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Finding herself unable to sleep, Princess Celestia occupies her mind by penning a letter to Twilight Sparkle. But for a weary princess, the mind has a tendency to wander...

Written for Equestria Daily's Writer's Training Grounds #7.

Dramatic readings available courtesy of Goombasa and PhantomBrony.

Cover art by unknown artist; modified version by Goombasa.

Chapters (1)

There's no escaping a determined Pinkie Pie, as Spitfire and Rainbow Dash find while trying to procure some "alone time". Meanwhile, the party pony reveals some startling cupcake flavors to Ponyville.

Coauthored with Noir de Plume~

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She is as beautiful and graceful as the moon, and just as hard to reach. He is a young artist with much to learn about the world. When he accepts her challenge to create an artistic masterpiece, will he win her heart, or learn a terrible lesson in the nature of beauty and love?

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