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[This story has been rewritten, link to it is here ]
Canterlot is getting ready for the wedding of the century, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza is marrying the Captain of the Royal Guard and part of the draconic royal family will be in attendance. In addition to helping prepare the most high profile wedding Equestria has seen in living memory, Celestia has tasked Sunset Shimmer and the rest of the Elements of Harmony with befriending the future queen of the Dragon Empire and her entourage, the first Sorcerer the Empire has ever had. One thing is certain, this will be a wedding that nobody ever forgets.
(New description has be made by none other than DoomManta)

(Story has been inspired by This picture) Go check out the person who did it Zig-Word

New cover art is drawn by http://akerabronzpaw.deviantart.com/ It may say a different name but same person.

Note to all: This story has been made before the season 6 ep 5 "Gauntlet of Fire" was made but may have some details about it. ;)

Also this story got Featured, a lot... thanks everyone xD

Chapters (10)

Once upon a time there was a very lazy dragon who did not want to find a town to pillage.

So he decided to make one of his own.

Editors: Mitch H, Dlafrferg
Jake the Army Guy has done an amazing reading of this on YouTube
Excellent cover picture credit: Harwick on Fimfiction or Harwicks-art on Deviantart.com
Also, the Audio Project has done a reading of this and other stories on YouTube

Chapters (1)

Confused, devoid of memories and lost in a world filled with mythical creatures, little Raichu faces ferocity of monsters. Taken for a creature from the Everfree Forest, she’s adopted by Twilight and her friends as they show her friendship and compassion, doing their best to help her restore her missing memories.

Determined to make friends and find purpose in her new home as she slowly regains her memories, Raichu gets attached to her new owners and is willing to repay their kindness, no matter the cost. Little does she know that a chance to repay them draws near.

Special thanks to proof-readers:

ChudoJogurt (For pointing out issues and quality check in chapter 1 and the prologue)

Georg  (For massive improvements in emotional scenes in chapter 1 and the prologue)

Jay+Tarrant (For grammar/mistakes fix in the whole story)

Uber_Shy (For detailed proof-reading of chapter 2)

PoisonClaw (For detailed proof-reading )

Tapestry (For additional proof-reading of chapter 2 and futher)

Sonik (For taking over after PoisonClaw for all chapters after chapter 18)

SilverDiamond (For taking over after PoisonClaw for all chapters after chapter 18)

Chapters (53)

After a long day’s work, Celestia loves nothing more than to get her belly rubbed by Josh, the Royal Belly Scratcher.

Chapters (2)

Rarity had always known she would have an arranged marriage—such was the life of a princess, after all. She just hadn't expected her wife to be a sphinx or that she would actively avoid her, and not just because she loves books.

Commission for the lovely Earthsong9405 set in one of her AUs where Rarity is in an arranged marriage to Princess Twilight Sparkle, a sphinx Princess from Saddle Arabia.

Chapters (1)

Framed as a guidebook for humans trapped in the bodies of evil overlords, here lies the tale of a human in the body of Grogar, locked in an alternate timeline dominated by Nightmare Moon. How will he survive, and perhaps even thrive, in such bleak circumstances? Read on to find out.

Part of The Ocean Of Time series.

Chapters (2)

In the alternate timeline where Sombra was not stopped, a human finds himself suddenly in Sombra's body... just after the dread tyrant has conquered Equestria. Now trapped in a world where just about everyone hates him, he must try to keep up the illusion that he is the villainous conqueror, while at the same time try to win over his new subjects.

However, this will not be so simple, as the real Sombra is not quite dead... and he is most definitely not happy.

Part of The Ocean Of Time series.

Chapters (8)

Zakia and her mother are harvesting food outside the walls of their village when an alarm cry sounds from the village wall. This time, it is not a predator that was spotted, but a flight of distant pegasi, heading right for their village, their intentions unknown.

Second-place finisher in the Everfree Northwest Iron Writer competition.

Chapters (1)

Astrid never expected any of this to happen, nor did she ever want it to happen, especially not to her. Lost in a world that is not her own, trapped in the body of a creature that is not her own, Astrid wants nothing more than to go home.

However, going home may not be an option.

Edited by the fantastic Babroniedadand ShimmerLeaf!

A Displaced Story featuring Legend of Zelda
Conflicting tags: Adventure/Slice of Life
Tags may be added or even changed as the story progresses
Currently not accepting crossovers

Featured on 5/12/17, the very first day! Thanks!

Chapters (9)

When Equestria accidentally opened a portal to another world, they discovered a new species: humans. Their arrival changed the world. For the Equestrian Ponies, it heralded a great cultural and technological jump needed from their stagnating way of life. For the Gryphons, however, they represented something baser: an opportunity to increase food stock and finally have a 'friendlier' predator species to ally themselves with.

For Gilda, one of the the humans was Ancestor-sent, a soul she would protect for bringing much joy to her life. And when a chain of events force her to accompany her human to Equestria, she recalls the circumstances of their meeting, the trials they pass through, the friendship forged through fire, and love born out of understanding under the harsh skies of the Kingdom.

This is her story.

"You are mine!"

~ Grizelda Behertz

Story set in The Gentlemanverse.

The Equestrian Critics Society gave this story the initial score of 8.5/10. (Full Review)

A one-shot story of the history of the Gryphon Kingdom can be found here.

OtterMatt's WRITE Review. Score: :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile:

Added to Canterlot's Finest

Chapters (21)
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