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A soul mate is a rare and precious gift.


Celestia isn't so sure about hers.

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Inspired by AlphaRidley's I'd like to soulmate with you.

Art by StarBlaze25.

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to I Don't Want to Grow Up

Celestia was a filly living on an isolated farm with her sister and harboring dreams of greatness. Chrysalis was a black goo poured out from a screaming wound in the walls of reality, with a weak grasp on the appropriate amount of fangs one should have. Friendship was inevitable.

Image used with permission from miszasta

Editing by the wonderful Carabas and FanOfMostEverything

Pre-reading and suggestions by bloons3

Chapters (25)

Luster Dawn is a unicorn filly enrolled at Princess Twilight's School for Gifted Unicorns. After only a year, in which she displayed her exemplary use of magic and expertise at fostering friendships, it would come only as a surprise to her that Princess Twilight Sparkle would offer her the role of being her personal student. Whilst such a thing should have been an honour for the young filly, she can't help but let the stress of carrying such a title weigh heavy on her haunches.

Fortunately, her mother, who isn't the best when it comes to all things emotional, is there to lend her a hoof.

Cover Art Source
A big thank you to Ice Star for both commissioning and proof-reading this fic. Additional thanks to Pre-reader 63.546 for pointing out several glaring issues, all of which are now (hopefully) fixed.
Featured 11/03/2020 (03/10/2020 for Americans.) Thank you so much everybody. :twilightsmile:
Massive thanks to StraightToThePointStudios for the audio reading, which you can find [HERE]

Chapters (1)

In an unremarkable city, in an unremarkable hospital, to two unremarkable ponies, a filly was born. A filly who was all too remarkable. A filly who radiated Destiny, and Adventure.

Her parents, however, liked their unremarkable life, in their unremarkable city, and wanted nothing more for their little filly than to have a nice, normal, unremarkable youth. So whenever Destiny or Adventure reared their heads, they made sure to nip it in the bud. Magical portals, foreign princes, time travellers and mysterious salesponies of magical musical instruments all got the same answer:


Based on the Nope: The Anime joke that went around on Tumblr some years ago. Expect silliness.

Covert art based on a picture by greyscale / Theponysketchguy, edited by me to change her hair and make her look younger.

Chapters (9)

It ain't always easy, regaining what you lost.

Especially when you've been missing it for years.

Written for Appledash Contest #6 - "Go Big or Go Home".
Inspired by the original art by Heir-of-Rick.
Edited by AstralMouse, SaddlesoapOpera and Snowybee.

Chapters (4)

It's been a year since a tragic accident took Applejack's parents. A year, and she still doesn't know what to do with herself. Encouraged by friends and family, she decides to spend the summer vacation at Fluttershy's beach house on Splendora Island. She's not sure if it's helping.

Then, one night, she finds something injured on the beach. No, not something. Someone.

What starts as good intentions steadily grows into something else. Whether that something else is good for Applejack is another matter entirely.

Have questions regarding the story? Visit the Q&A blog!

Now with a TVTropes page.

"PaulAsaran’s attention to detail and use of repetition, flashback, and expression to create an unforgettable story is something I’m still trying to get a handle on in my own work." — leeroy_glBZ

"Impressed every step of the way. Thoroughly good writing." — Shrink Laureate

Inspired 100% by the cover art. The idea jumped into my skull and refused to leave until it was written out.

Props to my wonderful pre-readers: SorenPixels, NaiadSagaIotaOar, and Wanderer D!

Cover art used with permission from LooknamTCN, verily one of the best RariJack artists ever. Check out their immensely enjoyable Tumblr.

Chapters (7)

Twinkleshine had barely started kindergarten when she first met the universe. Like most first meetings, it had been awkward, not under the best of circumstances, and a single instant that ignited a lifelong passion, which would inevitably end with late nights and concerned parents.

Chapters (1)

Probably the best thing to happen in Discord's long life was finding the magic of friendship. As much as the old Chaos Lord might complain, without it he would never have found so many that were dear to his heart.

When that heart finds itself empty, he comes to the Princess to ask a favor: allow him the opportunity to bring friendship to other dark hearts. All she has to do is lend him a statue.

The rest is in his chaotic claws.

Spoilers within for S9 E24-26.

Death tag - no horrible murder, just a few mentions and the natural consequences of time.

Featured on 10/18/19, 10/22/19 and 10/25/19!

Reviewed here by Javarod!

Also reviewed by PresentPerfect with the rating of Highly Recommended!

Chapters (4)

Celestia has often looked to the furthest edges of her kingdom when watching for dangers. Sometimes, she may even journey there, just to make sure things are on the up and up. Today, she goes to, of all places, the former village of Starlight Glimmer. But it is not the mare herself she has come to see, but the village's newest resident, who is not as unfamiliar to her as might first appear.

Chapters (1)
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