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Anon made a major impact on the lives of every friend he made in his time in Equestria, but he had to return home sometime. However, his friends weren't ready for him to leave just yet. Writing letters is supposed to be therapeutic...

Chapters (4)

Alright, listen up and listen good because I'm only going to say this once. We are not a highly classified government organization. We do not operate above the System, over it or beyond it. Our primary objective is not to monitor, license, regulate and police extrademensional activities and beings on this great country. These interdemensional beings are not cartoon ponies from a kid's show called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. We do not officially exist.

You don't exist.

Got that?


Never heard of it?


Good. Welcome to the U.S. Department of Strategic Extradimensional Enforcement

Inspired by Tales Of The Canterlot Deportation Agency: A Typical Day by Estee.

[Warning: Tags might be added and/or removed as the story progresses]

Chapters (3)

Anon comes from a universe that operates by kung fu movie physics and he's still able to function as such. Imagine every cheesy kung fu movie mixed into one story.

This was done as a collaboration between me, Bolding, Anonymous Assassin, Fugger, 8th Sin, and someone that didn't want to be named.

Chapters (1)

Jason has been in Equestria for quite some time and has lived countless lives. Some have been short, others have been rather long. No matter the length, they all share one thing in common. They all end in fire and flames.

He has spent centuries wandering the countryside, gravitating towards events. When whispered words of Nightmare Moon's return reach his ears, his feet take him to Canterlot, where what he encounters leaves himself and many others more than intrigued.

An idea that sparked a story. Immortality is an often used plot device with a Human In Equestria story, and I wanted something different, something new, something... fresh. Thus, the concept of mimicking the phoenix came to life, and from it, this story.

Chapters (14)

You and your family have just moved to a town called 'Ponyville' after deciding Canterlot was not the right place. You said goodbye to your friends and your old town.

Now, all you have to do is make friends and continue on living life.

It's a shame that some of them don't want to stay just friends.

Trigger tags:
(Process of being rewritten)
(Second-Person Perspective)
(Anthropomorphic ponies)
(Multiple endings)

Chapters (2)

I'm doing this story because I'm SO original. release your hatred upon me

[2nd person]
You get into this fancy new college (surprise surprise) and a friend of the family is the headmaster, but that doesn't get you any special treatment. You're roommates with Lyra (It's not rainbow dash WHAT THE FILLY IS GOING ON HERE) shes the headmasters daughter and was one of your childhood best friends. You meet some new and interesting people .

You're not very good at reading girls

Proofread by Connorrness

I don't own any of the music that is used in this story

Chapters (8)

(2nd POV)
From an accident 3 years ago, a blind teenager was transferred to another school, in hopes that he can just be treated as a normal kid again, and won't have to deal with bullies. What he doesn't know about the school is about the many crazy things that goes on inside. Or about the town, for that matter.
Chances of surviving? I wouldn't really bet on it.
Although this one girl in this town might make it worth the pain.
{Experimental story #1. Let's see how many dislikes I will get for this.}
Note: Humanized Ponies. Takes place in Ponyville, Equestria. High School and stuff. Deal with it haters.

Chapters (7)

Welcome to Fillydelphia U, the college you've been attending for a year now. This is the account of the crazy things that began to happen to you as a sophomore. Complete with love triangles, crazy roommates, and much more! Want to know what that "much more" may be? Well then pop on in and take a look. This is Fillydelphia University. Enjoy your time here.

Human for humanized ponies. They're humans with wings and the ability to use magic. Seeing as they're not really anthro with just that trait, I feel that the human tag was more appropriate.

Putting my own spin on my favorite niche of fics.

Constructive criticism encouraged and all that jazz. Enjoy!

Teen for language (At the current moment.)

Note: The cover image is the best version of the human ponies as I described. So...relevant.

Chapters (2)


"Yes, Pinkie Pie?"

"Why is it called the Kingdoms of Man if there's only one king?"

A race from the far east makes its presence known, and the repercussions leads to a new age in history.

Everyone involved must ensure that this new age is not one of war.

Chapters (13)

Why does he cry? Because he doesn't know what he is.
Is he an Angel? Never knowing a god's kiss.

How long has he lived? Ask him if you wish.
Will he answer though? He's as fragile as a dish.

Will you love him? Give him what he craves.
Will you hate him? Throw him into the flames.

Opening themes: Hello - Pol Rossignani (Evanescence Cover) - Part 1

I'm Alive - Shinedown - Part 2

Emperor's New Clothes - Nathan Sharp Cover - Part 3

Chapters (12)
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