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Pinkie Pie finds out a new way to prank her friends: bake some poison joke powder into cupcakes and muffins, and offer them to unsuspecting victims. She asks for her usual prank partner Rainbow Dash to help, and together they head off to embarrass their friends once again.

Chapters (1)

Big Macintosh goes on strike when he sees he's the one doing all the heavy lifting and harder work at Sweet Apple Acres while his sisters frolic. His idea catches fire throughout Ponyville, and soon every stallion is up in arms! Sexism explodes in the tiny town, it's Stallions on Strike!

Chapters (15)

Drakkar, a pony from the Frozen North, is sent to Equestria to update the maps they have in Scandineighvia. Once he arrives to Ponyville, though, he finds out that there's a descendant of one of his townfolks living there.

Chapters (11)

Remembrancer Lirael and her niece the Princess Ellimere finally have some time to return to the Clayr's glacier to retrieve Lirael's belongings. But what seemed like a side excursion has the two young women travelling across a path never trodden, only trotted. At the end of this path, is Equestria, a paradise that appears not corrupted of free magic and yet free. Will Lirael open herself to friendship and what will Ellimere do if her aunt doesn't want to leave? And when the dead do not rest, will the loud, headstrong princess able to work with her insecure aunt as well as the six bearers, to send them back past the ninth gate?

Note: Garth Nix is too brilliant for me to copy his style. So, I hope you'll accept my imitation as a compromise. Takes place shortly after the events of Creature in the Case.

That excellent Twilight Vector by: fenixthefox93 @ fenixthefox93.deviantart.com
(forgive my horrible coverart, but I am not an artist)

Chapters (4)

Trailing Ivy's life mostly consisted of waking up, eating, tending to his garden, sleeping and occasionally venturing for food. It was only when he discovered a special rose of his own that he brought variety back into his garden.

A rewrite of my first story. Co-written by radbunny.

Chapters (5)

A young unicorn wakes up in the basement of the Golden Oaks Library with no memory of the past. With nothing to go on but a strange voice in his head, and a grey pegasus that was unconscious upstairs, they set out to find the truth.

But nopony could have prepared them for what they were going to witness when they emerged from the library.....

(A very special thanks to sierra_seven for being my co-author, helping with storycrafting and editing! Go give him some love!)

Chapters (5)

The Producers have long been the bane of the Top Gear team's existence, sending them off into the most dangerous and hilarious of situations in the name of good television. Now follow Captain Slow, Hamster and Jezza as they are sent off again into the unknown as some of the first humans to set foot (Or wheel) into the land of Equestria.

Oh, and the Government isn't exactly on board with this one either...

Teen for language and sexual references.

Chapters (11)

Equestria. A peaceful country of candy cane rivers and cactus mountains, plaid fields and rainbow colored oranges.

Wait a minute...that's not right...hang on, lemme...

*Flips the pages of his script, brow furrowing as he goes over it.*

Well this isn't right at all! Candy colored equines swimming in an ocean of oil as if it were made of clouds, pegasi flying backwards before they slam into brick walls in the sky, Rainbow Dash doing a Sonic Rainboom and- oh this isn't right!

*The Narrator stomps off towards Canterlot's throne room, screaming profanities.*

[A/N: Dark tags are to cover my bases. I might act on it, I might not, but the first chapter has no 'dark' atmosphere to it. Just good-hearted laughs.

Good-hearted laughs, if you're the Emperor, that is!

This complete spout of brutish nonsense is pretty much a vent for all my psychotic rambling. I thought it'd be funny to write a story like this, that's all.

Credit to Zytharros of FIMFiction for inspiring this crap with his own psychotic writing!

Credit to Sh2otingStar of DeviantART for the cover art! I'll go message him about its use soon.

And once again, if you see any errors, point them out! I'm not perfect, so I'm expecting someone with a keen eye to tear this story apart.]

Chapters (4)

[[This story has been on an indefinite hiatus for a long time, and while I may continue writing it some day, that is far from guaranteed. I'm sorry for all of you who liked this story, but I have almost completely lost interest in continuing it.]]

Rainbow Dash has a secret about herself which she has been keeping through most of her life. Finally, living her last few years, she decided to reveal her secret to one of her long time friends and a sisterly figure, Scootaloo.

The secret being that she has been keeping a diary for decades, writing down some of the most important moments of her life. And now she finally wants to share it with somepony trustworthy before passing away.

Note: Just a little warning for those who don't like shipping... there is some of that around between various characters, but not enough for this to be an outright romance story.

Chapters (8)

Three hundred years before the banishment of Nightmare Moon, the world was a very different place—and some ponies lived very different lives. A pegasus who serves the gryphons of Eaglesburg is fed up with the way he and his fellow ponies are treated. But escape from the cruel gryphon overlords seems impossible, and he has little hope.

Then his grandfather tells him of a legend—a young country ruled by kind pony princesses, where pegasi, unicorns and earth ponies can live peacefully. The pegasus and his earth pony friend, along with a small unicorn filly who is in immediate danger from her gryphon masters, make a daring escape. They head north toward their only hope for freedom—the land of Equestria.

Chapters (10)