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[I swear this will be continued... eventually]

Time Turner goes missing: the Tardis doesn't return one day. Or the next day. Or, the day after that. After a week passes, Derpy and Dinky lose all hope of ever seeing him again. Then, things go from bad worse. Nine hundred years ago, Princess Celestia passed a law about custody suits, which contained a fine-print technicality that had never applied until now. The technicality was that if a single parent had a debilitating disability, they lose custody of the child to the state. Unfortunately for Derpy, her clumsiness and lazy eye were officially filed as symptoms of a mental illness. So, the FPS, Foal Protective Services, is forced to wrest her daughter away, much to the chagrin of the entire town of Ponyville. But, they won't take this lying down.

Cheerilee, who minored in law while she got her teaching degree, headlines the defense in the custody case. Can the unity of a town keep a shattered family from breaking even further? Or will the bonds between a mother and daughter be severed permanently...?

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to My Mortal Big Brother: Armor and Sword

The prequel is not a required read. Entire story to undergo re-editing to improve grammar and spelling quality This message will be delted when all chapters have been cleaned up by my new editor.

Shining Armor couldn't be more proud of his little sister, nor could he be more jealous. Both Cadence and Twilight will live forever. But what will become of him? When an ancient entity gives him an answer to the question, fear of death consumes his his mind.

Shortly after the vision, he confides his mortal anxieties to Cadence, who tells him of a legend regarding six artifacts that if collected can grant a pony one wish. For Shining Armor, he would like nothing more than to spend eternity with his loving wife and his adorable little sister. Willing to risk an early grave for a shot at immortally, Shining embarks on dangerous quest that set's a chain of events into motion that could very well mean the end of both harmony and chaos. Will Shining succeeded in his quest and become an alicorn, or will he nail his coffin shut early and ruin the full life he could have had.

Like this story? You can find this and other great Shining Armor adventure fics here.

This story has changed slightly from it's original publishing. I recommend all who favorite to reread the the story to avoid confusion going forward. You will find that most of the key event's are the same.

Originally Edited by Golden Vision, KMCA, bkster, General onefishtwofish, FrozenMasquerade, Loeden, Chaotic Mind and many others. All editorial writes have since gone to Koekelbag.

Chapters (17)

Young Shining Dawn is very excited when she hears that Princess Celestia is coming to visit Ponyville. But for Sweetie Belle, her grandmother, the visit carries much deeper significance, especially when she learns that her old friends Scootaloo and Applebloom are also coming, and that the Princess is here on a very special visit for Grandmother Twilight.

Story inspired by this wonderful picture by Harwicks-Art. Click through the link for source.

Chapters (1)

Celestia is dying. Or at least it seems so. Afflicted with a curse that is destroying her very nature, she sets a plan in action.
The Bearers of the Elements of Harmony will take the throne in her wake... Not that they know that yet...

(Takes place as an Alternate Season 3)

Chapters (33)

Three missing pieces, two loving alicorns, and a single stupid decision that will set young Princess Cadence on a fresh new course. Story One of the "Cadance of Cloudsdale" cycle.

Cadance of Cloudsdale (so far!) is serialized in Spanish! See here for the Spanish translation courtesy of SPANIARD KIWI!

Chapters (1)

My name is Twilight Sparkle, and 350 years ago, Sweetie Belle and I vanished without a trace.
Now here we are, in the future.
Equestria has become a utopia, with everypony living in peace and harmony.
Everything is perfect. All a pony could ever want, and more.
My name is Twilight Sparkle, and I want to go home.

Editing provided by Stereo_Sub and JustAnotherTimeLord.

Cover art courtesy of Geomancing.

Reading by lieilengi

Spanish translation by Spaniard Kiwi

Chapters (14)

This story is a sequel to The Longest Night

As her twenty-first birthday dawns, Twilight Sparkle finds her simple life turned upside down. While her birthright forces itself into her life, Twilight also has to deal with the arrival of three Alicorns. No pony knows where they came from or what they want, and the Alicorns seem intent on keeping themselves and their purposes hidden. To uncover the truth, Twilight will set sail for distant, ancient lands with old and new friends.

Side-Stories: Velvet Sparkle and the Queen in Stone, Myths and Birthrights: Anthologiae, A Dream of Pride and Envy, The Castle Canterlot, by Honey Mead

TVTropes Page

Pre-readers/Editors: Honey Mead, WNA, Cerulean Voice
Cover art by Saint-Juniper

Comments Contain Spoilers

Chapters (46)

Inspired by the story image, RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse and Trinary's "Rainbooms and Royalty", I give you my take on the alternate universe concept. Namely, a universe where Spike is the pony and Twilight is his dragon assistant.

The thousandth Summer Sun Celebration is approaching. With it will come the return of Nightmare Moon. Celestia has no student to call upon to save Equestria, and is doing all she can to make the last day of peace meaningful for her people.

Meanwhile, Spike "Purple Prose" Flail is a reporter for the Canterlot Sun. He finds himself being shipped down to the boonies with his longtime friend and assistant, Twilight, to cover the biggest festival Equestria has seen in a millennium!

But even with a visit from the princess, there's no way someplace as boring as Ponyville could ever be newsworthy. Right?

A/N: Credit for cover image goes to dzetaWMDunion on Deviantart art.

Story would also include character tags for Thunderlane and Cheerilee if not for the character tag limit.

Now has a TVTropes page!

Chapters (20)

Only one week ago, a terrifying evil more powerful than Discord, Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon combined, escaped from Tartarus. Much to the surprise of both Princess Luna and Princess Celestia, the Elements of Harmony proved inferior to the power of this monster. Twilight Sparkle and her friends, however, knew of this, but said nothing. They knew that the Elements would draw upon their own life essence and eventually kill them, all for the sake of saving Equestria.

Now that the six most famous Ponies in Equestria, apart from the princesses, are gone, the citizens of Ponyville as well as the two regal Sisters stand by their graves and give them their final farewell.

Author's Note
So... I got the idea for this fic no more than three days ago. I have a damaged wrist so the amount of writing I can do is limited, so I postponed it. Today, however, I said fuck it and sat down for three hours in a row and just wrote!
This is the end result, no editing, no proofreading, I bring to you; My raw work.

Feel free to tear it apart and give me whatever opinions you have on it, be they good or bad. I just ask of you: If you want to comment, then do so in a polite manner. I don't want to read comments like "OMG THIS SUCKS!".
And when(yes, when not if) you find any mistakes or have any suggestions as to how It could be made better.

Be. Brutally. Honest!

Cover Art is 'Bitter Sea of Regrets' in DeviantArt by Karnella

Edit - 03/04 2013
I am starting to regret writing this... It is so bad :raritydespair: why, oh why, did I ever think this was a good idea?

Chapters (1)