)

When Twilight comes back from her week long visit to her brother's house, she finds out that everything has changed. Canterlot High is babbling about some magic girl from another world, but Twilight knows better. There's no such thing as magic, or portals into other worlds.


EDIT: Wow. Never expected the feature. And by the way, thank you for anyone who commented with a consructive criticism. I'll be reading as many as I can and keeping them all in mind for the future chapters as well as going back to edit the past ones periodically. Enjoy the story!

EDIT 2: Went into the first chapter and tried to fix up the 'Twilight did X' issue that many people commented on. (Thank you to those who did.) Hopefully it is a bit more readable now.

EDIT 3: After fan feedback on a massive error I made where Princess Cadence was an out of control lunatic, I rewrote the Twilight meets Twilight scene so that it flows better and actually stays in character. Thank you for anyone who made a comment about this, I am listening to your feedback and writing my future chapters accordingly. (If there are any more of these, I'm going to keep these in a changelog in a blog post.)

Chapters (8)

Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy were brought together by Twilight Sparkle and the magic of friendship and have had incredible experiences. But now they are trapped in a world they don't understand-Equestria. How will these five normal human girls deal with such dangers as dragons, minotaurs, parasprites, -and perhaps the most dangerous of them all,- themselves?

Art Source: http://demoncat8.deviantart.com/art/Eqg-In-Equestria-Cover-392108298

NON CANON with Season 4 and EQG 2.

Chapters (7)

Queen Chrysalis has only one grub that has survived into fillyhood; her daughter, the physically lame and mentally impaired Crown Princess Pupa. Chrysalis has never been what many would call the 'maternal type', even towards Pupa, whose adoration of her mother has no bounds. Preferring to swamp herself in the dire affairs of state, Chrysalis lets her crippled daughter be raised by her affectionate nanny.

But one day, as the Changeling Kingdom's problems reach boiling point, the Queen's already short temper erupts and she must deal with the heartbreaking consequences...

Edited and pre-read by Chaodiurn
Pre-read by Scarheart

Now with a TvTropes Page. Feel free to contribute.

Chapters (16)

Pincer is a changeling, a proud soldier of Queen Chrysalis. After the failed invasion of Canterlot, he finds himself trapped and at the mercy of Princess Celestia's Royal Guard. Believing that Celestia sees his species as nothing but soulless monsters, he prepares himself for the worst. The weeks crawl by, marked by an endless series of questions he will not answer for fear of endangering his friends and family at The Hive. As his nerves wear down and his interrogators learn just how ruthless he thinks they are, they have nothing to report but his belief that they will kill and destroy his kind without mercy.

Celestia steps in to prove him wrong, and what Pincer learns leaves him questioning everything he has ever known — but also gives him hope for what he'd never thought possible.

Cover art commissioned from http://www.demonkings.com.

Now with a TVTropes page.

Chapters (15)

Partway through her morning practice routine—and routine it is—Octavia seems to have gained an audience. Well, if that mare wants to listen, she'll get a good show.

Expanded from the tenth-place finisher in /fic/'s first minific write-off, "What Lies Beneath."

Featured on Equestria Daily!

Cover art by drawponies

Reviewing help from Mystic and Chris.

Chapters (1)

After Princess Celestia appoints Twilight Sparkle and her friends to be ambassadors to Earth, they decide to introduce themselves to the humans by appearing in a horse show, but they need someone to get them ready. They call on Megan, the legendary warrior who guarded ponykind in days of yore. Megan has banished or slain countless demons, but can she convince the ponies to hold still long enough for her to braid their manes?

This crosses over with G1, but should be accessible to all.

Featured on Equestria Daily!

Featured in The Royal Guard.

Now with its own TVTropes page!

Editing and fact-checking by Horsegirl123. Additional editing by Portmeirion.

Big thanks to Trinityinyang for the cover art!

Chapters (7)

Brad and Twilight Sparkle are madly in love, so madly in love that Brad agrees to follow Twilight through the mirror portal to Equestria, where the two of them plan to have a big pony wedding.

. . . Problem is, after Brad comes to Equestria, he doesn't turn into a pony.

Featured on Equestria Daily!

Now with its own TVTropes page!

Cover art by PicoBox.

(This is based on the first Equestria Girls trailer and on subsequent fan speculation.)

Chapters (15)