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Hi guys! My name is Paul, and i like to draw comics and write about ponies! I hope you enjoy my stories!

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One day a man wakes up in a pony's bed. For the next several days the two of them try to discover why such a thing happened.

They don't do a very good job of figuring anything out but they do cuddle a lot.

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With Twilight away in Canterlot, Spike is left to his own devices. But Ponyville isn't the busiest of towns and before long, boredom begins to creep.

So to cheer himself up he decides to go spend time with his friends. Five stalwart companions whom he has known through thick and thin.

But Spike soon begins to realise that really, those are Twilight's friends. Not his.

In fact he starts to wonder whether, since he moved to Ponyville, he's actually made any friends at all...

(*2nd edition. Based on feedback, the final chapter and epilogue have been added-to to better reflect the contributions of the CMC.)

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*With a heavy heart, I must declare this story cancelled. Though it lacks a true ending, I encourage each and every one of you to make your own. May your vision create something even grander than my own. -Derply*
After the events of Twilight's Kingdom, vegetation across Ponyville has been thrown into disarray thanks to Twilight's new unintentional death castle. But while some plants have been sucked dry, others have flourished, such as the infamous Poison Joke.

Enter Big Mac; a stallion of few words whose about to get a few dozen more whether he, or anypony else, likes it or not.

(WARNING: While it gets silly at times, this fic borderlines between needing and not needing the tragedy tag. Contains character deconstructions that may upset people.)

Editor: Thardoc, and help from TwelveFoot as well!

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At what should have been a routine doctor's visit, Applejack learns that she can never bear foals of her own. After an emotional breakdown, her friends do their best to calm her.

However, as the discussion develops, nopony is prepared for Twilight's revelation: the grand event which brought them together has left a hidden scar within each of them.

Tempers flare, relationships are strained, and the strength of their friendship is tested as each must come to terms with her newfound sterility.

Now on Equestria Daily
and Twilight's Library

Thanks to these wonderful people for all their help

Cover artist


Prereadering and suggestions from:
Distaff Pope
John Perry

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Author Note: This is something new I wanted to try. Contains 10% human, 90% ponies, and 100% fun-filled, cuddlelicious goodness. Not suitable for those allergic to cuddles. Please consult your physician before reading.

A young university student suddenly finds himself thrown from his homework studies into a land filled with more colour than Gears Of War, talking ponies with ridiculously huge eyes, and topped with so many cuddles that it makes Care Bears look like Michael Myers.

And for some reason, all of them come to the conclusion that he must be smothered in cookies and cream-delicious cuddles.

For some, it's heaven; for Jamie, it's his own little plane of hell that makes even Satan feel torment.

Inspired by Forced Pony Cuddles

Yay! Thank you guys so much for getting this fic in the featured box! You all deserve huge amounts of cuddles. And you're gonna enjoy it!

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Seeing the poor dragon at his wits end trying to woo Rarity, Gilda decides to give Spike some tips and help him gain the mare of his affection. Although she finds him slightly annoying, he starts to grow on her. And she soon learns that Spike has taken a liking to her as well...

Maybe too much of a liking.

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Sometimes, we all need company. Big Mac found his in the form of a doll — a filly's mere toy. She provided companionship as an inanimate object, but now, it's not enough. Big Mac attempts to find a way to transform her into something more capable of understanding, but when he does, will he be able to make the ultimate sacrifice to see it through?

Chapters (8)

After being rejected by Rarity, Spike falls into a state of depression. There he becomes friends with an unlikely pony, Diamond Tiara. As they become better friends, Spike finds himself drawn to Diamond Tiara in more sinister ways.

Spike x Diamond Tiara ship. No foalcon.
Officially approved by the Diamond Cutters!

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Connor and Sweetie Belle have been doing some quality time together: helping with homework, walking to school, playing, talking, comforting after a personal dispute. After a while, Sweetie Belle begins to crush on the colt. She wants more than anything for him to be her coltfriend, but what will hold her back? The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Connor's obliviousness, or the fact that Connor is already dating Fluttershy? Dun-dun-DUNNNNNNN!

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Celestia decides that Big Mac's barn is an excellent place to sneak off to, to take naps on her days off.
Big Mac decides that Celestia is a welcome guest.
Neither Princess nor farmer ever speak to one another, but the silence sings between them.
(Cover art by GrapeParfait!)

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