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Skyrim guard travels the magical land of Equestria, making friends and foes, having adventures and lecturing about proper citizen behavior.

But how will our hero fare against the native ponies with such a short repertoire of phrases? Will he help the land or cause its downfall? Should we follow?

Of course we should!


Also, all comments saying anything about anything get a prize!

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"You've got to be strong now./And if I come and hold you now,/You'll be safe and sound." -James Iha, 'Be Strong Now'

Applejack is being stressed by a number of factors. At home, she shares her issues with her grandmother. As the two ponies talk, Granny Smith remembers a letter that Applejack's father wrote to her when she was a newborn. Will the orange mare be able to read the letter at all?

Image created by DespisedAndBeloved on deviantArt.

Audio drama of the 'Be Strong Now by Obabscribbler

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Long thought lost to time, a copy of this work of literary genius has been recovered from the Crystal Empire’s central library. Dedicated scholars worked tirelessly to translate the text back from the Crystal Empire’s native language.

“I have never read anything like this and probably won’t ever again.” -Twilight Sparkle

“I, um, like the parts where the filly gets her cutie mark. That was... nice.” -Fluttershy


Now on Equestria Daily!

Beta Reader Special Thanks

Special thanks to the You Will Select A Decision series for the stylistic inspiration.

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Rainbow hears that Trixie is back in town, and that Twilight knows about it, but failed to tell her friends. Thinking something's up, she gets AJ to help her spy on Twilight, for her own good of course, and uses something she got from a purple unicorn stallion that had come to town a few days ago to help with the spying. Of course, things aren't way they seem with this, and the pair end up in more trouble than they expect, though hopefully not more than they can get out of.
(Vore Story, If you're not interested in that, Second Chapter is just Twilight and Trixie bonding. Inspired by the banner here on FiMFiction)

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A brony gets sent to Equestria, but it isn't what he expected. He never thought the world of My Little Pony would be so literal.

This story is dedicated to Karna, because it was his idea. Really.

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"Get off of me Trixie."
Cover Art by Egophailic
Editing/Proofreading by EchoTheWolf

Now readings by TheaterCritic
Part 1

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Miss Harshwhinny thought she was just coming to Ponyville to give a lecture on her job as a games inspector. Little did she know she was going to pick up three very special assistants. Will the games survive?

Note: Yes, I’m publishing a story that I’ve already cancelled. I still really like what I did manage to write of it! It’s years old and kinda a piece of history at this point, anyways.

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Okay, you get sucked into Equestria; you know, the normal stuff. However, you don't get turned into a animate object. All you got is your friend and a book to talk to, and ponies will come and sit on you. How awkward will things get for you?

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