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30 years have past since Luna was freed of Nightmare Moon, the now Legendary 6 have children meant to carry on their legacy in the Elements Of Harmony, but when one of the New Bearers returns after being exiled for dealing with dark magic and murder, he finds a burning Ponyville, the Legendary 6 and the New Bearers slain, he must seek out what he lost so many years ago and reclaim his honor with vengeance.

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For almost a thousand years, the immortal Nightmare Moon has reigned over Equestria as Empress. To the average pony, Nightmare Moon is an overarching enigma whose rule is absolute and whose wrath is terrible. But to Twilight Sparkle, who as an orphan has never known her parents, the Empress is something else entirely. When the young unicorn is brought under the royal wing as an apprentice, she learns a great deal more about the supposed tyrant than she ever knew. But as Twilight is introduced to life with her new mentor, she is thrust into a world of political intrigue, conspiracies and secrets. Secrets that were never meant to be revealed. As allies and enemies plot against the very peace of the nation, will Twilight fall prey to the perils of her new position? Or will she prosper and find in Nightmare Moon the mother she never had?


My eternal gratitude to my editor, LordOfTheWrongs, without whom Night's Favoured Child would not be the story it is today.

Now with added TVtropes!

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What started as a normal friendly visit ends up taking two ponies on a trip down memory lane that leads them both to realize their friendship began even before Rainbow Dash's first sonic rainboom.

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As the age of Equestria gives way to the era of Ponyland, Princess Cadence looks at a changing world around her, and remembers a world that will never be again. Feeling ponykind cannot survive without the six harmony bearers, Cadence tries to re-shape six modern mares into the equines their ancestors once were. But is this what Ponyland needs, or is it a Princess who just cannot let go? *starring the Original mane six, as they were intended to be*

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