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Um, hi. I'm Stephen, though a lot of the time (especially in gaming), I go by Church. I teach high school history and collect video games from all eras and consoles.

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This story is a sequel to I'll Always be Here for You

A budding love, a new family.

Rescued from her horrible parents by Twilight and Rainbow, Scootaloo begins a long journey of recovery from the years of mental and physical abuse. Now Rainbow’s and Twilight’s adopted daughter, she looks forward to what the future has in store for her. However, Scootaloo's happiness and her life are at risk now that her parents have escaped from prison, fully intent on revenge.

Meanwhile, Rainbow and Twilight try to make their relationship work as they face the difficulties of raising a filly together. To accomplish their dream of a happy family, they all must face numerous challenges that will test the strength of their love and friendship.

Cover art creation time lapse

Chapters (17)

An unnatural winter has fallen over Equestria, freezing the hearts of her ponies along with her roads. Angry shouts and screams fill the streets of the cities along, blending with the howls of the wind as snow piles over heads. Once again, Equestria must rely on Princess Twilight Sparkle and the former bearers of the Elements of Harmony as these six mares journey into the heart of the storm to discover the source and put an end to the eternal winter.

This is not their story.

This is a story about the ones waiting for their safe return.

Based in the kilala97 universe

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Love Is Blind; Friendship Closes Its Eyes

Oasis and Apollo, quarter dragon siblings, have noticed their father, Turquoise Blitz, acting strangely since the anniversary of their mother's death, so when he returns from a trip to see his sister with a new necklace and an announcement that he will be spending more time in Canterlot, their suspicions are piqued. What will they do when they find that Princess Nidra may be out to replace their mother?

Chapters (3)

When Button Mash finds an old game in his attic, the Crusaders and their friends gather around to play it, completely unaware of the consequences.

Minor ButtonBelle in the story, though it's not a big part of the story. But, in all seriousness, Ouija boards are SCREWED UP and you should absolutely NEVER use one unless you know for sure how to use one(unlike the Crusaders, of course).

So, if you want to know more about Ouija boards, here are some links~:
How to use the Ouija Board
4 Ways to Use a Ouija Board
23 Terrifying True Tales of People Messing Around With Ouija Boards

Chapters (1)

After the events of Rainbow Rocks, Sonata Dusk and her two companions are cooling their heels at a new school. At lunch one day, a young man is bold enough to ask her out. An ordinary teenage girl and an ordinary teenage boy. As their relationship grows, he learns some of her secrets, and has to come to grips with them.

Cover art by kingdark0001

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to When the Stars Align

After the most bizzare week of her life, Starburst, the daughter of Princess Twilight Sparkle, finds herself in a relationship with Starfall. Despite their personalities being opposite of one another, she agreed to go on a date with the unicorn, and fell asleep next to him feeling happy and safe.

But will this relationship survive the test of time? Between Starfall's not so great beginnings in Ponyville, his tragic past, Starburst's family's attitude, and, worst of all, her friends' merciless jokes, does it even stand a chance?

What does their future hold?

Universe and most characters by: kilala
Cover art by: Faith-Wolff
Edited by: Zaleros, Lazygamer313
Proof-read by: Bazing, Sage Probo, guardianxela
Proof-read of the first chapter by: Zaleros, Sixkiller5, DarkZonker, Bazing, Sage Probo, guardianxela.

Chapters (22)

Anthea, the adopted daughter of Fluttershy, finally gets to spend the entire day with her new coltfriend, Turquoise Blitz. However, their fun day is cut short by a storm that hits Ponyville. Not being able to get home because of the storm, Turquoise spends the night and helps Annie overcome her fear of the dark.


Look! I actually wrote another story. For those who don't watch me on deviantART or aren't familiar with these Next Gen characters, I highly suggest you check out their bios first. You don't need to but I feel like it'll make the story more enjoyable.

Bios for Anthea and Turquoise Blitz

If you like this story or at leas the characters, check out more stories about them in this group!


(Feedback on my writing in general is greatly appreciated. It's definitely something I'd love to improve on.)

Chapters (1)

Applejack is in love.

Having fought against her desires and hidden her sexuality for far too long, Applejack comes to terms with the prospect she has fallen hard for a certain young princess she believes is way out of her league.

What will she do?

(Featured on 29/10/14. Woot.

Because of popular demand, this is no longer a one-shot. But guess what? This fic is now a collaboration, with an alternate universe! Want to know what would happen if Twilight was the one in love with Applejack? See below for details.)

This Universe Written by: Me
Alternative Universe Written by: Creed Located Here: Chasing Applejack

(Click the picture for source. The owner of the picture is not me, and if asked, I will remove it.)

Chapters (5)

Claire and Illusion have a bond that cannot be shaken, they have shared in each others happiness and shouldered one another during times of great grief. They have encountered many challenges during their time together, and together they faced them head on. And now life has chosen to throw them their greatest challenge yet, but are they truly prepared for the trials they will face?

They don't know, but they will brave the challenge, together.

Cover art belongs to Kilala97

Chapters (15)

Nearly 3 years after being married, Sweetie Belle is almost ready to give birth to her and Button Mash's first child. Just how will the new-born parents handle their new challenge of life, being parents.

Chapters (4)
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