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Everyone in Equestria and beyond know that Celestia and Luna guide the Moon and Sun across the sky. But what about the other celestial bodies?

Are the other planets sentient? Do they have special ponies that guide them across the sky? Where did they come from? Does Luna control them? Twilight Sparkle is determined to figure it out.

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Finally, the summer vacation has started. But for Silver Spoon, this doesn't mean fun and play. She has to go to summer class. And if going to school during precious summer time wasn't bad enough, Apple Bloom is there, too. But what seemed to become a nightmare of a vacation slowly turns out to be a chance to finally change a lot of things in Silver Spoon's life.

As of chapter 22, docontra is proof-reading this story. I can't thank you enough for the help :).

Side story: A Night at The Golden Mug

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He left her and swore he would comeback...

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Partially mirrored from The NP FanFiction Archive.

[Currently attempting a possible revival of this story after five years. Since I think I finally have an idea of where I want it to go. I'd like to issue a personal apology for taking so bloody long.]

After a terrible crisis is repaired that brought Equestria to the brink of armageddon, Twilight experiences a terrible loss, and the only one who can help her is Rainbow Dash. But in order to do that, she'll need to reveal an ancient family secret that can change the world.

She is part of a long line of ponies called 'Rainbows,' all with multicoloured hair. And they all have a special ability: They can communicate with the dead.

Inspired by Through Violet Eyes.

The setting, as well as most of the characters and original concepts, are the property of either Stephen Woodworth or Hasbro.

Suicide tag for one scene and one character in a minor flashback scene.

[CC BY-NC-SA] With Rainbow Hair is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Bunch of sad stories I decided to write. Enjoy the, leave comments, and tell me what I can improve on.
New stories are coming soon, so enjoy whats up and look forward to others.

To anypony who is confused by this, Each chapter is a different story unless marked with a "Part one, Part two" ect ect

If anypony would like to contribute to my collection of sad stories, please send me it and I will put it in my group, I will give all credit to the writer.


Edited by the amazing editor Sojourner (If you need an editor hes up for it.)

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*This story adapts to the choices you make - Vote in the comments*
During the industrial revolution, an infection has begin to spread throughout the world and hit Ponyville. The dead is rising up to attack the living, and a lone survivor is out to find the answers. You are the lone survivor. What will you do? How will you solve your problems? -An interactive zombie story-

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I've crashed on a foreign planet and my ship is a mess. Parts have been scattered everywhere and I have 30 days to live with the air I have with me. How am I going to get my ship repaired in that amount of time!?

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A changeling without the ability to morph is often of little use beyond hive worker. But a changeling that can go unseen entirely is another matter. Some would say such a specimen is too dangerous to keep around.

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Alex has been thrown around realities for a long time without control. This time, he jumped to Ponyville and will be staying for a lifetime. Can he build a life here? Does he want to? What about the family he left behind?

Cover art is a commission by AphexAngel

Also, a big thanks to my ediors, pre-readers, and idea givers: Marvelous Cheshire,
Tosety, DiscordsAdvocate, KMCA, warpd, Spect, Makkelulu, KitsuneNoYomeiri, earthrise, Pen Brush

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