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Or: How I Spent Eternity Dating The Princesses

Princess Twilight, for all of her knowledge, didn't particularly know that much about Celestia or Luna's past. In an attempt to figure out more about her peers, she digs up the infamous time travel spell. Jumping at the chance to gather first-hoof knowledge about the only other immortal ponies, she dives head first into the past!

  • Romance will, eventually, be between Luna, Celestia and Twilight.
  • This story will include gratuitous amounts of cuteness at times.
  • Adventure will be contained in certain arcs.
  • There is time travel and Twilight will be jumping around both Alicorn's lives. But don't think about it too much!
  • The AU tag is only there due to the Princesses still being there.
Chapters (1)

Long ago, magical life fled to a domed continent on the ocean floor. Ponies are Shifters (can change between their Equine, Anthro, or Human form). With the arrival of Harry Potter in their land, they learn humans are evolving into magic.

I got the idea for Atlantis and the shifting abilities from "If Wishes Were Ponies", found here:


They mostly use Atlantis as a joke but that gave me an idea. Hope you like it.

Art was found on Deviant and done by AviraTheStrange, found here:


● Act 1
The first Arc is inspired by a combination of Equestria Girls and the popular "Konoha High" fan universe of Naruto.

In my universe, Naruto Characters are muggle students at a Reform school that later gain magic beyond typical wizards, as a new Species of humanoid spell casters called "Shinobi".

Konoha is a Reform School in London which Harry has been attending after a flare of accident magic got him mistaken for a delinquent. Not so surprisingly, he prefers it to the Dursley's.

He is roommates and best friends with Naruto, Gaara, and Suigetsu.

His life takes a completely different turn when he falls through the pony statue at this school.

He gets adopted by Lyra, for her expertise as an Anthropologist, and her herdmates. He quickly becomes friends with the other children of the Background 6.


* Adults
Doctor Whooves
Derpy Hooves
Lyra Heartstrings
Bon Bon
Vinyl Scratch

• Kids
(Oldest to Youngest)
• Thunderlane
16 years old, Oldest by 5 years
• Dinky Hooves
• Scootaloo
• Rumble
• Pipsqueak
• Harry Potter
• Button Mash

Meanwhile, Sunset steals the Element of Magic and uses it's power to give everyone at Konoha, and their families, Shinobi like magics. After mind controlling them to do her bidding, of course.

The Mane 6 realize they aren't the only champions of Celestia (just the most powerful as the Element bearers) as they are sent to the surface with the Background 6 to stop Sunset.

● Act 2
Harry and his friends go to Hogwarts to learn the basics of human magic. With their Parents intending to transfer the kids back to a school in Atlantis as soon as their new human Settlers get stable enough to open a school of their own.

After the races of Atlantis become aware of the human's "Magical World", they start tracking down all human families with even a dormant magical gene and invite them to settled a country of their own on their continent on the ocean's floor.

Many Muggleborn and Half-Blood witches and wizards agree, eager to build a new society of their own that won't discriminate against them. The Atlantans even treat the squibs, and distant muggle descendants of squibs, with gene therapy spells to make their magic more dominant.

The muggles/squibs bring with them technologies, entertainment, and arts the races of Atlantis are unaware of and eager for. While the wizards bring new magics and the secrets of creating a focus (Wands, Staffs, and other arcane items) in order to allow all races to cast spells.

However, things are not perfect, war threatens to erupt for no other purpose then the Pure Bloods that stayed on the surface aren't willing to lose power, nor bend to the laws of "sub-human" species and "Beast" races.

Voldemort has his chance for a purely magical society, all he has to do is fan the flames of Pure Blood Prejudice to conquer it.

Chapters (1)

Well in her room, Luna sees the mare that she once was. Trying to stop nightmare moon, Luna sends off a blast of magic, only for nightmare moon to be a hallucination, and for her to get hit with the beam of magic.

Cover art used with permission by m3g4 pon1 (discord username)

Chapters (1)

The rite of the phoenix is one of the most celebrated moments among the sun-gazers of Solaria. For with the hatching of a new phoenix, comes the ascension of a new phoenix-born: a mortal chosen by the phoenix to be its new life partner and guardian. Only those with both strength and purity of their inner fire can draw the attention of a hatchling phoenix, so only the best of the best can ever hope to be chosen.

To one young orphan girl named Sunset Shimmer, she could only dream of witnessing the ascent of one of Celestia's chosen. As the day approaches, she learns that she will be able to, as she has been selected by the crown as one of the girls to serve at the event.

Little did she know that this would be the seminal event of her life, and change her fate forever.

My entry into FanOfMostEverything's Imposing Sovereigns II contest. Entry type: Coronation - Other.

Cover art by me.

Featured Oct 12th, 2019.

Chapters (1)

After dying in a predictably stupid car accident, a human wakes up paralyzed and unable to see or feel anything... which seems reasonable for the aftermath of an argument with a truck, until Celestia starts talking and he figures out that he's dreaming that he's Discord. And then the Elements set him free and he figures out no, actually, this isn't a dream. Begins right before "Keep Calm and Flutter On", and the first few chapters crib a lot of dialogue from that.

Not Displaced, but it is one of those "human wakes up in the body of an Equestrian supervillain" stories. However. Fellow Discord fans. Trust me, I'm not gonna write a story about our boy where the real thing never makes an appearance. The actual Discord will show up sooner or later. Also not a self insert, as should be obvious if you listen to the main character talk about himself for about 30 seconds.

This is a commission for The Bird, but the original story idea was mine and I take credit for everything except the impetus to actually write the damn thing.

Tags are a complete guess, I actually have no idea how to tag this thing.

Chapters (1)

Thorax has always been a black sheep among his kind. But only during the Canterlot invasion did he realize how wonderful it would be to have a friend he’d always wanted. Meeting no understanding among the changelings and finding every next day harder to bear, he decides to leave the hive… for better or worse.

Takes place some time after The Canterlot Wedding and before The Times They Are A Changeling.

AU tag added for modified version of canon.

Chapters (36)

A middle aged brony inexplicably replaces Chrysalis as a new changeling queen some decades before the fruition of a certain pony prophesy. Now the new queen must figure out how to manage a kingdom that has been in a slow, seemingly irreversible, decline for the past several thousand years.

Chapters (6)

Just my luck, I was run over by a semi truck and now I'm in Equestria as a draconequus. At least I'm not Discord, so that's a plus. Now, as a Spirit of Chaos I can use my powers for good and hopefully not abuse them like Discord did.

Chapters (3)

Link wakes up in the middle of a field outside of Ponyville. He has no idea of how he got there--last he remembers he was in Hyrule.
But with barely an explanation, he's plunged into a crazy adventure with his newfound friends--an adventure that will save Equestria.

Chapters (4)
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