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Based on the blogs, youtube videos and all else relating to these wonderful characters. The continuing adventures of Dan, Chrys, Twilight and all their friends in Equestria updated weekly on Saturdays. Directed by Michael Hay.
Current Episode:
Episode 20: The Wrath of Dan- Dan Vs. Barro the Broadcaster
The final objective is in sight: the moon. Hanging high overhead, Rice's secret base has finally been uncovered, and with it, the prospect of rescuing their friends. If Dan and company are successful, it will mean an Equestria restored, a bright new future for them all. Defeat will mean an end to them all. The only obstacle is... me?

Equestria's top broadcaster, that's me, is forced to become Rice's top gun after my best friend is kidnapped and held hostage. Before Dan shoots the moon, he'll have to get past me, along with any other traps and defenses Rice has set up. Dan has proven already he's willing to go to any lengths, depths and heights to reach his goal, but can he really reach the moon... or is his own broadcast about to be cut short once again?

Chapters (329)

Cuddles meet crusades, and hilarity ensues.

Chapters (5)
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