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Rainbow Dash has never been to the eye-doctor. One afternoon Twilight takes her to the clinic to check her eyes after a minor flight accident. They end up finding out something that makes no sense whatsoever to any pony in Ponyville.

Woke up this morning to see that my random story that was published for no reason got featured 2/28/14. I'm not complaining, but it isn't a work of art :P. I guess anything a teenager writes about multicolored ponies amuses you.

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Less than a few hours have passed since Twilight ascended to an Alicorn and Equestria Celebrated. As the kingdom rests she is called in the early hours of the morning after the coronation festivities to aid her mentor in a task the Sun Princess herself could not complete.

This task will test Twilight's newfound talent for crafting magic. It will take her on an epic quest to face a foe already contained in the darkest recesses of Canterlot Castle.

As Celestia's desperation grows and its bonds weaken, Twilight is entrusted to do what The Princess Celestia could not; she is entrusted to defeat it.

Monsters are what bear the most secret fears of our hearts. They bring forth our nightmares without mercy. To fight one risks becoming one. What we all should understand about monsters however, is that they are so much more than the shapes that they bear.

Originally on fanfiction but brought to you here. Originally written back during my "Oh my Celestia, Twilight is an alicorn now" bombshell.

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There have been many tales of magic in history. But none have been quite like this one.

When two brothers that love each other awaken a strange power through the reaction of love and a nuclear explosion are sent spiraling into a familiar world, they must struggle to find their place.

Of course, there has to be a twist.

You see, they weren't exactly sent to modern day Equestria; instead, they were sent to the ancient kingdoms of the pre-Hearth-Warming period. They didn't retain their bodies, either...

Now, looking like perfect copies of a young Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, they must convince the ponies of the land that they are not what they appear to be, while attempting to return to Earth.

Picture by 90sigma.

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Two decades after the banishment of Nightmare Moon, her shadow still lingers. Princess Celestia has been left to tend the Twin Thrones alone and protect us all from those who would see Equestria crumble. Our enemies take many forms: some would tear the world down with their claws, others with their smiles. They are monsters all the same.

I have had many names, and I have been many things. Today I am Swift Sweep, and I work for the Equestrian Bureau for State Security.

Special thanks:
NCMares (DeviantArt) for the gorgeous cover art.
Octavia Harmony: primary beta reader and editor throughout the many months of production.
PaulAsaran: for great help with and feedback on plot development and initial story drafting.
Kleora, Cerulean Voice, Nonagon: for further help with editing and story development.

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This story is a sequel to Three Wishes: The Cutie Mark Crusaders Before They Changed The World

Twelve years after the Crusaders discovered their true nature, an ancient evil has returned. Celestia is hurt, magic is weakened, and Equestria is nearly lost. Now our heroes must find a way to fix things before time runs out, and the world falls to darkness forever. They'll join forces with friends they've made around the world, utilize amazing new breakthroughs in science and magic, and get help from some of the most unexpected of sources as they try to fix The Hole In The Sun.

Gracious prereading and editing help provided by: Dusk Watch, totallynotabrony, Mares Guyver, CMC4TW, SeaponyLover65, and Web Of Hope.

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Concerned about the confidence of some of her students, Cheerilee enlists Rainbow Dash to take six children: Sweetie Belle, Silver Spoon, Snails, Dinky Doo, Pipsqueak and Archer on a week-long camping trip to Whitetail Woods. Rainbow enlists the aid of Big Macintosh as her co-chaperone as she tries to teach the young fillies and colts about camping, teamwork, confidence and how to get along and fend for themselves.

They are so doomed.

Future chapters will feature some action as well as appearances by other characters. Some shipping may be involved.

Please read and review!

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Twilight was supposed to gather the Elements of Harmony the way Princess Celestia planned it: meet the embodiments of the Elements while running errands in Ponyville, team up with them, discover the meaning of friendship, and then defeat Nightmare Moon. It was all so simple.

Too bad she really underestimated Twilight's ability to screw things up.

Additional Character Tags: Octavia, Nightmare Moon, Princess Celestia, Shining Armor, Princess Cadance

Edited by WorkbenchManiac: chapter 7-25, 27 onwards
Edited by docontra: chapter 26 onwards

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The last thing Twilight remembers is following the path through the Everfree home from Zecora's...

The last thing Twilight remembers clearly is following the path through the Everfree home from Zecora's. Bits and pieces, like half-forgotten dreams appear and disappear as she tries to figure out what happened. A strange, cat-like monster with glowing eyes, being trapped in a glass cylinder, observed by strange cyclopean bipeds and a creature with four arms...

Very suddenly, she found herself in a round, metallic object of some sort, falling from the sky. After a rather rough impact, she looked out.

On a desert with no sun, three moons and a nebula.

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