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A few months after the events of Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, Applejack decides to officially integrate the others into her family with an Apple tradition: a long night of cider drinking.

The next morning Applejack wakes up...in Twilight's bed...with a gold band on her hoof...and a legally binding document on the bedside table...

Cover art by ThePristineEye

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Chapters (22)

Humanity as a race has finally fallen and Earth has been purified. Equestria is now a stronger nation thanks for all it's new inhabitants, the newfoals, formerly humans before the purification of Earth.The celestial sisters rejoiced in their thrones, because they drove humanity to a new step of happines though the ponification and assimilation of all the humans into Equestria. Or so they thought.

Led by a mysterious stallion of indomitable will and resolution, far away of equestrian frontiers, a city stood defiant against Equestria itself as the last hope of humanity, maybe not humans anymore at the surface but at heart. With the last remnants of human knowledge inside the minds of the dwellers of this thriving city, will they be able to recover their identities and freedom? Or they are going to succumb against the problems of forming a independant state from Equestria?

A/N: This is my first shot at something as complex as The Conversion Bureau universe. I'll take mainly the original premise of this universe plus some adds from here and there, so you can look at it as a personal view about it.
Don't expect frequent updates on this, since I want to think each chapter. Anyway if this little thingy manages to be liked I can think about be more swift with the chapters, but I'm a very inconstant and tend to take far too time to write.
By the way, I hope you like this story!

Special and big thanks to Jack Kellar for spotting errors and edit the story thus far to make it more readable. (Damn my lack of english vocabulary)

PD: Cover made with a screenshot from the game Anno 2070 (All rights reserved to their respective owners)

Editor: Jack Kellar

Chapters (2)

Applejack and Rarity must deal with each other for an entire week as the cowpony mends after an incident. Applejack just wants to get home as fast as possible, but after spending time with the brash pony, Rarity finds herself questioning her feelings for Ponyville's prized pony.

Shipfic involving Rarity and Applejack by request. I really need to stop sending ponies to the hospital in these things.
Hopefully you enjoy it nonetheless and know that this is as dramatic as it should get for the remainder of the story.
Picture is a screencap from Look before you sleep.

Chapters (6)

Rarity has accomplished everything she’s dreamt of accomplishing, and she couldn’t be happier. At least, that’s what she thinks, until an old friend comes unexpectedly bouncing back into her life. A RariPie story.

Warnings for: Dancin' and drinkin'.

Cover art was drawn by the multi-talented and ever-fabulous Baby Seal Burritos.

Chapters (10)

A Khajiit, a Dunmer and a Redguard walk into an Ayleid ruin. Then they end up in Equestria.
Can they cope? Will they survive? And how will they manage around the inhabitants?

A TES/MLP:FiM crossover.

Chapters (3)

Thank you for purchasing a Cutie Mark Crusader unit, this one guide will cover the Cutie Mark Crusader Expansion.

Chapters (3)

A small collection of shipfics, focusing on different pairings.

Each chapter is labelled with the pairing it contains, the pairings should form their own story arc, with a little bit of crossover. It is therefore advisable that you read all chapters of a particular pairing before moving on with the others.

It will be constantly updated with new stories, pairings, etc, until I find a suitable endpoint.

A few of these are fairly old, so please excuse them if they seem to be underdeveloped when compared to the others.

Chapters (5)

Down on her luck and stuck in a rut, Vinyl Scratch is looking for any way at all to cease her hardship. Her luck may change when she can't help but notice an enticing grey mare from across the bar...

Chapters (3)

During a really bad storm, Twilight is forced to let Rainbow Dash stay with her, the only problem being that the two have been drinking and now they are getting closer together, Also I added OC characters because i thought it would help with story progression, which i think it did.

Chapters (4)

A sequel to 'Forbidden Fruit' - Months have passed since Applejack's and Twilight Sparkle's adventure to retrieve a piece of life-giving fruit, and Granny Smith has successfully recovered from her illness. Though they became incredibly close during their journey and learned much from each other, they never became anything more. As they'll soon discover, however, there's still more they can learn from one another - much more.

Fic is rated Teen for alcohol use, language, and romantic situations.
Featured on FiM Fiction! Thanks to everyone who has read, reviewed, and commented!

Chapters (21)