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20-year-old Ryan Burbank is living with his girlfriend in their woodland home when he is struck by a mysterious infection seemingly out of nowhere. To everyone's horror, his sickness spreads quickly throughout his body, shutting him down one piece at a time. The doctors are at a loss of what to do about this new form of bacteria. Ryan and his loved ones choose to keep fighting until either a cure can be discovered...or the pain becomes too much.
At the height of his suffering, he discovers a happy little show while watching television in his hospital room. The bright colors and happy attitudes of the cartoon equines provide him with a much-needed escape from the daily pain of being killed from the inside.
Eventually, the pain becomes too much and he decides it would be better to go out surrounded by his family, in the embrace of those who kept him company throughout his short life. Just as he starts to fade, his eyes wander to the screen of the hospital room television and the cartoon ponies who adorn it. Something strange begins to occur...almost like the screen is pulling him in. Tunnel vision, maybe?
No, that can't be it...why can he hear his name being called by a very familiar voice? And why is she...crying? Who is this crying, familiar voice and why does she seem to know him?



Rated "Teen" for language and the "Sex" tag is for all of the sexual humor and suggestive situations. If I decide to up the suggestive stuff in the future, I'll change the tags and rating to fit that change.

Cover by enamis.

Chapters (21)

For as long as the citizens of Ponyville had been graced with the presence of the apelien menace known as "Humans" they have wondered why they bothered wearing clothes. Today they learn.

A stupid idea that I had a couple of days ago. Thanks to Ephemeral and various Anons for editing.

Chapters (1)

A human has arrived in Ponyville that the Apples dubbed, "Anonymous."
Twilight is worried he might be dangerous. They know nothing about him after all. However, the Apples still treat him like a common pet, until he begins mimicking speech.

Chapters (13)

A clerical error in the Registry of Mortals sends an unwitting human to a strange land. It wouldn't be so bad, if the ponies there weren't out for his blood.


A little twist on the myth that unicorns were hunted for their fantastical powers.

Chapters (8)

A human stays among ponies, mystifying them with his odd traditions and customs. It will be five years before Celestia and Twilight can send him back to his homeworld. Until then, Twilight wants to study him and have him experience pony culture. These are their stories.

Chapters (11)

This story is a sequel to How many friends have you made today?!

Things are a lot better for Anon since the events of Ponyville. His store is doing great and he enjoys the company of all his friends. As the days go on, he finds that the problems of the past are quick to haunt him as he is forced to face the one thing that hurt him the most.

Chapters (29)

Pinkie's new to Ponyville, She's just been invited to work at Sugar Cube Corner and live with the Cakes while she gets to know the town. But on the way she meets a strange, blind creature with no fur, no cutie mark, and no place to live. Seeing her chance to make a friend, Pinkie quickly decides to help him, but how will this affect how the other ponies will see her with this strange blind thing?

Picture was made by my friend Escopeto. Also, not a fallen soldier story. The AU tag is because I'm setting this before Pinkie's arrived in Ponyville and things may turn out different for her, she may or may not even get Gummy.

Wow, on 9/17/2020 the remake kicked this story all the way to #2 on the popular list for a few minutes and got its first tenure on the Featured list.

Chapters (7)

Hollow Shades is a small farming and lumberjacking community, a tiny bubble of Equestria smack in the middle of the Everfree Forest. Things have been hard-going since the lumber mill was closed down by its aristocratic owner, and the town is slowly dying. The fate of the town weighs heavily even on the town's youth, with young filly Corn Crib of the Harvests being intimately aware of the fact things aren't going well for her family and friends. And then, a ray of hope comes into her life when she encounters a most unusual figure on the road nearby; a talking scarecrow, one that claims to be Lord Barleycorn, the King of Autumn, who promises to help her however he can. Can the two of them succeed in breathing life back into Hollow Shades?

This is a lighthearted story that contains lots of OCs and an original setting. The mane six will appear, but not until later chapters.

Chapter Progress: 5%

First time featured was May 23, 2014! I can't believe it! Thank you everyone! =3
Now with its own TVTropes page!
Picture was made by my friend Escopeto. He did a fantastic job of representing my story.

Chapters (46)

A close encounter with a category three Kaiju leaves Midsummer Night, a Mark-II Jaeger, in the inky depths of an unknown ocean. With no communications or navigation available, the pilots, Shane and Michael O'Connell, are well and truly out of their element.

Good thing they accidentally brought something with them to liven up the party,

Pacific Rim crossover

Art by: Zeiram0034.
Edited by: Pixel brony.

Now with a Tvtropes page!

Chapters (28)

The first story in The Journey of Graves.

Ponyville is getting ready for the arrival of Princess Celestia's marshals, elite of royal guard and travelling heroes of the people. But in all the hustle and bustle of party preparations, a lone traveler slips into town, a young man with business concerning Twilight Sparkle. What that business is remains to be seen, but you can be sure Ponyville won't make it easy for him.
After all, where would be the fun in that?

Chapters (8)