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Thunderlane was raised in Ponyville, but, he wants to go above and beyond. By joining the Wonderbolts. But, how will he react when he meets the Stallion of his dreams? For the second time.

Chapters (2)

Sequel: The Past of a Shy Mare

Rainbow Dash has never been seen around her parents. Nopony knows what they even look like. She's been raising herself since she was a little filly after what happened. She's alone in Ponyville. Her friends have moved on to much bigger things. They write to her and keep in touch, but they never visit. Their schedules are full of other things that need to be done. She tells her parents story now because of the dark secret she has kept since her friends leaving.
This is my first Slice of Life and Sad fic, so I don't know how it will turn out. The idea came from a picture I saw with RD and Fluttershy. I hope you like it!
Also, check the date of this story. I started writing it before we saw her dad in episode 12 of season 3.

Chapters (40)

Caramel comes home one day to find a pretty envelope on his bed. Inside is a letter from Braeburn...

This story is a bit of a metaphor. This is my attempt at stopping bullying for being homosexual and it highlights one or two of the problems that can arise.

Chapters (2)

Thunderdash has a hurt wing and Caramel is there to help.

A cute little M/M fic I wrote for my friend Thunderdash, nothing more, nothing less.

Big thanks to arandompenguin for his edits.

Chapters (1)

What happens when you throw Shining Armor with two other stallions in the same apartment? Drama, that’s what! From jealousy to downright playing dirty. When the emotions are running high, find out just who the most fragile is.

Thanks to my editor: Aqu

Chapters (1)


Big Macintosh and Shining Armor have always been friends. Feelings finally starting to come to them they work towards telling each other. But when Shining Armor leaves for Cadet School Mac is left waiting for the day he will return. That day has finally come, will Shining still feel the same for Mac as he did before? Will Mac be able to tell Shining? Romance, Suspense! All waiting within Together Until the End!

Chapters (5)

Rainbow Dash stands atop her father in a crowd full of pegasi. Massive anticipation lingered in the air. The little filly was certain Cloudsdale would get to host the Equestria games.

But what happens when they don't? What will a father do to comfort his crestfallen daughter whose hopes were shattered in a matter of seconds.

Takes place during and after the flashback from the episode "The Games Ponies Play"

Cover Art by John Joseco

Story Idea Based on Fic by: Colt in the Moon

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to An Affliction of the Heart

Kuno and Warden are happily together now, but events are transpiring to force them from their happy life.

The reappearance of the Crystal Empire causes Kuno and Warden to give up their new-found home. And Kuno, ignoring the fact that they're two different species and completely incompatible, decides that she wants a baby.

Chapters (14)

Kuno, a young changeling, is left weak, bloodied, and bruised after the events of the Canterlot wedding. She is soon discovered by Warden, a Royal Guard. But for some reason, Warden shows her mercy. Instead of taking her into the custody of the Royal Guard, he becomes both her captor and her savior. But over time, Kuno will come to ask herself the hardest question she has ever pondered: Can a changeling feel love?

Chapters (16)
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