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Matthias Síðasta Von has always wished to visit the magical land of Equestria, see the wonderful colors, talk to the ponies that live there. Perhaps even, should he be so lucky, live there permanently. Help Fluttershy with the animals, listen to Twilight talk about her most recent lesson or experiment, lift baskets of apples with Applejack, tell Lyra about humans.

One day, a connection is made, an offer: step through the gate. It was warned that the cost might be hefty, that the journey might be hard, but anything was better than this drab, grey life. So he stepped through.

But, this is not the Equestria he knew. Buildings aged and decrepit, roads cracked and eroded, the Everfree slowly reclaiming the Apple's farm and the last barn finally given out under the strain with nopony to raise it anew. What happened? Where did they go?

The colors bleached, the ponies gone, the Harmony and love that once sustained the land dried up and blown away like so much dust.


Chapters (18)

The fruit of Sweet Apple Acres are grown with skill, experience, and love.

That last part makes them nutritious for changelings, a fact which Applejack is only now about to learn. But the changelings themselves have known for a long time – after all, they are some of her closest friends.

Chapters (1)

For two years, a terrible war between Equestria and the Crystal Empire has ravaged the land and depleted resources. As King Sombra uncovers a mystical artifact in the crystal mines of his empire, his armies march on the bustling city of Manehattan, where Celestia's weakened forces make a desperate stand. Led by a foreigner recently appointed by Princess Celestia herself, they must hold out long enough for reinforcements to complete the trans-Celestial Sea voyage and turn the tide of the war once again to a unified Equestria.

Map used for Manehattan: http://djinn327.deviantart.com/art/Map-of-Manehattan-MLP-FIM-314396247

If I could get feedback, that would be amazing.

Chapters (19)

(2nd Person Story Starring You – A Human & Pinkie Pie)

What starts out as a peaceful morning is quickly shattered. You happen upon a human that's a new arrival to Ponyville and much to your horror, you witness him attack Pinkie Pie! Wasting no time, you quickly go to her aid, and in the process of helping her, you discover you're more of a friend to Pinkie than you ever realized.

Note - I've had a Pinkie Pie project in the works for some time now and have been wanting to do a story about her. A friend of mine told me about an anti-cuddle fic starring Pinkie Pie. After reading it, I was inspired to write this story. This also doubles as somewhat of an intro to the story I'm still planning about Pinkie Pie and a human. If this has a positive response, I will definitely look into making the story a reality. Just keep in mind, unlike this one, the actual story will be a mature romance. And, while this one may be lacking back story details, the main story will help take care of that issue.

Rated: Teen (as a precaution)

Dedicated to thesavior711

Cover art by: xPesifeindx

Chapters (1)

Bats are very mischievous anyway. Bat ponies are even more so. They would do almost anything for a laugh. The Royal Sisters are... Less pleased.

This is a COMMENT DRIVEN STORY, and I'd like to hear your ideas for practical jokes and OCs who you would like to see getting involved. If I don't use your idea, do not fret, because I might go back to it in the future. :pinkiesmile:

One little warning: don't get Discord involved!

Apparently, this got featured some time in July 2020 and I didn't realise it. Thank you all anyway.

Chapters (6)

Rainbow Dash has turned up at your doorstep during the late hours of the night in tears with a bloodied nose and a bruised cheek. When she tells you what happened to her, the response horrifies you and you decided to take it upon yourself to seek the answers from the one who did this to her.


Rated Teen for themes and some violence.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Minuette As My Pony Pal

Your parents brought you an expressive alicorn pony on your birthday and your really surprise of the qualities she has as your pet. She loves you when you show her your caring side.

(The Safe Insert tag involves little girls)

Thanks to Daniyel099 for editing this.

Chapters (1)

Earth and Equestria have opened diplomatic relations with each other, and Twilight couldn't be more excited. But somepony seems lost over something they saw in the human world: Pinkie Pie. What could Pinkie have seen that could drive her to lock herself in her room for days?

Chapters (1)

The government recently revealed the existence of peaceful, alien life from a planet known as "Equestria". The natives, which are colorful, talking ponies, have reached a peace treaty with Earth. Princess Celestia, the ruler of Equestria, and the nations of Earth have made the mutual agreement to send ponies to Earth and humans to Equestria to keep relations peaceful and learn about one another's culture.

Enter the Wallace family. They were just your average, slightly wealthy family of five, who just wanted to enjoy life. One way they do that is by taking in a foreign exchange student each year for the learning experience it provides both the family and the student. But they start to wonder why they were told nothing other than that the student is a very nice girl who wants her identity to be a surprise. The only thing left to do is wait for her to arrive.

Chapters (8)

Philadelphia, June 1979

Princess Celestia feels trapped underneath her own crown - her subjects see an immortal goddess, not a pony trapped in a gilded cage.

In a moment of boredom, she strikes out on her own in search of adventure - and New York pizza.

Come along with the pony Princess as she rides the rails of the Northeast Corridor - rolling ever closer to her final cheesy destination on board a Night Train to New York.

Warning - this work has been rated PG by the Literature Association of Equestria for the following:

  • Mild Profanity
  • Excessive Railway Knowledge

Featured December 16-20 2020!

Chapters (11)
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