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Douglas came through the mirror portal to Equestria from a war-torn world, beaten and left for dead. Taking sympathy on him, Celestia allows him to live and work in Equestria. Douglas settles into his new life easily, but he receives a chilly reception both from his coworkers and the residents of Canterlot, despite his favor with the alicorn sisters.

In a bid to increase funding for the Crystal Empire, Celestia and Luna offer Douglas a transfer opportunity to the crystal city. Eager to escape, Douglas accepts the offer and comes into the care of Prince D'Amore Temporus and his Captain of the Guard, Gleaming Shield. But something appears off about the prince of the Crystal Empire, especially when he starts taking an interest in Douglas.


Prince D'Amore Temporus/Tempo = r63 Princess Mi Amore Cadenza/Cadence
Gleaming Shield = r63 Shining Armor
They're not married here.

Chapters (13)

[ 2nd Person fic starring YOU and BIG MACINTOSH ]
After a terrible accident, you are left to recuperate at Sweet Apple Acres. While your body rests, your mind is more active than ever, as it continues to relive that fateful night repeatedly.

Yes, this is a gay fic.

Rated Teen for language.

Picture created by Skipsy. Much thanks to him.

Chapters (1)

"In the lands we call Equestria, life is hard but made easy with the friendship of others. Sometimes though, friendship gives way to greed and pride. Terrible wars have been fought for religion, wealth and honor. The many kingdoms and peoples and city states that call this vast land home, continue to squabble like that have for centuries. Kingdoms fall, castles are broken and lives are lost and yet we still move on. New kingdoms arise, new lands are found and new peoples are discovered. Such the enduring journey of a lucky few."

- From the writings of Scholar Chalkboard

Chapters (6)

The changelings are banished, the day is saved! Yet a victory for one must be a defeat for another, and this particular victory has left one changeling stranded in Canterlot, alone and broken. A certain pink party pony is also alone in the Canterlot night, hiding her depression from her friends. She cannot, however, hide her feelings from a changeling. What will become of this unlikely pair?

As featured in Twilight's Library.

Cover picture by Ruirik

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This story is a sequel to Pound My Pumpkin

Part of the "Pound My Pumpkin" expanded universe.

Fluttershy was Discord's first friend in his entire life. When nopony else was willing to give him a chance, she was determined to find the good inside him, the good even he doubted was there, and she found it. She awoke him to goodness, and taught the embodiment of Chaos what it meant to live in Harmony. But such lessons don't happen in a single day. Some take a lifetime.

Over time, both began to realize it was more than that. Discord was always coming back to see Fluttershy, spending time with her more than anyone else. It was obvious that, before long, something special would brew.

But things aren't as simple as either might wish. One is Harmony, the Element of Kindness. The other is the Spirit of Chaos. Can they make what they have work? Or will the difference in their natures be too drastic?

Chapters (9)

Cloud Kicker has an issue.

The human TD Powell is in Equestria, and it is likely that he has... advantages that she cannot find with ponies (and one of her rules is no Diamond Dogs. Ever) but he seems more than a little unresponsive to her advances, claiming silly things like 'I'm not into ponies'. Of course, TD just found out that he can't go back to his planet, so he's stuck in Equestria forever! It's Cloud Kicker's job to make him feel welcome and comfortable, right?

Surprisingly enough, all goes well, and the two become good friends. But when an incident involving love poison affects their relationship, Cloud Kicker will be forced to deal with the fact that one of her precious few platonic friendships may be changed forever.

A crossover between The Winningverse and The Non-Bronyverse

Written for Cloud Kicker Month

Chapters (6)

An Alternate universe that deviates from the storyline seen in No, I am NOT a Brony, GET ME OUTTA EQUESTRIA!!! in which Celestia reveals at the Gala that she can in fact send him home.

Eager to do exactly what he's been waiting to do, he grabs his Clovevellian Staff and computer, and is promptly sent back to Earth, free from any more pony (and no, he will most certainly NOT be watching the show either).

A year passes and TD is happy back on Earth and has a job as an RA at his school. You know, the kind of job that requires a lot of human contact.

That's when the box shows up...

Yes, this is a TD version of My Little Dashie. Don't read if you don't like either MLD or TD in general.

Chapters (14)

TD, the human first seen in No, I am NOT a Brony, GET ME OUTTA EQUESTRIA!!! has been in Equestria for a little over a year now and he's just beginning to fully adjust to his life there. However, when he wakes up one morning to discover that five of the Mane Six have switched cutie marks, he endures a significant change when he helps them out.

He is less than pleased.

Edited wonderfully by Strike89

Buy a print copy here!

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This story is a sequel to Wanderings of a Non-Brony

After the six year journey around the planet in Wanderings of a Non-Brony, The human TD Harrison Powell finds himself in Equestria for good. He sees no choice but to settle down in Ponyville, ready to live the rest of his life as best as he can.

This is his life.

Edited by Marioland1 and Strike89

Chapters (52)

This story is a sequel to No, I Am Not A Brony, Get Me Outta Equestria!

After leaving Ponyville, the human TD Harrison Powell finds himself in even stranger territory than the land of the ponies. Will he find his way home? Or will he find out that he should have stayed in Ponyville under the watchful eyes of the Royal Sisters after all?

Edited by the amazing Jack Kellar and Marioland1

Special thanks to MyHobby for the cover art!!

Chapters (28)