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This is my attempt to create a new story arch based partially in the Conversion Bureau Universe. This is a short one shot story.
The Conversion Bureaus have been successful. The ponies were victorious. The entirety of the human race had been successfully ponified... or so it seemed. The truth of the matter however is that humanity was not extinguished. A splinter group of humanity known as the Radical Dreamers had spirited the remnants of humanity away into the vastness of space. Now they make their way on a group of world ships to the distant world of Aeos and to what hopefully is the rebirth of their species. During which the Radical Dreamers intend to forever change humanity for the better.

I hope to eventually create a large story arch based on this story which will begin a thousand years after the events of this story when Humanity and the Equines will once again meet. These Equines will be from another reality and not the one's from the conversion bureau universe. So consider this my parthenian shot to the conversion bureau universe. I have ultimately decided that despite the excellent stories from users such as Chatoyance and Full Metal Pony I do not like the premise behind the universe and I find the very idea absolutely appalling and it makes both humanity and the equines look bad.

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Sometimes, things don't go exactly to plan. Other times, you tick off the wrong planet alltogether.

A collection of short stories and snippets that show us what would've happened if the Equistriani Barrier had had the misfortune of appearing on the wrong Earth, crossing over with other media.

WARNING! A passing knowledge of the Conversion Bureau subsubgenre is necessary.

Remember: everything posted here is up for adoption. You like an idea? Give me a shout and I'll gladly hand it over, along with a basic plotline for what I'd planned.

14/01/2014: This fic's not in hiatus, it's passed on! This fic is no more! It has ceased to be! It's expired and gone to meet 'is maker! It's a stiff! Bereft of life, 'e rests in peace! If you hadn't kept commenting on it, it'be pushing up the daisies! It's creative processes are now 'istory! It's off the twig! It's kicked the bucket, it's shuffled off 'is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile!!


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“History is written by the victors.” ~ Winston Churchill

Welcome to the new Equestria: Several decades ago it spanned a continent, now it encompasses an entire world due to an unknown phenomenon that occurred many years ago. Equestriani towns and cities now dot the planet. What many of its inhabitants try to forget though is that many of these cities were built over older cities that belonged to a now-extinct race: humans.

Crystal Clear, a fledgling researcher with a fascination of these beings, intends to publish a book; a comprehensive take on their race. His task is not an easy one as the event all those years ago has ensured that nothing tangible of their era remained. The only way for him to gain any information on mankind is via old unofficial accounts and interviewing the 'newfoals' and anypony who lived with humans back then. But the latter are far and few... and those who had agreed before are now mysteriously refusing to comment. Why?

In the midst of this, Crystal's grandmother passes away, leaving him several memory orbs of her times with humans. Is this the break that he has been searching for? Will he finally come to an understanding of this elusive species or will he learn of something that he wasn't meant to know?

This story has been reviewed by The Equestrians Critics Society. See the full review here.

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Equestria is expanding unstoppably. The Conversion Bureaus are working at peak capacity. It looks absolutely certain that Celestia will replace humanity with ponies.

But then one niggling flaw appears in her plan. You see, humanity's religions, while dismissed by Celestia as just more evidence of human barbarism, are correct in at least one respect. Humanity has a loving father, and what Celestia is doing makes Him angry. So angry in fact, He's going to do what He hasn't done since ancient times: smite.

Seems like Exodus is being reenacted, and guess who's playing Pharoah?

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This story is a sequel to The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds

The Conversion Bureaus have won. Humanity has been ponified, all traces of our civilization wiped clean from an Earth turned into Equestria. Princess Celestia rules over all, the tyranny of free thought abolished.

Humanity is at the cusp of a golden age. With allies both near and far, biped and quadruped, we strive for greatness, united as never before. Our mark shall be made in space, our influence felt throughout this Spiral Arm.

The Tyrant Princess sees this and is angered. A dome is opened... but this time, humanity is not alone against the Conversion Bureaus.

A spinoff/sequel to The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds, taking a place about a year after the events there, and my own little 'take' on the Conversion Bureau. This makes it a crossover with Transformers Generation One, GI Joe A Real American Hero and My Little Pony G1.

Thanks to Velkaden for the title. As well as Shubzilla for proofreading, the anti-Conversion Bureau for their help and SJC for help with the look of Megan.

Trope page: Here.
EQD link: ... A man can dream?

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Chong, an ancient and powerful mage seeks his revenge on those who defeated and imprisoned him at the Battle of Surf Point. Commandeering the commercial starship, Phoenix, he flees into space, hoping to escape recapture and imprisonment.

But another mage, Stripetail, seeks to bring him to justice. Forming a ragtag posse from veterans from the Battle of Surf Point, he has redoubled his efforts to capture the rogue mage. Finding themselves aboard the long-range colony/exploration starship RICMS Spire of Winter, they set out in pursuit.

Alas, things are never that easy. The two ships clash in deep space with the Phoenix as the victor. With no other options, the RICMS Spire of Winter is forced to land on this nameless planet for repairs.

But this planet is not uninhabited. It is inhabited by myriad sapient species. The most numerous of which are known as the Equestrinians.

How will the explorers, expecting humanoids or rocky silicon-based organisms, react to pastel-colored quadrupeds? And how will said quadrupeds react to the arrivals from deep space?

Based off the Insane Cafe universe created by Nick22.

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This story is a sequel to All-American Girl

Short stories and scenes from The All-American Girl Saga.

Please note the Random tag is meant to note that each story may have different elements, and that the three other tags are the overarching ones.

A summary of the stories within the anthology can be found here.

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Obviously it's tough as a changeling. Low food supplies, constant orders, and the world shunning you. One has cut himself off from the hive though, refusing to give in to his former queens devious methods of procuring food. Logically, Ponyville would be one of the safest little places to live, right?

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This story is a sequel to Kind Hearts & Coronets

“My name’s Daisy Jo Martinez. I was born – or so my birth certificate says – on March 30, 2012. I’m married with two kids, my husband’s a Naval officer. I’m originally from a town just outside of DC called Winchester, Virginia – apple capital of America, yay, go me. I’m a Republican – that tends to shock a lot of people – and I’m a practicing Catholic – and that tends to shock more people than the first, and like I said, I’m married – I think people start passing out at that point. I've lived a happy, charmed life and I’m proud to be an American.

“And as you can also see, I’m a pony. Well, physically anyway."

The first main story of The All-American Girl Saga.
TV Tropes page
Selected as "Humans Aren't Bastards" Group's Mods' Choice July 2013

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Every royal has an advisor, and Queen Chrysalis is no exception. Her advisor is Earwig, the depressed Changeling who has looked after her from the beginning. He has one of the most difficult jobs in the world: trying to give advice to those who don't listen.

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