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Since his release and redemption, Discord has gotten to know Fluttershy's friends very well but he's never done the same with her family. As they're important to her (and she's important to him), the Lord of Chaos takes it upon himself to make the introductions.

Unfortunately, he decides that the best place to start is with her brother, Zephyr Breeze.

Created for the May Pairings contest

Featured 5/28/2020 - 5/31/2020!

Chapters (1)

Discord was never one to notice small things, at least if it didn't involve him (or if it was something he couldn't use to tease somepony else about), but when it came to Fluttershy, he noticed even the slightest details.

So, one night, he takes an unusual interest in the contents of Fluttershy's fridge; or rather, the lack of a specific content. It seems like nothing, but when Fluttershy stutters upon answering, he feels like he's discovered something good, and he won't give in until he finds out.

Featured 1/27/17 - 1/31/17

Chapters (3)

Now has a sequel, One Year Later

After a vigorous day of organising and sending reports to Celestia, Twilight notices Spike is feeling a little ill. He slowly grows more and more cold, before finally falling into a coma that Twilight fears is her own fault.

Going to the Princesses for help, Twilight eventually is brought before an Elder Dragon and comes to the realisation that she may have failed as a caretaker, a friend and as an older sister.

*EDIT* Okay, okay. You guys win - I'll write an additional chapter or two. I've marked this story 'Incomplete' for now. Follow up chapter has been done. If you want more, let me know. I'm sure there are a few other characters I could write a chapter on (Except for the dragons, of course)

*DOUBLE EDIT* Okay, wow. I seriously didn't expect this to take off as well as it has. This is honestly probably one of the best days of my life. I'm so glad and happy that you've all enjoyed the story.

Chapters (4)

Twilight Sparkle, pulling another late night, is finally confronted about by Spike and Starlight Glimmer. She reveals that she's been studying one of the realities she saw, specifically the one seemingly ruled by Flim and Flam. She just can't figure out how those two con artists could be as much of a threat as, say, Tirek or Nightmare Moon.

And then Discord shows up, telling her that she's looking at her information wrong. He volunteers to show Twilight, Spike, and Starlight what that reality is really like...

#1 in the Featured box on 4/25/2016. WOW. I'm... honestly surprised that so many people like this little dialogue heavy stream of consciousness fic. Thank you all very much!

Chapters (1)

Twilight is doing an experiment, Spike is doing his chores. Everything is perfectly normal and completely fine in the Golden Oak Library...until Chrysalis drops in for a 'visit'.
Art by Conicer. (This was written with no clue that the picture was made for a different story.)

Chapters (1)

All his life, Spike has worked his scales off, sometimes literally. For the mane six, with no gratitude or thanks for what he does. One day, as Spike is about to go and participate in a talent show, all of the mane six dump work on him as they went off to a Wonderbolt show, and once Spike finishes the chores, also helping some of the citizens along the way. He then runs into the mane six who dump MORE work on him and run off to Sugarcube corner, Spike just falls to his knee's and cries.

The next day however, Big Mac calls a meeting with a few of the citizens and brings Spike with him, they all agree to hide Spike and cover him from the mane six, while he goes off to be what he should be doing. Be a kid.

Light shippings
FeatherweightxSweetie Belle

Proofread by StarBrony3

Chapters (14)

How could she miss it? The seventh element was right under her nose the entire time, supporting her, guiding her, and loving her. When it strayed from its course, destiny itself nudged it back into line. It was always there... It was just waiting.

Written for Rage Reviews and their prompt!

Chapters (1)

Harry Potter was a lonely boy who one day wished for a friend. Luna, trapped on the moon, wished for the same. And so their wishes are granted. How will the two deal with each other? And what about Nightmare Moon? Needless to say, their lives are going to change in both expected and unexpected ways...

Other stories in the Lonelyverse:
Hooves, Plush, and Magic: The Untold Tales
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A Nightmare Christmas

Chapters 9-11 now re-written.

Chapters (31)

This story is a sequel to Project Ascension

After going through so much, it's nice to have some quiet times. But quiet does not mean uneventful. Even in times of peace, ponies change, ponies grow, and ponies learn...

Sequel to Project Ascension (Sequel of Longing)

Collab done with Darth Link 22 (Post Nuptials, Families, About Last Night, Wedding Bell Blues, Honeymoon and Metamorphosis)
Editor: Amras Felagund

Chapters (25)

While practicing transformation spells, Twilight accidentally hits Spike, temporarily trapping him in a colt's body. While Twilight tries finding the solution to turn Spike back, he has to learn about his new body, and a new bit of information from Applebloom that might change his life for years to come.

(Note: This is a story I wrote quite some time ago, and was originally published in full on DA a little over a year ago. Also, as a heads up, I know the first three chapters aren't exactly very high quality, they were written and published on DA before my editor became a brony and I was more comfortable sending him my stuff. The chapters after that though (4 and onward) are in better quality, I can promise that. Also, this is set around mid-season 2, to kinda understand why certain factors were left out.)

Chapters (9)
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