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No pony is the same after witnessing a work-related death, no matter who they are. The victim was young, eager, fresh-faced, and recently hired. In his last breaths, he let out a scream so heart-rending that the employees who heard it had difficulty sleeping that night. And Rainbow Dash was no exception.

But she's not losing sleep over that. What disturbs her is something far worse—something she said afterwards.

Chapters (1)

After a traumatic accident caused major damage to Rainbow Dash's friend Ditzy, Rainbow suffers from extreme guilt, feeling that she could have prevented it. As the stress mounts, the guilt causes Rainbow Dash's life to fall apart around her.

Chapters (1)

Mike is a typical teenager at a highschool in Copenhagen. But he is a brony, a group frowned upon by most of his country.
Already the first day at school he tells about his love for a little-girls cartoon and thinks his next three years just went down the drain. Until he sees a girl with eyes as the most beautiful amethyst.

This is my first fanfic ever so please say if theres anything you don't like, and i'll try to adapt.

Also super special thanks to Cabral095 for wanting to help me get started and giving me helpfull advise.

Chapters (4)

Thrust headlong into a strange new world, Solaire of Astora must make amends before he can continue with his mission. Unbeknownst to them all, a shadow from his past approaches.

Grossly Incandescent

A Dark Souls / MLP Crossover

Chapters (8)

Ponies often go to Zecora's hut for advice or medicine. However, her services are not cheap for all but her friends. Many rumors circulate around about her abilities with herbs and how she collects debts, as for which ones are true... well do you really want to find out the hard way?


'sup everypony,

just something that started brewing while i was listening to d.notive's song Mistress Zecora. Just as a warning there's probably gonna be some referances to more adult topics/themes and possible some gore, i don't really know, so bear with me here.


Chapters (2)

Twilight Sparkle. A name known to everypony in all of Equestria. She's saved Equestria multiple times now, and with her and her friends being the Elements of Harmony, as well as being Princess Celestia's "Most Faithful Student", she enjoys a great life.
But what was before that? Follow her on her journey through foalhood, and her times as Celestia's Student.

This is my first fic, so constructive criticism is appreciated very much.
A huge thank you to WhatTheMoo and Knight Of Cerebus for proofreading this fic.
And a huge thank you to TwinTailsInc for allowing me to use his artwork

Chapters (7)

Dusk Shine has dealt with many trails throughout his life. From clashing with Nightterror Nebula to outwitting the mischievous Eris to thwarting King Nymphamos’s invasion, he'd seen it all.

All in all, Dusk Shine would admit that life was hardly easy. And now, Dusk finds that his mentor's self loathing is the least of his problems as he finds himself thrust into a world where he and his friend... are mares?

edited by Saylux and OverlordCornutt

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Nightmare Moon won the first battle, but luckily the Elements of Harmony turned into guns.

Chapters (3)

Chris and Keon are two zoology majors that get separated from their class after following what Chris believed to be an undiscovered species of bird, during a trip into the Amazon rainforest.

Finding themselves stuck in a pit, they discover an ancient ruin adorned with murals and statues of what they believed to be ponies. They soon realize that the bird in question was the orchestrator of their fate, as they’re brought to what they are certain is their deaths.

Waking up, they are not only separated from each other, but in a new land entirely. Will they take this opportunity to learn about creatures only ever seen in legend, or will they be too busy being studied themselves?

Rated teen for sexual themes, crude humor, mild drug use.
(Edited by DF)

Chapters (21)

King Sombra has a problem. A Twilight Sparkle shaped problem. The evil ruler of the Crystal Kingdom is about to be overthrown unless he can hold out until reinforcements arrive.

Seven days of keeping Twilight at bay. What's the worst that can happen?

All he has to lose is his self-respect and dignity...

Chapters (1)