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Willard Eperts had considered himself lucky: He'd attained his dream job of stoking Southern Pacific's Daylight Limited at the age of twenty, he'd made quick friends with the engineer, and when the United States dove into the Second World War in 1941, he'd managed to dodge recruiters and keep his dream job by the skin of his teeth.

I did say "had," right?

Now, he's debtor to a princess in a world of talking ponies, and the only way he can repay his debt is through running loads on the Equestrian Railways. It wasn't even his fault for parking the 400-ton machine on that marble floor.

*Disclaimer: The characters of Willard "Willy" Eperts and Murton "Morty" Turner are completely fictional. Any relation to persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. The records for the true engineers and firemen of the Daylight fleet of locomotives can probably be found within Union Pacific's historical archives. This was just an idea I had that I wanted to write.

Chapters (2)

September 7th, 1986. Equestria arrives on Earth and declares humanity 'evil' and 'unfit'.

September 16th, 1986. Talks between the races begin.

Quickly, the Soviet Union and the United States are forced to join forces to save humanity.

For some of the humans this could be a godsend. For many, however, they know what they have to fight for.

The humans know that they can only win together, and they will have to unite in order to prevail.

A/N: This fic will mostly be pro-human rather than pro-conversion.

Chapters (9)

When Dash discovers her feelings for Big Mac, she realizes that no pony knows why he is so quiet. She sets out to learn where he is from and why he doesn't talk. Will the answers give her the courage to ask him out to Hearts and Hooves day?

Proofread by: Gage of Grandiloquence, Midnight Spark
Rated teen for suggestive themes.
Inspired by The Many Secret Origins of Scootaloo

Unbiased Reviews:
TheWaffler: I wasn't expecting Final Destination, Of Mice and Men, CSI Miami and Superman all in one chapter.
Loeden: Oh man, dat RP scene.. I couldn't breathe, from laughing so much.
TheWaffler: Twilight takes the phrase "knowledge is power" to whole new level.
kingtiger666: SONIC RAINGASM!

Chapters (14)

As the second world war kicks off at the end of 1939, Equestria appears in the middle of the Atlantic, dead set on "bringing peace and love to the earth." Axis and Allies are forced to unite in order to defeat a common enemy.

Co-authored with RandomPerson.

Chapters (8)

When Equestria accidentally opened a portal to another world, they discovered a new species: humans. Their arrival changed the world. For the Equestrian Ponies, it heralded a great cultural and technological jump needed from their stagnating way of life. For the Gryphons, however, they represented something baser: an opportunity to increase food stock and finally have a 'friendlier' predator species to ally themselves with.

For Gilda, one of the the humans was Ancestor-sent, a soul she would protect for bringing much joy to her life. And when a chain of events force her to accompany her human to Equestria, she recalls the circumstances of their meeting, the trials they pass through, the friendship forged through fire, and love born out of understanding under the harsh skies of the Kingdom.

This is her story.

"You are mine!"

~ Grizelda Behertz

Story set in The Gentlemanverse.

The Equestrian Critics Society gave this story the initial score of 8.5/10. (Full Review)

A one-shot story of the history of the Gryphon Kingdom can be found here.

OtterMatt's WRITE Review. Score: :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile:

Added to Canterlot's Finest

Chapters (21)

When a mysterious magical mist transports Equestria into the Human World at the beginning of the 20th Century, everything is turned upside down. Alliances shift, governments are toppled, new technological discoveries revolutionize daily life and the same mysterious force that brought Equestria to Earth is not done with it yet. On top of that can Equestria's ponies learn the long forgotten art of war? Can Equestria survive the most violent century in human history? Or will it be torn apart from both without and within? As the old Chinese curse goes. "We live in interesting times." (Currently cancelled. With no plans to restart it later.)

Chapters (8)

Commander James Bond was one of MI6's top operatives. Having succeeded in countless missions and bringing down international terrorists such as Le Chiffre and Dominic Greene, Bond is sent to Istanbul to retrieve a hard drive containing the names of every agent involved in undercover affairs. The hard drive in question has fallen into enemy hands, and it's his job to get it back.

After disastrous events in Istanbul during the mission, James finds himself in an unfamiliar land, and soon becomes entangled in a tale of international espionage.

Only one man can protect Equestria and its princesses in this new time of crisis, and his name's Bond.

James Bond.

A sequel has been published: An Equestrian Princess in London.

Chapters (13)

What happens when the Russian Airborne Infantry arrives in Equestria due to nothing more cliche then an accident? Utter madness.

"Никто, кроме нас."-Motto of the ВДВ
Nobody but us.

Note: I'm not the best at this, and I will list more characters as they are mentioned.

Chapters (4)

Braeburn's visit to see his relatives in Ponyville doesn't go quite as he expected. After discovering that he doesn't have a Special Somepony, Applejack resolves to fix this problem - by having Braeburn try to date each of her friends, in hopes things will click between one of them and her cousin.

Unfortunately, the road to Tartarus is paved with good intentions, and the poor stallion finds himself being roped into one disaster after another. Bear attacks, wearing a fancy suit, and a near death experience are just a few of the challenges he soon finds himself facing. Will Braeburn succeed in finding a Special Somepony to call his own? Or will Applejack's attempts to help her cousin only make things worse for him? The answer may surprise everypony.

Chapters (1)

Equestria has appeared in the North Pacific, and the first thing that greets this new land is an American bomber, carrying a very special cargo, falling out of the sky. Now the race is on between the two superpowers to prove the justice and superiority of their two divergent ideologies in order to claim the prize, an entirely new nation.

How will Equestria fare in the playground of giants?

Chapters (3)