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  • Favorites 32 stories - 100 unread chapters You NEED. to read. "A New Sun". Also everything else here.
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  • Favorites 32 stories - 100 unread chapters You NEED. to read. "A New Sun". Also everything else here.

  • Well Worth Reading 18 stories "Soul and Voice" and "Arcadia" are must-reads, with the most incredible and intricate attention to tone and theme; they ask deep, soul-searching questions and are, to me, absolute exemplars of well-composed prose. Another stand-out is Bootsy Slickmane's three SunsetFlash oneshots, the first of which is "Separate Ways". Bootsy writes the perfect Sunset Shimmer, humanizing her while still retaining the aloofness and manipulative streak that characterize her as a villain. Meghan McCarthy would've done well to focus more on that balance in "Rainbow Rocks".

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Maggie Wilson (26), on a smoke break from her dead end convenience store job in the California mountains, encounters the divine god-princess of a dead world. The princess asks for her help. Mag says yes.

So how do you resurrect a dead world?

Featured on EQD.
Edited by Arcanist Ascendant.

Chapters (26)

This story is a sequel to Evening Flames

August fifteenth.

One day. Two summer nights.

Six separate lives, intertwined.

This collection of vignettes is meant to be a followup to my main stories, Summer Days and Evening Flames. If you have not read these stories, I can't guarantee that these will make any sense. Feel free to read anyway, but don't say you weren't warned.

Chapters (6)

Since the part where Dash was all, “alright, Scootaloo, I could be like your sister or something”—back when I was a filly, about ten years ago, now—things between us’d gotten pretty awesome. She taught me how to fly, I was there to cheer her on when she got into the Wonderbolts, we hung out all the time—stuff like that. I think we did a pretty good job of being sisters, for the most part, and I’d bet Dash’d tell you the same.

But, you know, if I’m being honest, I’d admit I’d probably always felt something not quite sisterly towards Dash. And by that, of course, I mean I had a total and absolute ridiculous crush on her. But it was never really an issue—like, it just made it that much more awesome to be around her and stuff.

Well, that was until Dash started with that flying test to get into the super elite division of the Wonderbolts. That’s really when all that came out into the open—and looking back on it, it was quite the cluster-buck, the way Sweetie Belle and Lightning Dust got all tangled up in that junk. I mean, not that I give two bucks about Lighting Dust, but Dash does. And then I do feel pretty bad about the stuff I put Sweetie through with all that. I mean, I wouldn't say I regret anything exactly, but there’s no two ways about it—it was what it was.

Actually, you want to just hear the whole story? I suppose I could tell you if you want.

Chapters (13)

Erin has been plagued with strange, often painful dreams her whole life. She has a strict medication regiment she has to ahere to in order to keep her dreams and the strange other personalty she shares her head with at bay. On her twenty fifth birthday however her life takes an even greater turn for the bizarre when she discovers a cutie mark has appeared on her hips. Princess Celestia's cutie mark. Now she's changing into a pony with no clue as to why, and the only help she can turn to may in fact be her greatest hindrance.

Set in the TwistedSpectrum's Five Score, Divided by Four setting. If you haven't read it yet I'd recommend giving it a look. Very interesting concept. Though the whole time I was reading it I kept wondering where the Princesses were. He said he didn't plan on using them so I decided I'd have a go at a side-story in his cool universe. XD

Chapters (16)

This story is a sequel to Home Is Where the Hearts Are

In which Rainbow Dash gets in some number of minor quarrels (or "spats"), learns several new words, and gets hit in the face. Also somepony catches on fire, a train never seems to reach its destination, and Fluttershy is largely unaffected by the night's proceedings.

Features RD/PP/FS, R/AJ, and TS/Colgate, so turn back if you find any of that anathematic. Acknowledges that mutually consenting adults in committed romantic relationships may sometimes have sex with one another, but nothing graphic.

Chapters (1)

Tensions grow hotter in the mining town of Farrington after the events of one disastrous night. The fallout from this blaze will test many citizens' relationships in fire. Some will falter, but some may perservere.

Before any repairing can begin, ponies—and one griffin—will have to take stock of their pasts, or else their futures may end up strangled by their scars.

Note: This is a sequel to Summer Days. I strongly encourage reading that story first.

Special thanks to Gaiascope for this awesome cover!

Chapters (10)

"Twi, you gotta get me out of here. These human guys think I’m nuts! Nopony here has even heard of Equestria! Not to mention a pegasus or unicorn outside a book! I tried finding the other girls, but I couldn’t before I got locked up. We gotta find ‘em Twi. If we’re here, it can’t be good news back home.”

Aurora Amaryllis dreamed of ponies and Equestria her whole life. She'd long thought them just flights of fancy and products of a creative youth. Then, she met Rainbow Dash. Then, her hair started changing color. Then, she started meeting other strangers, all who claimed to know her and were her closest friends.

Aurora keeps saying it's all a dream, but soon it becomes all too real. Real enough that Equestria is in danger from a foe that threatens all of the lands. Real enough that she and these new strangers are the only ones who can stop it. Real enough that Aurora must meet a destiny not even meant for her.

Will Aurora help the Elements of Harmony, save Equestria from an unstoppable menace, and live to tell the tale? Or is it all just a dream?

Thanks to Yamino for use of the cover image.

Chapters (11)

The subjunctive is the verbal mood of abstractions and possibilities. To ponies and their indicative-based language, it is a frightful mood, awkward and unwieldy. To changelings and their language of nearly inaudible shrills, it is indispensable.

Equestria’s inhabitants are a diverse race, no two the same color, who speak a language of concretes. But to Errenax, a changeling linguist well-versed in both languages and fascinated by their dimorphism, everything about them intimates a singular notion: that this division of moods and language is perhaps deeper than it initially appeared.

Thank you to my editor, Golden Tassel.

Chapters (36)

Summer is the perfect season for things that grow. However, growth needs fuel, warmth can burn, and romance can be the most volatile fire there is. After she leaves Ponyville and lands a job as a city guard, Gilda will have summer days that are filled with lessons of growth, of love, and of pain.

This is a continuation of Heart of Gold, Feathers of Steel. I recommend reading that story first.
This story is concluded in Evening Flames

Special thanks to WentoX for this awesome, custom cover.

Chapters (8)

Pirates, swordfighting, buried treasure and hidden treachery - you don't need these to live the adventurous life.

Also featured on EqD.

Also accepted into the Royal Canterlot Library! Here's the interview.

Chapters (14)
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