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Applejack and Rainbow Dash are two fresh-out-of-highschool, broke college students who are inevitably paired together as roommates in a scrawny apartment above a local café. The two girls, who have both nothing but nearly everything in common, survive through four years, struggling to make tight ends meet and comforting one another through tragedies and triumph. But throughout those years of living together, neither of the girls cease to reveal their mutual feelings towards each other.

That is until Rainbow gets accepted into her dream job in an entirely different city, leaving Applejack in the dust. Is it too late for her to confess her love, or will she never get the chance to get things off her chest?

inspired by one of the prompts here.

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“I dreamed your dream for you and now your dream is real, how can you look at me as if I was just another one of your deals?”

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Applejack and Rainbow Dash are Canterlot High's most athletic, most competitive, and most stubborn students.
They're also the most oblivious.
Rainbow Dash is head-over-heels in love with her best friend, Applejack. Applejack has one hell of a crush on Rainbow Dash. And, naturally, neither one of them knows how the other feels.
Who knew saying 'I love you' could be so hard?
But they'll manage it in the end. And when they do, they'll go on to tackle the rest of the school year hand-in-hand, side by side. They'll laugh and cry; they'll be hurt and be healed; they'll live their life to the fullest with their best friends and encounter all sorts of surprises. They won't realize it, but their experiences - their love, their kisses, even their stupid competitions - will be documented by Pinkie Pie with her trusty camera, trying to immortalize the slow and sweet and sometimes stormy romance of her best friends.
And when she shows them her album at the end of the year, when they prepare to step out into the big wide world, Applejack and Rainbow will realize that, well...
It truly was their year.

Link to cover artist's page:

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Rainbow Dash races to Applejacks farm, to ask the farmer a question that will change both of their lives forever.

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This story is a sequel to Appledashery

After Rainbow Dash's many heroics, she reaches the lowest of lows. But then there's a glimmer of light. Freckled light.

This is the continually evolving story of two mares who--by fate or by felicity--are both inevitably drawn to one another. As a pair, they'll experience the highs and lows of life: the likes of which only they can share together.

Cover Art by DarkFlame75

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It's a wonder as to why the sky possess such magic to the blue pegasus. When he's depressed, he'd fly, when he feels miserable, he'd fly;when happiness burst from the inside of his heart, he'd fly. When he is but in any mood, he flies. Flying has become inseparable to him for years, and not a single day can he live without feeling the cool breeze. Yet unbeknownst to him, distraction from a certain mare proves even mightier than the heavenly horizon, leaving the happy-go-lucky stallion extremely sappy and vulnerable. What's worse, he's again lost in his own thoughts at the biggest wonderbolt performance in all of Equestria. The young, promising co-captain must deal with this sticky issue right at hoof: It's now or never, make it to the sky or crash & burn. Will he be able to overcome that distraction? Will he recover? Will everything be alright after she finds out his little secret?

Any feedback is welcomed =D

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Before her father died, Applejack made him a promise: She would watch over the farm that had housed her family for generations, and keep her own family safe. After one promise escapes her clutches, she will vow to keep the second until she is able to continue the first.

WARNING: THIS IS AN APPLEBLITZ!!!!! I know it isn't the most popular pairing but my fave pairing is Appledash but it feels weird writing about two girls :fluttercry: Please, please, please, please, PLEASE, do not down vote if you do not like the pairing, PLEASE! Vote down if you don't like how the story was written, and then please tell me what I did wrong.

It's a bit rough in my opinion but please rate it fairly, and tell me so I can improve my stories.

Cover art is NolyCS's

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How do you make someone realize that they love you? Pinkie Pie finds herself struggling with this simple conundrum, running and hiding every time the pony of her affections makes an appearance. After a long and unpleasant stay in a dumpster, however, Pinkie decides that enough is enough—it's time to take matters into her own hooves.

Now in addition to discovering her one true love she must deal with irate spouses, horny princesses, and what seems like more than half the ponies in Equestria, each clamoring for a piece of the action. But with her best pal Fluttershy at her side, Pinkie is confident that she can overcome any odds—all she needs to do is sneak away to find her first.

Surely things can't get any worse, can they?

Thanks to Kamikakushi, Regocomics, Rainedash, and -TGM- for being the pre-readers Pinkie needed.

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When Applejack and Rainbow Dash go on what should have been an innocent camping trip, their friendship is transformed into a relationship that nopony is prepared for.

Sex scenes are non-explicit.

Based on Brokeback Mountain.

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Pinkie started out friends with Fluttershy but after seeing her best friend crying she goes all out to make her happier. A long few days lead to a relationship no pony could have expected in ways most memorable.

Complete; sequel here

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