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A Dutch gentleman of leisure, living for pleasure, since mirth is my measure. Writing stories that are (mostly) unique and psychological of nature and visiting conventions whenever I can.

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Not as skillful with an instrument as her farmer friend, Rarity decides to use her voice to better perform. However, will her song reveal more to herself then originally anticipated?

Follow-up for "Nightly musing"

A hearty and deeply appreciative THANK YOU to Rarity Belle for moral support and critique.

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(This is an old story I wrote three years ago during season 1)

Twilight Sparkle's birthday has come around, and Rainbow Dash is unimpressed with Rarity's present. When Applejack pokes a bit of fun with her friend, Rarity becomes unusually upset. Twilight Sparkle investigates her friend's feeling, learning something she never expected about her friend and why she is truly suited to be the element of Generosity.

Spanish translation: https://www.deviantart.com/spaniard-kiwi/art/Simply-Rarity-Spanish-translation-846034960

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Twilight's library is chock full of books. And her life along with all of her friends are about to be turned upside down. When she stumbles across a secret area in her library she never knew existed, she finds an old book along with a letter hidden in the pages. Now Twilight and her friends set out on a journey to find six more ponies who come from the country that neighbors Equestria from the East. Alamante. The land of elements and a place where everypony has a unique gift over one of the six elements of nature. Wind, fire, ice, plasma, water, and earth.

Once found, Twilight, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie must learn to use the Elements of Harmony and combine them with the forces of the six Elements of Nature. Join up with Twilight and her gang along with Typhoon, Terra, Agua, Gem, Pyro, and Cryo as they work together to try and save Equestria from an evil force thought to be gone, and learn a friendship lesson none of them ever thought imaginable.

Rating changed to teen for language and violence.

Edited by: codejunkie Sharky Blahman2816

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Decades after her ascension, an upsetting revelation brings Twilight Sparkle to distance herself from her old mentor and dive back into what she knows best: research.

Not everypony agrees with the results of her work, however, and conflict becomes inevitable.

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“What would you say if I told you, that there was another race of ponies that lived upon the face of these lands? A kind that feeds itself on the blood of others and is said to live for a near eternity. One would declare me crazy of course, others would just walk away without a word said. But what was thought to be just myths and legends, have become a surprising reality. A reality I’m forced to live in. A curse of blood is rushing through my veins and a monster lurks beneath the lady I once was.” -Rarity

What can one simple and humble unicorn tailor do when her life suddenly gets turned upside down? That she finds herself as a being that was by many believed to be nothing but folklore of the dark ages and ghost stories to scare the foals? How would the world react to her when she tells that what she has become?

Only one simple answer could be found on the question and that is to live her life in secret for the rest of time. Never reveal that what she has become to anypony, not even to her own family. If things were only ever that simple. For Rarity, the mare of beauty and fashion, is suffering a curse of blood. A curse she had gained without her even wanting it. But two things are more than sure. Neither Rarity nor her boutique will never be the same again.

Can the graceful unicorn withstand the temptations of the night long enough to keep her sanity in one piece, or will she fall from her stand and crumble into the darkness that is her own madness and new nature? Is she strong enough to fight off her the mental demons that haunt her mind? Blood will be spilled and drunk, that is the third certainty that can be given.

Donations are welcome.
*featured on 09-16-2013* Thank you all so much!
Rated Teen for suggestive themes and spilling of blood as well as minor gore.
Others tag is for all the other characters that are used within the story, including OC's.
Cover image was created specifically for the story by the ever so wonderful and talented Pokefan271.
Listen to the song made for the trailer by nobody else then then the equally wonderful and talented RaRa Leaire.

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A disaster that affected the entirety of equestria has taken all except for a select few ponies' lives. After days of mourning the ones who've survived try to find closure and pick up their own lives.

A one shot story that is my take on the post apocalypse Equesria cocept.

Coverart done by blackmamba429, with help from:

RustedDrone, MaximillianVeers and DarCowAlways. Please check their art out and show them some brony/pegasister love.

Critique is appreciated.

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The story of the Magic Facility is a grousome one. The secret is kept safe, but what would happen if a certain Unicorn let out the truth?

Written by: Fire Spark
Original creator(and pony/person to give me permission to write this): Rarity Belle

Original story:
The Art of Magic

Please note, this story is filled with blood and gore. This story could be classified as a "Grimdark" story. Read at your own risk.

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This story is a sequel to Rainbow Factory

Cloudsdale Weather Corporation has been running without incident for over twenty years. That is, until two foals manage to avoid being processed and find themselves in the haunted bowels of the massive facility. Can they make it out of the abandoned factory with their sanity intact? Will they uncover the secrets even a company as dark as the CWC is ashamed to keep? And what of the workers who help ensure that, in the end, not a single soul gets through...

Love the series? Buy the book!

[TVTropes Article][Plagen Shiki's Reading][The Song Inspired by the Story]

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Rainbow Dash has always been like an idol or a big sister to Scootaloo and over the time that they have spent the two have grown close. Will their bond last forever or will their own separate dreams tear the two apart?

(Disclaimer: I do not own My Little Pony, all rights for MLP and associated content belong to Hasbro Inc.)
( Cover art done by RizCifra on Deviantart.com. http://rizcifra.deviantart.com/ )

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Twilight Sparkle finds herself lost in the pursuit of high magic, however with power and knowledge comes problems as an attitude of superiority and thoughts of self greatness begin to overwhelm the young Unicorn. Will she learn the truth behind real magic? Or merely destroy her friendships as well as the love of her dear Trixie, will her obsessive nature and lustful desire for empowerment destroy her?

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