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A historic day for Equestrian civilization, the fine ponyfolk of Ponyville make first contact with alien life. Unfortunately for them, it's not a friendly encounter, as they're greeted by the world's most notorious supervillain.

And Fluttershy has been tasked as his keeper.

Meanwhile, a dazed and agitated Doctor Evil must learn to cope with his new surroundings, and embrace the lessons about friendship that the ponies can teach him.

...Pffft, fat frickin' chance.

Inspired by another crossover that I've written, but have deleted on the grounds that I hate the shoddiness of my own work.

Chapters (11)

One Piece X MLP Crossover

A emergency trip to Zecora's leads Fluttershy to find a strange pony with a straw hat. Unfortunately, he scares Fluttershy off with his talk of eating other animals. The strange pony's arrival in Equestria sets off a chain of events that threaten plunge the peaceful kingdom into an all out war. Twilight and her friends, along with the new pony may be the only ones who can unravel the mysteries that surround Equestria and save it from falling apart.

Now with TV Tropes!

New Cover Art by Droll3

Chapters (76)

Fluttershy gets a letter saying that she won a free Mansion, but doesn't remember enter anything to win one. Later that night, her friends go missing inside the Mansion and it fill with Ghosts! Can Fluttershy find the bravery she need to save her friends? Or will she be trap in a Mansion that fill with Ghost?

Base off the Luigi Mansion for the GameCube and I'll do the Dark Moon as well.

Proof Read by The Color Nine

Image belongs to Motherless-Goat666

Chapters (6)

After the Straw Hat's battle against Admiral Kizaru and Bartholomew Kuma, Kuma realized he made a large mistake. Instead of "pushing" the Straw Hats to their designated location as he planned, he managed to send them to a completely different world. A world known as Equestria, where the World Government recently made contact with and kept hidden to the public. The World Government had plans with this world full of colorful ponies, however that is until Luffy and his crew begin to wreak havoc all over Equestria.

How will the Straw Hats, who are now ponies, come to adapt to this new life...?

Authors Note:
This is based off of the anime, One Piece, and this story begins during episode 408. It might be confusing if you haven't watched the anime, and of course, I recommend that you people go watch it! It's an amazing show! Anyways this is my very first fan-fic and something I've been planning on writing for awhile now, so please give me some constructive criticism! One Piece was a huge inspiration for me before My Little Pony, so I thought how about we do a little crossover on this...? Anyways, One Piece and MLP? That's going to be one hell of a challenge.

Chapters (5)

"By now you have surely heard the tale of how Princess Twilight Sparkle travelled to another word by means of a magical mirror? What if I told you that there were more of these mirrors scattered throughout the land? Each leading to mystical and strange lands found only in your wildest dreams. (I mean seriously, what kind of precursor race would master inter-dimensional travel and only use it once?) What if I told you that I had in my little shop here one of such mirrors? One that led to a land of small squarish creatures that partied, drank and fought for simple enjoyment?"

This is the story of an unfortunate Gray Crasher and his adventures in the magical land of Equestria.


So yeah this will probably feature quite a number of MLP characters but I'm only including some in the bio so as to not break a perfectly good system.

As for the cover art that was done by me and can be found - BOOM!

Pre-reading and Editing advice are done by Mixtrak. He's a great guy and you should totally go check out his story

Chapters (7)

The common household Sweetie Belle has many uses and applications. Here are a few of them.

Chapters (10)

(This story takes place AFTER the events of mario and luigi dream team.)

When villains usually die in mario and luigi games, They end up in hell or someplace as worse.

Even though he had his ass royally kicked by Mario and Luigi, Antasma has returned from the grave for vengeance.

The one problem though is, He is no longer in Mario's universe, But in the My Little Ponyverse instead.

Regardless of his surroundings, Antasma still seeks out to conquer Equestria, I wonder how this will turn out?

Chapters (10)

It is the middle of the night when two bored princesses visit Twilight and her 'What If' machine. Join the three ponies and Spike as the view more:

Chapters (5)

During a picnic, a mysterious portal appears out of nowhere in plain view of Twilight and the rest of the gang. Curiosity gets the better of them, so they decide to enter the gateway to another world and see what's on the other side.

After transporting them to this strange new world, the portal powers down inexplicably, trapping the Bearers of Harmony in a strange cube land with no way back.

How will they get home? What dangers will they face lurking around every corner?

More importantly, what does a lonely crafter have to say about all of this?

A re-imagining of my old story, with heavily edited chapters.
Cover art courtesy of the talented Sharpieboss
Minecraft/My Little Pony crossover

Chapters (7)

The children of Ponyville are growing up and join us as we take a look at their lives five and ten years later from their stint as teenagers to their journey into adulthood. We begin a week before the best night ever for many hot headed teens...prom night.


Five years later Spike, Scootaloo and their friends are now teenagers and are headed for prom.

Ten years later they're now young adults and a few of them are getting ready for the surprises that come with that transition.

Rated Teen for crass behavior, lewd conduct, minor adult situations and general what the f**kery.

This is what happened five and ten years down the road after the events of Stray Ardor and Something More.

*Also if anyone wants to make new cover art for this fic, I'm open to suggestions.

Chapters (16)