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Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon had their whole week planned out. They were out of school for the Summer Sunflower Jamboree. They were going to go shopping, stay up late, talk crap about ponies they didn't like, good wholesome fun.

So how is it that now they end up stuck at Sweet Apple Acres under Applejack's care, forced to be around Applebloom and the rest of the Cutie Mark Crusaders for the whole week?

It's going to be a long week ... for everypony involved ...

Chapters (1)

The prince of Mars returns to Equestria to catch up on what his sisters have been up to. But what are his true intentions?

Our favorite heroines are blasting off for a new adventure on the Red Planet...

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle is a gifted student and scholar. When she attempts to harness her creative side by writing a science-themed sensual romance novel, however, things rapidly get out of hoof. Can her friends stage an intervention before she humiliates herself (and them) at a prestigious literature recital?

No. No, they cannot.

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Prince Blueblood thought the Grand Galloping Gala was over. He thought he could just go to sleep and put it behind him. He never expected to be reliving the same disaster of a day, over and over... and over.

TV tropes page here:

Thanks to all the people who wrote the page and all the people who gave me a little wakeup call and comment to become aware of that fact! You can't see it, but you guys put a real smile on my face tonight.

Also, recently, extra thanks to RD Dash for giving TBNE a thorough editing. I've updated the fic accordingly (7.11.12)

Chapters (5)

Over their lives, Pipsqueak and Dinky have some crucial realizations that help them move on from their past and accept the future.

Three chapters, three stages in their lives.

Sequel to Pirates For A Day.

If you read the first story and loved it for the lack of shipping and pure childlike innocence, then I urge you not to taint the memory by reading this sequel. Pipsqueak and Dinky are shipped together, unlike the original.

Fan Reading!

Chapters (3)

Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia's most prized and faithful student, is being sent to Ponyville to learn about the magic of friendship.

And she's not happy about it.

Hear what Celestia has to say back! Check out the spinoff:
Responses To A Disgruntled Friendship Student by keaton-furman-prower

Still want more? Have a multiverse spinoff by MixMassBasher, my contributing writer for Seasons 5-9.
Letters From Across the Disgruntled Multiverse

Editing by Neko Majin C.

The following is a work of parody, and is protected as Fair Use under section 17 U.S. Code ยง 107 of US Copyright Law. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and all affiliated characters are property of Hasbro Inc.

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Going to clubs may seem rather odd for you, but you find enjoyment from it because of a certain DJ. You get the chance to meet her after a show, but would she ever feel anything for somepony with your condition?


More experimenting than anything. This was both a challenge and fun to do. Big thanks to slashe720 and Mustank for helping me with this story.

Art by yalcahoon.

Chapters (2)

Changelings have never been able to experience love. They imitate it, consume it even, but never actually feel it.
Chrysalis, trapped and powerless, learned the magic that is love. And not by the methods she had planned.

Cover art by Quiss on DeviantArt.

Chapters (10)

Rainbow Dash. The independent, strong-willed filly brought up in Cloudsdale. Outwardly tough and hard-boiled, but her inner workings are far from perfect.

Preread (partially) by Smoking Gun.

Cover art by TwilightPoint at DeviantArt.

Chapters (1)

Twilight and her five friends are transported during a botched spell, across dimensions to... Ponyville, Equestria? But not the same one that they knew. Sitting on a bench is Harpsy and Babar. The Doctoress avoids apples from an aspiring Applebuck. And in a library across town, six stallions join their forces as they try to decipher the appearance of filly look-alikes of themselves around Ponyville!

Chapters (12)