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When a human is thrust into Equestria on a whim, he struggles to fit in with the locals of this strange land and tries to figure out how to get home, making new friends along the way.

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Rainbow Dash struggles to figure out why Pinkie Pie keeps acting weird, and seems so happy about spending Hearts and Hooves with hanging out with her, while also puzzling over the fact that Cloud Kicker and Blossomforth seem to be going out of their way to help the two of them enjoy the day.

Cloud Kicker and Blossomforth need to have their own tags, because they're awesome characters who deserve to have more stories written about them.

Has a semi-sequel-follow-up-side-story:"The Life and Times of a Winning Pony."

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to From the Mouths of Fillies

Dinky and Sparkler have the most awesome godmom in Equestria--that's right, me! Rainbow Dash. Being friends with their mom means I've spent a lot of time with them over the past few years. They're pretty cool kids.

But then ... well, Ditzy got sick. Like, really sick. I've been watching them for her, but if she doesn't get better soon, they may be staying with me for a lot longer than I thought.

That's okay, though: I'm Rainbow Dash. I can handle anything life throws at me.

(Connected to From the Mouths of Fillies, Saying Goodbye, and Feeling Regrets)

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The Flim Flam brothers convince the mane 6 to go into telemarketing. It ends exactly how well one'd expect.

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Who is Scootaloo? Everypony knows about her present, but when it comes to her past there are as many different answers as there are questions.

Is she the love child of two star-crossed lovers? The last hope for the future? The child of a broken home? A mysterious figure fighting a war no pony knows about? Or is it something else entirely? Is she even a pony at all?

Twilight Sparkle decides to ask everypony in Ponyville and find out about Scootaloo...and the stories, rumors and gossip she gets will leave her wondering how the truth can ever compete with fiction.

My thanks to Page Turner for the new story cover!

Now has its own TVTropes Page!

And has a featured page in the Non-Canon My Little Pony Funny Page!

Thanks to all my readers and fans for all the support and help I have gotten! I am truly touched.

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Waking up in an alternate universe in which you are a supervillain can be hard.

Finding out your friends are rebels trying to kill or overthrow you isn't very easy to deal with either.

But trying to solve the situation? That's a real horn cracker.

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We know Twilight Sparkle as the silly little mare who didn't have any friends until she was sent to Ponyville by Princess Celestia. However, the rest of Equestria knows Twilight Sparkle as poor number 107497, a number even foals are taught to be wary of. The filly was perfectly fine, until one last taunt pushed her over the edge, into her own imagination, where she made friends; each friend a part of her mind.

Five years later, as Princess Celestia sits with her comatose student, aforementioned student moves. Both in the physical world, and slowly from her dream world as well.

Rated Teen because... well... I'm not sure, it just needs a Teen tag.

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Currently being written by Antojo Pony .

So then, what would happen if a human baby ended up and was raised in Equestria?

Will they be a normal everyday worker? Will they be a Celestia Knight? Will they take over the world? Will they speed up Equestrias technology level with good old human ingenuity?

Honestly I have no idea!

So that's why I need YOUR help! You, the readers will decide their personality, their dreams, their... everything really. So lets get started!

Cover art made by ForestOfSpring

Chapters (9)

The elements of harmony aren't strong enough to destroy Nightmare Moon, Nightmare wins. She takes the mane 6 captive for her own pleasure and to use them as her servants. Will they adjust to their new life or will they fight against the so-called tyrant? Maybe looks can be deceiving?

What can you expect: Love, adventure, war, plots, traitors, assassinations and more.
I love it when villains win.

Inspiration from these two stories: After That Fateful Night by Peppy Greyskull and Nightmares Don't Last Forever by BB

Also: I'm Dutch, not English. If you leave a dislike then I want to know why. You don't like the story, the grammar isn't good, anything, tell me.

Image used with permission.

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