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Small stories and drabbles that focus on the faithful student and the estranged sister.

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Under unfortunate circumstances Applejack has been transferred to a high class High School only to meet Rainbow Dash, a student whom AJ slowly starts to have feelings over. The catch being she already has a girlfriend, hard family issues and a serious past with Gilda. Twists and turns of confessions and secrets filled with drinking games and injuries might convince this jock of who she truly loves. Will AJ have it in her to survive this twisted love triangle, this jock who has more to her then her cover shows, or the past relationship that threatens her very life? It's a mix of Appledash, Pinkiedash and Raritwi full of fun and mischief you can't resist. (Description by: CosmosoGurl)

Chapters (8)

Behind her calm and happy mask Celestia is a lonely alicorn. Once betrayed by a past love she has resigned herself to be alone forever.

But when a new love in the form of an old student is presented can Celestia let go of her sad past and take hold of a happier future?

And will the events happening around her be enough to make her realize that happiness has always been within her grasp.

Twilestia Shipping

Chapters (7)

Applejack. For too long, that has been the only thought in Rarity's head. Finally, she will go all out to find out if the mare she cares for could ever return her feelings. The stage is set. The night is planned. Even the cutie mark crusaders will not be able to mess this up for her.
...Or so she thinks.
When Scootaloo is injured, and a certain secret revealed, the element of generosity is put to the test.

Chapters (14)

Sticks and Stones may Break my Bones, but words may marry me? A careless promise by Celestia when she was teaching Twilight when the young princess was still a filly comes back to haunt her. Twilight has proposed marriage to her, and she can't outright refuse because of an ancient law that says royalty has the right to marry whomever they chose without question. Since Celestia is not above the law herself she has to come up with a solution, and she thinks she's found just that. Twilight has never been able to resist the Scientific process, so why not appeal to her sense of science? But having Twilight date other ponies in a social scientific experiment has not exempt Celestia, as there still needs to be a control group, which winds up being Celestia herself. Has she found the perfect way to get Twilight to see that there's somepony better suited for her than the Sun Princess? Or is Celestia really her one true love?

((Current Editors: XiF
Story idea achieved after reading This Great Fic, give it a read.))

Chapters (2)

After a long week of suffering, Twilight cannot clear her mind of lingering issues. When she finds Trixie nearly dead, Twilight stirs up feelings for the blue unicorn she didn't know existed. Trixie is all too willing to give this relationship a try, but is Twilight ready for such a commitment? Does she really love this show-mare or is Twilight just feeling guilty over the way she treated her...

Chapters (2)

Random short stories inspired by prompts from the Twilestia is Bestia group. Enjoy Twilight and Celestia being cute and cuddly with each other.

These stories may be a little rougher around the edges than normal; I proofread as I go, but I'm still human.

The stories:
Silliness - Twilight and Celestia ship Rarity and Luna; shares continuity with Celestia Wants to Date Twilight Sparkle and the stories to come.
Shampoo - I try to earn that Teen rating again. Chaste bathtub fun.
Invention - Twilight invents something out of desperation. This is going to be part of a later, larger story.
Chandelier - Twilight gets a gift in more ways than one.
Cracker - Pinkie interrupts a date.
Union - Another royal wedding!
Rumors - Tabloids get it wrong.
Epiphany - Twilight needs to show something to Celestia.
Invention redux - Twilight gets a book on flower language.
Excessive - Twilight and Celestia are presented with a rather unusual book.
Expedited - Slumber party with the Mane Six and Princess Celestia and Luna!
Relevance - Twilight gets invited to Celestia's chambers for a private meeting.
Misconstrued - Twilight gets invited to Celestia's chambers for a private meeting. Again.
Pomp - Celestia is a lonely pony.

Chapters (16)

After running Trixie out of town for being all talk, one last act of spite threatens to turn Twilight's life upside down. She calls upon the only pony she knows may be able to help restore her faith in pony-kind and her faith in herself.
A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step, as Applejack and Twilight begin a trek to rescind Trixie's revenge, and save Twilight's Ponyville home.

Chapters (2)

Twilight becomes alicorn of the stars. This is sort of a problem, because Luna kind of already was alicorn of the stars. Oops!

Chapters (23)

Featured on Equestria Daily!

Rainbow Dash has had plenty of time to come to terms with how she feels about Applejack. It's just a matter of coming out and finally saying it.

Chapters (2)