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With his parents dead due to unexpected circumstances, 6-year-old Danny has been sent to live with his aunt and uncle who treat him like a slave than a nephew. His cries of help were answered in an unexpected way. When he was cleaning up the front yard, a mysterious wormhole opened up, and he got sucked in. When he woke up, he saw he was in a colorful world, and he wasn't human anymore, but a young pegasus colt, on a cloud about 200 feet from the ground. Luckily, he was helped by a rainbow maned pegasus.

Chapters (14)

This story is a sequel to The Chaotic Touch of Harmony

It has been nearly a year since ponies and Mions appeared on Earth with humanity being divided in how to deal with both. While the ponies in the newly formed town of Trinity work to establish themselves, the rest are scattered throughout the planet while trying to find their place in the world and the Cult of the Koridost is quietly ramping up their genocidal campaign against humanity.

Will Discord’s vision of humanity’s ruin come to pass? Or will his less than direct intervention allow the planet to see a brighter tomorrow?

It is highly recommended to read the first arc because this is a direct sequel and many plot elements may be confusing without previously established context.

Again, thanks go out to Quite Quiet for his editing work.

Excellent cover art by Tulip

Chapters (21)

I used to be a human, but then I pissed off a wizard. Now I'm stuck in "Ponyville", in a land called "Equestria", and with no apparent way back home. I'm also pretty sure that I've just replaced somepony. I'd rather not have to answer any tricky questions, so I'm better off trying to be this unicorn whose name has been forced onto me.

My name is Twilight Sparkle, and I'm not a pony.

[Rated Teen for extensive use of vulgar language and sexual references.]

[Cover art made by richhap on deviant art. Unamused Twilight, go figure.]

Chapters (47)

A human-turned-colt must find his way through his new life as a pony. Feeling like a stranger to the ponies, he must find a way to adjust to living in the land of friendship and what it has to offer. Will it workout with the ponies? Will it be a disaster? Well, there's only one way to find out.

This story is going under heavy revisions. I apologize to those who have waited for more chapters, but I will not be continuing this storyline as it is. I have hit a stopping block for a long time now and did not like where this story was heading, so I stopped writing it completely. I want to keep the same idea, but I need to go in a different direction. Thank you for understanding.

-Ghost wolf

Chapters (8)

Earth has been conquered and for hundreds of years humanity has been under the hooves of giant ponies, its once great countries and empires reduced to mere vassals, required regularly to give their citizens to the ponies. Melissa, age 14, and Joshua, age 11, are taken from their parents to magical land called Equestria where humans are treated at best as little servants, or pets to be taken care of, at worst as disposable toys.

Pre-reader: SomeRandomMinion

Chapters (10)

Celestia is trapped on Earth.
Not as a human. Not as an alicorn. She's a common horse, an Arabian mare, without her magic, voice, knowledge of the language - not even freedom, forced to work at a riding school.

What can a single Arabian mare do to get back to Equestria from this backwater European country? With only the mind of a princess and a pencil in her teeth, Celestia must find a way home.

[Illustrated] [Alternate Earth] (without Bronies)
Rated Teen for language and some scarce suggestive themes.
Proofreading by AlicornPriest

Polish language version

Chapters (9)

A young man has to learn to live with the consequences of his brash decision, as he learns to live in a new town, a new world, and a new body.

I would appreciate some feedback, though I hope my skin is as thick as I think it is. I am uncertain whether to add the dark tag first chapter is pretty dark if you ask me but past that it isn't so much. Edit: Decided to add the dark tag.
PS: I suck at editing so sorry.... :applecry:

Cover art done by Spicioc

Chapters (13)

When Dialga and Palkia start to attack one another in Alamos Town, a Ponyta named Flare Blitz is caught in the crossfire. After falling into the dimensional rift, he finds himself in a strange new land filled with brightly coloured ponies. Flare doesn't know how he got here or if he can even get back home...

The question is, will he even want to go home?

Edit: So I finally got offa mah flank and started the re-write. I want to give massive props to Blazinblade7 for editing as well as my little bro, who is teaching me a great deal of authory stuff.

You can find the TV Tropes page here!

Chapters (14)

WARNING! This fic has a strong centre on pregnancy. If you do not like reading about pregnancy, do not go further.

I was a normal 22-year-old brony, with a job, who wrote and read mlp fanfictions whenever he could.

Like most bronies, I've always wondered what it would be like to go to Equestria, either as myself or as a pony.

However, never in my wildest dreams did i think i would go to sleep in my bed and wake up in Equestria as a cream-yellow Pegasus.

not only that, but, apparently, I've got a surprise my new body is yet to show me

Rated teen and Sex tag for sexual references

Images from here, here and here

Featured 25/4/2014

Chapters (8)

All his life, Spike has worked his scales off, sometimes literally. For the mane six, with no gratitude or thanks for what he does. One day, as Spike is about to go and participate in a talent show, all of the mane six dump work on him as they went off to a Wonderbolt show, and once Spike finishes the chores, also helping some of the citizens along the way. He then runs into the mane six who dump MORE work on him and run off to Sugarcube corner, Spike just falls to his knee's and cries.

The next day however, Big Mac calls a meeting with a few of the citizens and brings Spike with him, they all agree to hide Spike and cover him from the mane six, while he goes off to be what he should be doing. Be a kid.

Light shippings
FeatherweightxSweetie Belle

Proofread by StarBrony3

Chapters (14)
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